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Teeth whitening gel has boomed in popularity almost overnight! It is no surprise; the recent pandemic has meant that those who once visited a salon or cosmetic dentist to have their teeth whitened are now seeking teeth whitening gel to use at home themselves.

However, before you invest in producing your new line of products from your teeth whitening gel manufacturer, you must learn all about the basics of teeth whitening gel (and also understand the reasons why consumers love it so much!).

What is teeth whitening gel and why do consumers love it?

white label teeth whitening gelsTeeth whitening gels are incredibly popular today. Before we delve into the whys, let us have a look at what teeth whitening gel is.

Teeth whitening gels contain ingredients that bleach the color of teeth and are generally safe for most people. Many gels contain hydrogen peroxide with added ingredients that improve its flavor and performance.

It is not difficult to imagine why people love teeth whitening gel. Firstly, having shiny, white teeth is coveted by almost everyone. Having healthy-looking teeth is often an outward sign that someone likes to take care of themselves, that they are healthy, and that they are well put together. Teeth whitening gel has grown in popularity recently due to its increasing affordability. Tooth whitening treatments used to only be possible for the rich and famous. But the lowering of prices and increased accessibility for the masses has meant that more and more of us are able to have teeth as white as our idols’.

To be a successful tooth whitening gel brand selling these popular gels to consumers you need to use a reputable teeth whitening gel manufacturer like Cinoll. Cinoll puts its clients first, producing teeth whitening gel to suit your brand’s needs and requirements.

How do teeth whitening gels work?

There are three typical options for active ingredients in teeth whitening gels. These are hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, and Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid, or PAP for short!

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), hydrogen peroxide removes stains on the tooth’s surface as well as whitening deep discoloration of the whole tooth. Hydrogen peroxide’s first use in dentistry was as an oral antiseptic that improved gum health. Hydrogen peroxide loosens and breaks down calculus and dental plaque. This can improve gum health in those who are at risk of gingival disease.

Carbamide peroxide is most often used in home teeth whitening kits. When added to an aqueous solution, it breaks down into two ingredients: hydrogen peroxide and urea. We produce carbamide peroxide for our teeth whitening gels and welcome visitors to our factory to view our manufacturing processes. Our most common solution is 10% carbamide peroxide (which equals around 3% hydrogen peroxide). We also have bleaching systems that use up to 22% carbamide peroxide.

Finally, there are PAP or PAP+ teeth whitening gels. At Cinoll, we have our own custom PAP+ formula that whitens teeth in a gentler and quicker way than other teeth whitening gels. PAP is non-invasive and causes minimal damage to the tooth enamel. The gel contains a high oxidation potential which dissolves stains that have built upon the surface of the teeth. It can also neutralize deeper stains under the enamel, passing through the dentine layer.

What can you customize on our teeth whitening gels?

At Cinoll, we pride ourselves on our customization options for our products. Being able to customize your teeth whitening gel means that you will stand out from other brands that are selling similar products. Cinoll can customize your teeth whitening gel in many ways.

  • Customized capacity
    • Cinoll offers different options for the teeth whitening gel capacity size. You can have gel in syringes or pens that have 2, 3, 4, or 5ml capacities for kits of single items. We also offer larger sizes as well.
  • Customized colors
    • Whether you opt for teeth whitening pens or tubes, the outer of each can be printed with customized patterns or colors however you require.
  • Customized gel
    • Cinoll offers a huge range of options to customize your teeth whitening gel. From formula and active ingredient options to different flavors and colors, we can do it all. This means that you can create your products with your target market in mind. We make the gel ourselves in our own gel lab and, as such, we can customize your gel as you choose.
  • Customized packaging
    • We have a whole range of packaging options available from the simple white box options with your logo to specially designed boxes and embossing. Nothing is too much trouble for Cinoll’s packaging design team.

Why should you choose cinoll to be your teeth whitening gel manufacturer?

Cinoll is a great choice of teeth whitening gel manufacturer. Why? For many reasons!

First of all, we offer low minimum order quantities (MOQ). This means that you can get started with your teeth whitening gel business or try out a new line without investing too much to start.

Next, we are a manufacturer that is certified in terms of quality internationally. This means that you can trust us to produce teeth whitening gel of the highest quality that is safe.

Thirdly, we have our own design team that can help you in the customization of your products. They also carry out design demonstrations and offer recommendations for your packaging options. Lastly, we have our own factory so control all our manufacturing and lead times. To read more about why you should choose Cinoll, read all about it on the Why Choose Us tab on our website.

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