5 Crucial Tips to Find the Best Teeth Whitening Strips Supplier


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girl wearing teeth whitening stripsOne of the primary elements you need to prepare in opening a business is capital. You need the money to fund your business. In the long run, of course, you always want the return on your investment. You need profit. The same goes for a teeth whitening strips business. However, besides money, it is essential to secure a manufacturer that can provide you with premium quality teeth whitening strips.

Finding the right manufacturer is easier said than done. There are several factors you need to consider besides quality. The challenge is whether they can consistently manufacture products for you as the demand increases and how comprehensive their customization options are.

5 Crucial Tips to Find the Best Teeth Whitening Strips Supplier

While you are contemplating how to go about choosing the right teeth whitening strips manufacturer for your brand, we give five key points that you need to consider.

1. Check Certifications

Teeth whitening strips are expected to come in contact with the human body and may be ingested. That is why your priority as a distributor is to look for a manufacturer that gives utmost importance to customer safety. But, how to do that? Companies have to meet specific standards for them to manufacture legally. They must have the necessary certifications to prove that they source their raw materials safely and that the manufacturing follows ethical standards.

You can check for certain certificates from ISO, FDA, CE, and MSDS. Manufacturers can also provide you with a copy of these certificates upon request.

2. Know Their Scalability

You are starting a business to expand and not just for the sake of having one. As you grow your business, it is vital to rely on a supplier to cater to the changing volume of orders. The drastic change in the business environment can affect product demand. With this, you need to have a manufacturer that can be flexible with your orders. You do not want to change manufacturers every time the demand for your product changes.

Consistency is vital in the industry, and the last thing you want your customers to have is to be confused with the quality of your products. Whether they are small quantity orders or huge shipments, it is ideal to have a teeth whitening strips manufacturer that can do both.

3. Get Lead Time and Delivery Statistics

Lead time and delivery statistics are essential components of a good manufacturer. You must have known by now that most manufacturers provide you with lead times based on the volume of your orders. However, you must not stop there to check if they commit to promised deadlines, including on-time deliveries.

With real commitments on lead time requirements and excellent delivery statistics, you are saving yourself from the hassle of giving false hopes to your customers. It is not a good practice to consistently make excuses to your customers because of delayed production and deliveries.

4. Know the Teeth Whitening Strips Customization Options

teeth whitening strips in handsCinoll is a teeth whitening strips manufacturer that promotes ethical and greener production.  Besides that, we offer a vast array of customization for your strips. See the list below.


There are two types of packaging for teeth whitening strips. The individual packaging gives convenience and ensures hygiene to every customer. The whole set, on the other hand, provides a complete set of whitening strips. Either way, you can explore branding options to better suit every customer you have.

Customizable Flavor

The same as eating bubble gum or candies to freshen breath, you can also make customizations and provide flavor for each teeth whitening strip. You can choose from orange, mint, coconut, charcoal, strawberry, or select your brand’s flavor. You can provide Cinoll with your ideas, and we will come up with your desired formulation.

Customized Strip Colors

The strips’ colors depend on the formulation. You can also let Cinoll design strips according to your desired colors.

Hydrogen Peroxide Content

Your strips contain hydrogen peroxide, which is a bleaching agent for teeth whitening. Cinoll commits to EU and UK rules of a maximum of 6% concentration for professional distribution, meanwhile 0.1% hydrogen peroxide content for retail and online distribution for strips with hydrogen peroxide.

The whitening strips can last up to two to three years, so stocking up on them will not harm your teeth whitening.

5. Ask for Accessible Inventory Information

As you continue to promote premium quality and unique products, you surely will expand your business in no time. Business expansion means wider market reach that results in higher product demand, not to mention the increase in demand your brand will have during the peak season. When this happens, you need your teeth whitening strips manufacturer to keep up with the orders.

You sure are keeping tabs on your inventory, and as you do that, you also need to have access to your manufacturer’s inventory information. Their transparency will tell you their commitment to you and their capability to produce teeth whitening strips for your business as needed. Some even stock up in-demand products and raw materials just to be extra ready when the demand skyrockets.

Learn More by Talking with Cinoll

teeth whitening strips in customized formulaSo what was left after you have filtered all manufacturers using the points mentioned above? You might notice that as you go through the process of considering all the five factors, you are not only learning about choosing the best teeth whitening strips manufacturer, but you are also getting a glimpse of how the teeth whitening industry runs. The list may not be as extensive as you expected them to be, but they can help you identify the manufacturer you can rely on.

Cinoll has been producing teeth whitening strips and other teeth whitening products for over ten years, accommodating small-scale and large-scale brands worldwide. With this, you are guaranteed that no matter how small your brand is, our team will formulate strategies and products to cater to your teeth whitening specifications and assist you in managing the complex aspects of the teeth whitening business.

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