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Modern technology has made it easier for teeth whitening gel pen manufacturers to provide users with highly efficient gel pens that improve teeth quality. This, along with many other products have improved the quality of the dentition of many people. This is why more than a few sellers are smiling to the bank because they are able to provide their customers with high quality gel pens that represent value for money.

If you are a retailer, we are sure that you will want to offer your customers nothing but the best quality, isn’t it? This starts with identifying teeth whitening gel pen manufacturers that will supply you quality pens on a regular basis. But this is easier said than done if you don’t know the perfect model to follow.teeth whitening gel pens wholesale

So to help you out, we have created a self help list of the things to look out for when selecting a supplier. Feel free to read until the end to learn something new.

1. Check for the ingredients

The first thing you want to look out for is the quality of the ingredients used in making the gel. The ingredients are an important aspect of your enquiry and should be taken seriously. These days many customers are informed about the products they use. Besides this, they want to be sure that the product does not contain harmful ingredients that will jeopardize their health.

So you want to make sure that the teeth gel pen manufacturer uses only approved ingredients recognized by experts in the industry to make their products. The more of these ingredients the product has, the better.

2. Customer review

Another thing you want to look out for are what users feel about their products. When it comes to this aspect of the enquiry, you want to look at what the final consumer is saying and what retailers and wholesalers of the product are saying. If the majority of the final consumers are posting negative reviews about their teeth whitening gel pens, it will be a business risk on your path to patronize the manufacturer.

Furthermore, if sellers of their products have several complaints about ordering their products, you should have a rethink about doing business with them. Only patronize manufacturers that have earned the admiration of the market over a significant period of time.

3. Shipping Timeline

No matter how good their products may be, if it takes ages to order their products, you should have a rethink about buying from them. Take your time to research their shipping methods. What should you look for? Firstly, check their timeline to see how long they ship their products and decide whether their timeline is conducive for your business. If not, you may have to look for another supplier.dental teeth whitening gels wholesale

Secondly, you want to check their shipping procedure. Is it fine by you? Do they accept the return of faulty products? If their website does not provide information about this, make sure you ask their customer service representative for clarity. Only do business with a teeth whitening gel pen manufacturer that operates a shipping policy that works for you.

4. Product Certification

Is their product certified by the proper authorities? This is another thing to look for when choosing a teeth whitening gel pen manufacturer. This is important for two reasons.

Firstly, your consignment may be seized by the customs at the port of entry if they are not certified by international organizations. Secondly, if you are lucky to get it through the ports, your customers may refuse it which will lead to poor sales and financial loss on your path. The average consumer is becoming more informed by the day about what they put in their bodies and many will only accept certified products.

As a general rule, we advise businesses that marker teeth whitening gel pens to only sell products registered and certified by international standard organizations like

  • CE
  • ISO
  • FDA
  • MSDS
  • CPSR

The more of these certifications the product has, the better their ranking in the eyes of the Customs and consumers.

5. Customer Service

Last but not least when selecting the manufacturer to partner with is the quality of their customer service. You should only work with a manufacturer with an active customer service that responds to enquires and provide accurate feedback on time. If they take days or weeks to respond to your messages, that is a bad sign. It means that if you decide to do business with them and there is a problem with your order, they will take weeks to respond to your calls for help.

The best manufacturers have an active customer service channel that responds to customer enquiries as quickly as possible. This is the kind of manufacturer you should work with.

The best teeth whitening gel pen manufacturer for you

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