8 Teeth Whitening Kit Custom Packaging Design Mistakes to Avoid


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When choosing teeth whitening kit suppliers, there are certain things you’ll want to avoid.

Your number one goal is to grow your business by attracting customers and retaining them. If your packaging isn’t focused on what you do best, you risk not attracting people to it. Sloppy execution of your packaging has the potential to completely negate your impact as a brand.

Firstly, it’s important for your packaging not to portray a counter-intuitive message. You want to empower the brand. If your packaging isn’t spot on, it might come across as unprofessional and it could even interfere with customers’ experience when unboxing.

teeth whitening gel refill kit packaging

Without the perfect packaging, customers might decide on a different brand for their next purchase. There’s a whole load of teeth whitening kit suppliers out there so you have a lot of choices available to you. If you are going to invest money and time into designing custom teeth whitening kit supplies and packaging, you want to make sure you make the best choice. Your packaging should distinguish your brand from your competitors in a way that is tasteful and professional.

What are the 8 teeth whitening packaging design mistakes to avoid?

1. Excessive packaging

It’s no good having an amazing product if the packaging isn’t up to scratch. Excessive packaging that has no aesthetic or functional purpose can make customers impatient, frustrated and disappointed. As far as teeth whitening kit suppliers go, many brands use extra-large boxes with too many inserts. Nowadays, many customers really look into how eco-friendly a brand is. With large boxes and numerous inserts, customers can be put off.

2. Generic designs

You should avoid having packaging with a generic design. Your brand is unique and your packaging needs to represent this.

Generic packaging will make it much harder to differentiate your product from your competitors’ products. Some poor packaging examples include using low-quality plastic bags, counterfeit designs, or no branded graphics.

Choosing your packaging design is just as important as choosing your product. Yes, your product may be amazing, but the packaging needs to reflect it for customers to know how great it is.

original teeth whitening kit design

3. Typographical errors

There really is no excuse for typographical errors. Ensure you get your packaging checked for this by others, especially if you’re writing in a language that isn’t your native language. Typographical errors are something you need to avoid completely. Obvious grammar and spelling mistakes create friction; your product might be the best out there, but many won’t buy it if they see an error on the packaging. Avoiding such errors means you won’t run the risk of coming across as unprofessional, inattentive or ignorant.

4. Uneven white space

As Focal Press says, “white space is not your enemy”. When choosing teeth whitening kit suppliers, you don’t need a chaotic, filled box. Ideally, your packaging needs a balanced aesthetic and white space places an important part. The use of white space should be strategic. It provides a neutral contrast and is a valuable asset as you strive to achieve a design that pops but isn’t overbearing. Don’t be tempted with a chaotic, vibrant image. This is something you should really try to avoid as it can deter customers when it’s too “busy”.

Make sure you incorporate adequate white space that is even and symmetrical. With this balance, your brand’s message will be perpetuated with gusto.

5. Illegible labels or prints

If your customers can’t read something on the label, it shouldn’t be on it. Having something illegible serves no purpose and actually removes value from your packaging. In addition, it opens you up to potential frustration and unwanted friction from your customers. Make sure that everything on the teeth whitening kit packaging is legible and clear. You should certainly seek to avoid your customers needing a magnifying glass to read it!

6. Poor use of the KISS principle

There exists a well-known acronym in the business world which is a guideline. KISS can stand for Keep It Simple Stupid or Keep It Simple and Straightforward. Whichever you prefer, the message is the same: success will be achieved when you choose the most direct path. Oftentimes in our lives, we make things much more complicated than they need to be. This can and often does mean our productivity isn’t as good. Consider all of the potentially unnecessary details on your packaging that might distract your customers and audience and take something away from the unique message of your brand.

good teeth whitening kit design

When looking at teeth whitening kit suppliers and choosing your packaging, your custom box design needs to be original without requiring a degree in engineering to open it and take it apart. You should aim to streamline the unboxing experience with as minimal fuss as possible so that your box unfolds intuitively. Keeping your packaging simple will help to reduce any friction at that contact point and will elevate the entire purchase experience. Opening a great package can be almost as exciting as the product inside.

7. Incorrect type of box

Your packaging is more than just aesthetics. It needs to protect your product and keep it in the best condition. When deciding upon your packaging, be sure to pay attention to the type of corrugated cardboard in its composition. You want something that will serve its functional purpose of protecting your product and preventing any damage during its transit.

If you choose an inadequate material, you might find that your teeth whitening products are damaged when they arrive with the customer. It doesn’t only create a poor impression of your brand, but it will also cost you money for every product that you have to replace due to damage in transit.

8. Incorrect box sizes

As well as helping to protect the contents, your chosen box size needs to accurately reflect the product inside it. If you choose an oversized box when compared to the product inside, your customers might feel deceived or misled, even if you’ve stated the weight of the product inside. It’s really not good practice to trick potential customers by making your product appear much larger than it really is.

Find a qualified custom packaging supplier

As a manufacturer of teeth whitening kit, we play our role in supplying our clients with customized teeth whitening kit packaging. To be honest, we sincerely want our clients to have well-designed, sustainable, affordable packaging boxes.

If you need customized packaging for teeth whitening kits, please feel free to ask for free quotes from us! We’re always here to help you and your business.

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