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Brighten up your customers’ oral care regimen with our beautifully painted round handles, available in a variety of colors to suit any taste or branding theme. Responsibly sourced and renewable, our bamboo toothbrushes provide an environmentally conscious alternative to plastic without compromising quality or design.

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Round Handle Painted Bamboo Toothbrush-1

Round Handle Painted Bamboo Toothbrush

Our eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes with round handles and colorful coating are fantastic OEM products private labeled with your brands. The toothbrushes are available with a plain nylon bristle, or with activated charcoal infused bristle which is known for their natural whitening properties.


All round handle bamboo toothbrushes can be customized to your requirements at the following options.

  • Bristles — soft or hard
  • Brush colors — customized to your design
  • Handle printing — emboss your logo
  • Material — bamboo wood
  • Thickness — 12mm
  • Length — 190mm
  • MOQ — no MOQ for default packing; 1000 for customized box
  • Samples — free samples

We’re Bamboo Toothbrush Manufacturing Factory

Our bamboo is totally organic and wild. After we harvest a bamboo stalk to use it for toothbrushes, another stalk takes its place and grows to full size within just 2 years. From the raw materials, we make sure everything is designed for sustainability and a healthy lifestyle.

How We Process Your Order

  1. Order consultation – we confirm your specifications and printing request.
  2. Logo confirmation – our designers help with a product demo
  3. Free samples – we offer you free samples before bulk production
  4. Mass production – the production begins after everything is confirmed
  5. Quality control – every patch of toothbrushes are under quality check
  6. Shipping – we follow the shipping process until you get them

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