Top 8 Teeth Whitening Trays Manufacturers You Should Add to List


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The practice of teeth whitening has been around for quite some time. However, it is only recently that people have taken an active interest. There has been a steady rise in the global market for teeth whitening products in the last few years.

In 2016, the market had a value of about US$3.15 billion. Experts predict that by the end of 2021, the market will be worth at least US$3.78 billion. If you are interested in starting your own teeth whitening company, you should take advantage of this growing market.

One of the first items on your agenda should be the search for reliable suppliers. The teeth whitening industry today is huge so there are countless suppliers out there.

To help you find the best products, we have listed the top 8 teeth whitening trays manufacturers that you can choose from.

1. Cinoll

Cinoll oral care

Cinoll is a well-renowned manufacturer of a variety of oral care products. One of their specialties is teeth whitening trays. This company produces an excellent line of TPE and EVA teeth whitening trays. They produce trays that work both with whitening light and whitening gel. They always use medical grade silicone for safety.

If you have your own brand, Cinoll can also supply you with whitening trays that have your brand and logo on the packaging. You can also give specifications on the kind of trays that you want and they will customize the products especially for you.

2. Magic Smile Labs

Magic Smile Labs

If you are in search for a supplier of professional grade teeth whitening trays, then this company is one of your best options. Magic Smile Labs will not only provide you with high quality whitening trays. They will also make sure that the trays you get match your specific requirements to a tee. From color to flavor to strength, they will see to it that all the details of the products are exactly how you want them to be.

3. Global White

Global White

Global White is a manufacturer of a full range of teeth whitening products. Name it, they have it. From home whitening strips to full scale teeth whitening kits, you can have your pick.  This company is based in Russia but they have no problems serving clients from most parts of the world. For more than a decade now, Global White has been providing teeth whitening products as a supplier and as a private label manufacturer.



One of the biggest brands in the teeth whitening industry today, LUMIWHITE boasts of world-renowned teeth whitening products of all kinds. In the category of teeth whitening trays, they are proud to have the LUMIWHITE Superseal Teeth Whitening trays. This exclusive product makes use of special technology to ensure that the whitening gel does not leak. This guarantees optimum whitening results, making this tray a favorite among dental specialists.

5. S4S Dental Laboratory

S4S Dental Laboratory

Currently ranked as one of the best dental laboratories in the UK, S4S is a top provider of specialist dental products. They have an unparalleled line of teeth whitening products, including state of the art whitening trays. These trays have the ultra-sealed margin right at the gingival line. This prevents any leakage of the bleaching gel. They also have a new Dosing Dots feature that indicates just how much bleach a patient should use for each tooth. This ensures maximum comfort and best results.

6. Dental Bright


Dental Bright is a China-based manufacturer of a plethora of world-class teeth whitening products since 2008. Over the years, they have built a highly impressive reputation and now have dozens of international clients. All their products go through an intensive design and development process in a lab co-owned by the Nanchang University.

7. Huaer Group

Huaer Group

This group of companies is a manufacturer of a wide range of top-rate teeth whitening products. They have several options for both professional and personal use. One of the special services of this Huaer Group is private label teeth whitening products. If you have your own oral care company or are thinking of starting one, this company is one of the best suppliers you can rely on.

8. WSD Labs USA

WSD Labs

This American-owned company is one of the world’s leading suppliers of custom branded oral care products. They will create the perfect product, making sure to follow your preferences for flavor, delivery vessel, packaging and so on. Using only the highest grade raw materials and the most effective formulas, they will create any kind of dental product you need, including teeth whitening trays.


Teeth whitening trays are very much in demand these days in the oral care market. They are a must-have in your line of products but you have to make sure that you only offer high quality products.

With the list above, you can easily find the best suppliers for your teeth whitening trays, as well as other oral care products you wish to sell.

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