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The best way to choose what types of teeth whitening products to start your business, is to imagine that you are consumer.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Have you ever looked in the mirror smiled at yourself and noticed your teeth are not what they used to be? The whiteness seems to be fading and your teeth are getting some stains on it. Is there a solution? Yes. Cutting down on smoking and consumption of food and beverages that stain the teeth would help in curbing further discoloration. You also have the option of using teeth whitening products.

teeth whitening strips on teethTeeth whitening products are here to stay. For as long as can be remembered, white teeth have always been synonymous with beauty. It can make a bright smile look brighter. The ease at which people warm up to you depends on how your smile is perceived. A wider smile is seen as more endearing than a close-toothed one. These products can be used to bleach and remove discoloration from the teeth.

Types of teeth discoloration

Many factors contribute to the staining of the teeth. They are,

  • What we eat and drink: Particular types of food and drinks stain the teeth. These products when taken constantly can deter the many factors that contribute to proper oral and dental hygiene and would lead to your teeth losing their whiteness and taking on a yellow or brown tone. Chewing or smoking tobacco can also bring about this. Research has shown that smokers are more inclined to tooth discoloration than non-smokers.
  • Age: As we get older our teeth becomes more friable thus allowing staining of the teeth to happen.
  • Tooth injuries: When tooth injuries occur and heal up, most times the damaged tooth would darken.
  • Medicine: There are some medicines and antibiotics that when taken they could cause the teeth to stain and change color.

Teeth stains can be categorized into three-

  • Extrinsic Tooth stains: This tooth discoloration occurs when the tooth enamel has gotten stained because of your habits and choice of nutriment. This type can be seen on the surface of the tooth.
  • Intrinsic Tooth stains: This tooth stain occurs inside the tooth. These are more difficult to get rid of due to the fact they are located within the Dentin. They could be spurred by tooth decay, injuries and medications. Over-the-counter whitening products would not be effective for this type.
  • Age-related: As we age the enamel begins to wear away and get thinner. Most times, tooth stains from aging are caused by both extrinsic and intrinsic factors.

Teeth Whitening Products

It’s modern-day, and most times a selfie a day takes a scowl away. So of course you strive to look your best and shine your widest and brightest smile. What’s that one thing people look for when they see a picture of a person? It is your smile! Teeth whitening has become teeth whitening gel applying by dentistsan outstanding beauty procedure as people are scrambling for it. Technology and companies like ours are discovering new ways to make more effective oral and dental products to ensure that the best teeth whitening products are out there.

Today, we are having a look at,

Five kinds of teeth whitening products recommended by experts

Before you try any teeth whitening product, you should discuss it with your dentist first.

  1. Teeth whitening toothpaste and rinses: This product comprises Hydrogen Peroxide or other cleaning agents. It helps to reduce stains and prevent stain build-up. Whitening toothpaste contains mild abrasives that help to remove stains from the surface of the teeth. This product is not formulated to bleach the teeth. Results can be seen in a few weeks.
  2. Teeth Whitening Strips: This is an inexpensive whitening product that can be gotten over-the-counter. They are plastic strips that contain Peroxide gel that is placed on the teeth. They are pretty easy to apply. How soon you see results depends on the strength of the peroxide used.
  3. Teeth whitening trays and gels:This is one of the most effective teeth whitening products out there. It could either be bought from your local store or you can visit your dentist for a custom made one that fits your teeth perfectly. The custom made tray from Teeth Whitening Gel Penthe dentist has a higher concentration of Peroxide than the ones bought at stores. The results would be quicker and more effective. When planning to use this product, it’s advisable to go to your dentist for a custom made tray. The ones from the store may not fit your teeth perfectly and may cause the gel to get in contact with your gum which would irritate.
  4. In-office dental Whitening treatment: This procedure is done in the dental office. It is the safest and most effective of all of them. The duration of the procedure does not take time, it is done quickly. A higher concentration of peroxide than those found in products bought over-the-counter would be applied to your teeth to remove discoloration. Though it is more costly than over-the-counter products but the results gotten are satisfactory.
  5. Laser Bleaching: This is a new technological development in the teeth whitening industry. It is used to activate the agent that is applied to the teeth. This treatment is not for everyone so you must conduct your dentist before undergoing it.


Cinoll is a manufacturing company that deals with oral and dental products. All products we manufacture are well researched and produced in a neat and acceptable environment. Our team are all experienced and dependable to make your products for you. We team up with Whitening brands and companies to manufacture effective and productive teeth whitening products. Our expertise varies and if you would like to get in touch with us, contact us here.

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