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HP CP PAP teeth whitening gel syringeInnovation and technology always alert the curious mind. Teeth whitening gels may not be as familiar as those whitening toothpaste you see on supermarket shelves. Still, they continue to create a buzz in the dental and oral care industry.

As a distributor of this dental product line, you must also be curious about what’s in these gels that effectively whitens the teeth.

Cinoll will tackle each component of a teeth whitening gel for you to market them to your potential customers effectively. If you plan to introduce teeth whitening gels to your target market, Cinoll can be your partner.

The Manufacturing Process of Teeth Whitening Gels

teeth whitening gel pen with Carbamide Peroxide GelThere are several things a teeth whitening gel distributor must know about this innovation. Cinoll ensures only the best quality whitening agents to its clients. But, how do you define best?

Here we lay out all the necessary ingredients of a teeth whitening gel and how you can customize yours for the best teeth whitening results.

When you look at the whitening gel, it is transparent. However, your gel contains three active ingredients which work in teeth whitening.

Hydrogen Peroxide Gel (HP)

HP is naturally a potent oxidizing ingredient that reacts with stains in your teeth. It was initially used as an oral antiseptic to improve gingival health. The color change of your teeth is due to the interaction of HP with organic chromophores. Hydrogen peroxide diffuses through the enamel’s in-between spaces into the tooth.

This is somehow preferred as it delivers results faster. However, consumers must consider the common side effects of using hydrogen peroxide gels, including gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. Most HP gels are used in a controlled environment with the supervision of a dental professional.

Carbamide Peroxide Gel (CP)

A teeth whitening gel manufacturer like Cinoll uses Carbamide Peroxide on take-home whitening trays, as they are cheaper compared to office whitening gels. CP is a commonly used ingredient on a teeth whitening gel, which comprises HP and urea.

When Carbamide Peroxide comes in direct interaction with water, it breaks down into two components, namely urea and hydrogen peroxide (HP). HP will then serve as a bleaching agent to get rid of stains from the teeth.

Phthalimido Peroxy Caproic Acid Gel (PAP)

PAP is another innovation in teeth whitening. It is non-invasive and does not bring too much damage to the enamel. This whitening agent is gaining popularity because of its high oxidation content, which wipes out stains on the surface and behind the enamel, and cleans through the second hardest tissue in the body, the dentine. The good thing about teeth whitening gels with PAP is it neutralizes even those deeper tooth stains.

Gel Concentrations

Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening GelCinoll will also coordinate with clients as to the level of concentrations of every bleaching agent. As a distributor, you can customize the concentration of the stain removing agent. It usually ranges between 6% and 44%. For at-home use, we recommend a carbamide peroxide concentration of 22% or less.

The higher the concentration, the quicker it acts on tooth stains, resulting in a faster whitening process. Bleaching agents with high concentrations are typically used for in-office whitening. The concentration level will not affect the gel’s effectiveness since even a low concentration will remove all tooth stains.

Care about Quality Too

Cinoll understands some clients’ concerns on quality checks, especially when manufacturers are miles away from the distributor. Our factory is in China, and we cater to several private brands worldwide. In this case, we provide higher importance on quality inspection before our products arrive to our clients. Also, returning defective goods to China can be very challenging and costly.

When talking about quality, it’s not only about post-production; we provide quality reports to help our clients better control product quality. As a teeth whitening gel manufacturer, Cinoll ensures that clients also have their eyes on the quality through regular video and third-parties checks and samples before production.

Building a Private Label teeth whitening gel is Easy

The pandemic might have limited the movement of people and halted some businesses, but not on private labeling. According to Forbes, private labeling soared during this difficult time. With larger brands dealing with supply issues, more consumers turn to private label products because of their greater transparency, better results, and lower pricing.

As some businesses close down this pandemic, more private individuals are given the opportunity to explore private labeling to market their own brands. With Cinoll, we will help build your brand, conceptualize whitening products according to your preference, and assure regular supply for your distribution needs.

Cinoll has supported thousands of brands worldwide to achieve personalized products through our specialized manufacturing solution. We transform ideas into reality to help our clients go above and beyond and exceed expectations which will surely satisfy their target market.

Cinoll is the Right Manufacturer

It seems that teeth whitening gels can sometimes be complicated, especially with the specific bleaching agents to be used and their concentrations. It is just one of the more complex factors of teeth whitening gel distribution clients must know. This is precisely why you need to have a teeth whitening gel manufacturer who can guide and help you manage the complexities of the process. We have our personnel to assist every client from structure design to manufacturing until distribution.

Almost all dental products are expected to have human body contact and can be swallowed; that is why safety depends on the reliability of the source of products and raw materials. Cinoll works under strict supervision and testing protocols to ensure product efficacy and safety. Dental products can be subject to government rules in some parts of the world. All our products are FDA and ISO registered, and copies can also be available upon request.

We also pride ourselves as a teeth whitening gel manufacturer that uses vegan and cruelty-free materials for our gels. Cinoll does not promote cruelty and formula tests on animals. We create and test formulas for our whitening gels inside our factory to have better control over everything.

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