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blue teeth whitening powder customized packaging ChinaApart from using whitening gels and toothpaste for your oral care needs, there is also a teeth whitening powder. It may sound unfamiliar to some, but using a powdery substance to clean the teeth dates back to ancient Egyptians. The ingredients used before were rock salt, iris flowers, mint, and crushed pepper.

Today, manufacturers use various whitening agents to provide better teeth cleaning and whitening. You might also be wondering how a teeth whitening powder manufacturer came up with ingredients for this dental product. We at Cinoll will gladly enumerate the essential manufacturing process so you can be familiar with this innovation and market your products effectively to potential customers.

The Manufacturing Process of Teeth Whitening Powder

Teeth whitening manufacturers process teeth whiteners distinctly; every manufacturer also varies ingredients to formulate these powders. Today, most whitening powder has activated charcoal, salt, baking soda, and other flavorings in it. You may think of a complex process in coming up with a teeth whitening powder. It is actually the other way around.

natural activated charcoal dental teeth whitening powdersThe first step is to combine all the dry ingredients accordingly. Few ingredients that Cinoll’s teeth whitening powder has include 100% organic and natural coconut charcoal which brings no harsh chemicals, making it safe for everyone to use. There are also essential oils and other ingredients to give scents and flavors to the mixture. The Pearl teeth whitening powder from Cinoll gives a sweet peach scent for fresher breath. In addition to the flavor, a teeth whitening manufacturer also includes premium sodium lauryl sulfate and calcium carbonate in the powder. These chemicals are responsible for removing hardened dental plaque and gum sensitivity. Dentists prove all the ingredients in our teeth whitening powder to be safe to use.

Remember that you can lay out your specifications on the ingredients, the flavor, scent, capacity, and packaging.

The manufacturing process will not be complete without your brand and logo on every teeth whitening powder jar. To ensure precision, every jar goes through a weighing process, then moves to the sealing stage.

Also, you need to take note that during the first stages of the manufacturing, you provided your logo, desired design, and color to our in-house design team. Our machine will do the final touches on your teeth whitening powder by putting the labels and arranging the jars inside the boxes. After a series of quality tests, your product is now ready for shipment.

Care about the Quality Too

One of the primary reasons you need to have a dedicated teeth whitening powder manufacturer is to ensure quality. It will be a challenge for you to order teeth whiteners from a factory miles away from your store location.

Cinoll manufactures teeth whiteners and dental products at our factory in China. Being in the industry for more than ten years, we met and accommodated several clients from across the globe. We put a more significant amount of focus on producing high-quality products to avoid product returns. It’s not easy to return defective goods to China, so we, as a teeth whitening powder manufacturer, do not want our clients to go the difficult path of returning faulty goods.

Before we ship orders to you, products undergo a series of monitoring and testing. This is to ensure that all teeth whitening powders are safe for your customers. Our experts will inspect the raw materials during pre-production. All personnel have to follow guidelines to ensure that the whitening powder remains uncontaminated in the manufacturing stage. Finished products need to undergo a strict evaluation to determine if they meet standard quality requirements for pH levels, viscosity, and other parameters.

As we continue to monitor the manufacturing process closely, we also provide quality reports to help you better control the quality.

Building a Private Label of Teeth Whitening Powder is Easy

private label teeth whitening powder supplies in ChinaYou might be having doubts about investing in a teeth whitening powder business, especially with the global crisis. However, the pandemic made private labeling soar higher. This is the primary reason you need to erase that doubt inside you and give your business a go. Everyone is still experiencing the effects of the pandemic, businesses included. With some large brands having to deal with a lack of supply on some products, people turned to private brands which offer better results, excellent transparency, and lower pricing.

The key to good sales performance during the pandemic is a manufacturer who can guarantee the quality, safety, and regular supply. You do not want your customers to keep on wondering when the next supply of your teeth whitening powder will be. You are making your customer abandon your brand.

With Cinoll, we manufacture your products according to your preferences and specifications. From the design, manufacturing, to packaging, you can guarantee that it will all be personalized based on your brand. What you see on the label is not Cinoll’s name but your brand. Isn’t it great to sell your brand instead of selling someone else’s name?

Cinoll is the Right Manufacturer

It might look like the manufacturing process of teeth whitening products can be lengthy and excruciating. This is why you need a teeth whitening powder manufacturer who simplifies the process for you. Being your partner, we will help you manage the complexities of the process so that all you need to worry about is how to sell your products to your target market efficiently.

If you need someone to help conceptualize designs for your brand, our in-house design team can provide you with demos and help bring your ideas to reality.

Cinoll is certified by the FDA and ISO for the safe manufacturing of products using color additives like food, cosmetics, and drugs. Only those approved by regulatory authorities are allowed to manufacture products using such chemicals. We are also aware that all our products might be swallowed or can contact the human body; hence, we prioritize health and safety. Our certifications will give our clients assurance that their teeth whitening powders and other dental products comply with all the guidelines and are entirely safe to use.

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