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Having a brighter and whiter smile doesn’t just improve appearance – it improves people’s confidence, too.

Among so many teeth whitening products, teeth whitening gel pens are most popular in the teeth whitening business. Why?

The reasons are simple:

  1. Teeth whitening gels are perfect on-to-go whitening products.
  2. Teeth whitening gels are proved to be effective while used with LED teeth whitening lights.

Yes, we all know the bright side. The point is, for most brands or wholesalers, how can we customized teeth whitening gel pens to get ideal sales?

Here, with our market research team, we discover some characteristics of successful teeth whitening gel pens products. And we summarize them as 5 tips to help you get better branding and sales!

Let’s dive in!

Tip 1 – Print Your Logo Clearly on the Syringe or Pen Body

As you can see, most teeth whitening brands print their gels like these:

 teeth whitening pen wholesale

The common problem of these two gel pens is, the cylinder body has limited space for logo printing. If the decoration of your logo occupies too much space, the logo will have fewer space to show clearly.

Tips: If your logo is letter only, print the logo in the middle directly in a contract color. This will greatly improve the visibility of the important part when your product appears at the first sight to customers. See how it works:

teeth whitening pen wholesale teeth whitening pen wholesale

Tip 2 – Make Paper Outer Packaging

There are many types of packaging, here I mean the outer packaging boxes to carry your gels.

In most cases, customized boutique gift boxes are most popular in the market, they usually look like:

teeth whitening pen wholesale   teeth whitening pen wholesale

The two pictures above show folder type boxes and shoulder type boxes. Not only these two types of gel packaging, there are many other teeth whitening gel packaging that is not eco-friendly and waste too much resources. Not to mention that they’re not that economical as you think.

Now, what’s the best packaging solution to give a balance between eco and budget?

The answer is single gel paper packaging. Many brands use this type of gel packaging to make their products on the go as well as to protect the Earth. Here’re the popular styles:

teeth whitening pen wholesale teeth whitening pen wholesale

The benefits of single on-the-go paper packaging boxes:

  1. Small sizes, compact design, easy to ship and deliver
  2. Convenient to sell one by one
  3. Recyclable
  4. Economical for new businesses

If you’re looking for packaging to get your new gel started, we highly recommend you to use paper boxes. Of course, if you’re owning a high-end brand that targets exquisite styles, boutique paper boxes are also ok to go.

Tip 3 – Choose the Right Whitening Agent

Choose the right formula! Choose the right formula! Choose the right formula!

To teeth whitening gel wholesale, the key point of your success is the formula. For private label teeth whitening gel, there’re 3 types of whitening agents:

Hydrogen Peroxide Gel(HP)

Hydrogen peroxide is the stain removing agent in the teeth whitening gel. Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent, and it reacts with the stain-causing compounds (chromophores) in the teeth.

Carbamide Peroxide Gel(CP)

Carbamide peroxide is another common ingredient in teeth whitening gels. Carbamide peroxide is composed of urea and hydrogen peroxide.
When it comes into contact with water, carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and urea. The hydrogen peroxide then acts on the stained teeth to produce a bleaching effect, as explained above.

Phthalimido Peroxy Caproic Acid Gel(PAP)

PAP stands for Phthalimido-Peroxy-Caproic acid, which is a new, non-invasive teeth whitening technology, which causes minimal damage to enamel health.

PAP contains a high potential of oxidation which dissolves stains that have built up on the enamel surface, behind the enamel, and passes through to the dentine layer, neutralizing even deeper stains.

As the news we talked about last week: PAP+ Teeth Whitening Gel News from Cinoll Manufacturing Team, PAP and PAP+ are the latest innovations in the market and they’re welcomed by customzers.

When considering which whitening agent to choose, try to ask your manufacturer for latest formula and MSDS report. This will save you much time on researching and picking the right one.

Wrap Up

The 3 tips we listed above is proven by thousands of our clients and our manufacturing team. Get them to your business, and boost your products wisely. Make teeth whitening kit wholesale easy in brilliant ways and with reliable manufacturer!

Have questions? Feel free to talk to Cinoll team! We’ve got more than 3 tips to share with you.

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