Best 8 Teeth Whitening Strips Manufacturers You Shouldn’t Miss


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So many people have taken an active interest in teeth whitening in the last few years. There are some that prefer professional teeth whitening sessions with an actual dentist.

However, a large majority of the market go for over the counter teeth whitening strips that they can use at home. Indeed, there has been a steady rise in the sales of OTC teeth whitening products in the last few years. Experts foresee the market to be worth at least US$7.4 billion by 2024. With this kind of trend, it would definitely be a very lucrative idea to start a business in selling teeth whitening products right now.

Statistics show that out of all the teeth whitening products that are available today, teeth whitening strips account for most of the revenue. This is because strips are very accessible, very easy to use and are also quite effective.

If you are planning to start your own teeth whitening business, you would be pleased to know that there are several suppliers of high-quality teeth whitening strips out there. Here are the top 8 manufacturers according to our research.

1. Cinoll

Cinoll oral care

Cinoll is one of the biggest international manufacturers of private label teeth whitening strips. Their strips and other oral care products are all highly recommended by dental specialists from all over the world. The quality of their products is unparalleled and they also have a very fast turnaround time for production. They are fully capable of creating superior teeth whitening strips for your brand according to your own specifications.

You can decide on the features of the product that you want to have, from the flavor to the design of the packaging.

2. Dental Bright


This company’s premiere whitening strips are known as the Glory Smile line. They are available in different varieties but each kind is highly effective and completely safe to use. Dental Bright has a lot of oral care products but one of their most popular is their activated charcoal teeth whitening strips. These strips contain a whitening gel that is highly efficient in removing stains and making the teeth several shades whiter.

3. Huaer Group

Huaer Group

When it comes to private label teeth whitening strips, the Huaer Group is one of the suppliers worth considering. Their whitening strips are highly effective and fit perfectly on your teeth. They make use of activated charcoal ingredients that boost the whitening power of their strips. The Huaer Group guarantees that your teeth will become 4 to 8 shades whiter after you use their whitening strips.

4. WSD Labs USA

WSD Labs

The name of the company stands for Whitening Solutions Delivered, and that is exactly what you can get from their top quality oral care products. WSD Labs is a long-time manufacturer of all kind of teeth whitening products. From gels to complete whitening kits, they can give you the exact product that you need for your brand. Their teeth whitening strips are 100% safe and will surely give users the whiter and brighter smile that they have always wanted.

5. Onuge China

Onuge China

Onuge China is a leading manufacturer of products in the teeth whitening industry. They produce a variety of teeth whitening strips according to the client’s specifications. They can do all kinds of customizations, like non-peroxide strips for restricted markets, milder formulas for sensitive users, and so on. The formula that they use for their strips ensures visible results within 14 days of use, for just one 30-minute session per day.

6. Sunup Dental


Sunup Dental is a highly reliable manufacturer of teeth whitening strips that has been providing superior quality products to clients in more than 54 countries since 2012. All their products come with full FDA and CE certifications and are perfectly safe and 100% effective. Their whitening strips in particular are very well recommended by dentists. The main component of these strips is a combination of activated charcoal, non-peroxide whitening gel, and all natural coconut oil.

7. KarenKare


Since 2012, KarenKare has been a highly renowned global manufacturer of a wide variety of oral care products, including teeth whitening strips. They specialize in private label product manufacturing. The strips that they manufacture are very popular in the market because of their ease of use and convenient packaging. Their strips do not contain hydrogen peroxide and are safe to use even for sensitive teeth.

8. TJ Smile


TJ Smile is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of oral care products today. Their specialties are teeth whitening products such as whitening strips. They have manufactured teeth whitening strips for dozens of oral care companies from more than 60 countries. They specialize in bulk manufacturing and they have a very quick turnaround time. TJ Smile has their own line of teeth whitening strips that are already packed and ready to ship. However, as a private label manufacturer, they can also supply you with your own unique whitening strips that adhere to your own specifications.


Teeth whitening strips are by far the best selling teeth whitening product in the world today. If you want your oral care business to be successful, you should be able to offer your clients the best teeth whitening strips available in the market. You can definitely do this simply by choosing from one of the manufacturers that we have listed above.

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