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It should come as no surprise to businesses that the world is cracking down on its use of single-use plastics. Indeed, there is a new law: the Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Directive. This law requires that each of the 27 member states of the European Union must enforce new guidelines relating to single-use plastic items.

Most businesses are aware of the impact that plastic products have on the environment, particularly where aquatics are concerned. The laws aim to reduce plastic’s impact on the environment and to prevent sustained impact.

This should improve not only aquatic life, but also human health. Furthermore, reducing SUPs will promote the move to a more circular economy, offering sustainable and innovative business models, materials, and products.

As of July 2021, plastic bottles, straws, takeaway containers, and coffee cups that are manufactured from certain plastics are no longer allowed in the EU. Products made of expanded polystyrene can also no longer be sold.


The ten SUPs that feature in the ban are the most frequently found discarded on our beaches. Indeed, these ten most common SUPS make up over 90% of plastic beach waste. The ban is in place for any product whether it is reusable or not where there is an alternative.

Why are SUPs so Bad?

Today’s throwaway culture is the root of all evil when it comes to protecting our world and all that is in it.

According to reports from the UN Environment, only 9% of the world’s plastic (all nine billion tonnes of it) has been recycled.

The majority of plastic that we make and use ends up in the ocean, in landfill, in the environment and in waterways. As most people realize, plastic does not biodegrade.

Plastic simply breaks into smaller pieces, which is known as microplastic.

There is a lot of research that demonstrates plastic’s effect on both humans and the planet in which we reside.

It takes thousands of years for packaging and other plastic products to degrade. Throughout that time, it contaminates our water and soil. Plastic is made from various toxic chemicals, and this seeps not the food chain.

bad of single use plastic

Certain products, such as Styrofoam cups, can cause damage to our organs (the lungs, reproductive organs, and nervous system) if the material is ingested.

Not only that, but plastic waste can also be detrimental to wildlife in ways other than ingestion. Plastic bags, can loops, and plastic straws have all resulted in wildlife deaths by causing them to choke or by blocking their digestive tract. Most of us can recall a time we have seen an animal with something plastic in its body. Some animals also wrongly presume plastic carrier bags are food, particularly dolphins and turtles.

The Influence of the SUP Ban

Some parts of Europe are already fairly advanced when it comes to waste collection in comparison with other countries. Plastic collection in Germany, for example, is more than 90%. However, the problem lies in the remaining 10%. This ends up as litter and so the SUP Directive aims to address this. To work on removing the remaining 10%, they need to be curtailed.

By banning SUP, it reduces pollution. However, it also has another positive effect in that it reduces the demand for such products which exacerbates its influence further. The SUP ban has cultural effects too. Companies rethink their ideas and come up with innovative products and designs using sustainable materials. This helps to shift the mindset of the consumer which contributes to raising awareness in the consumer of the sustainability of our planet. In banning SUP, companies think outside the box and can help influence others to do so in the process.

What are the Benefits of Bamboo Products?

Bamboo – the plant made famous by pandas and by its speed at growing!

Sustainability – As many people know, bamboo is an extremely sustainable material. Why? Because it is the plant that grows the fastest in the whole world. As such, it can be easily made into many products and replaces itself quickly. It regenerates from just the roots and does not need any fertilizer to grow.

Durability – Additionally, bamboo has great tensile strength, even beating steel in terms of how strong it is. Tensile strength is the stretching pressure or tension that a material can withstand before it breaks. Having such amazing tensile strength makes this renewable material a great substance to replace plastic in certain product manufacturing.

Biodegradability – Bamboo, given that it is a plant, is 100% biodegradable. Bamboo will degrade naturally in under a year. This is incredible when you compare it with single-use plastics that remain in landfill for centuries. Bamboo is natural, that much is obvious! But what may not be so obvious is the fact that it has antibacterial properties too! The fact that it does not require any fertilizers or pesticides to grow well also means that bamboo is an extremely safe option as well as being eco-friendly!

When it comes to bamboo, you really cannot get any better material for full sustainability. Bamboo can be made into all sorts of products: toothbrushes, beauty cream jars and tubs, water bottles, reusable coffee cups, reusable sandwich wraps, and many more things besides.

Wrapping it up – in biodegradable packaging, of course!

Here at Cinoll, we are committed to sustainability and moving with the times as well as adhering to EU regulations regarding the production and of Single-Use Plastics in our products.

Cinoll has created our very own bamboo toothbrushes that not only banish the SUP from your mouth but also promote sustainability within our supply chain thanks to bamboo’s amazing natural properties. We also use and create paper packaging that is fully recyclable so that businesses and clients can meet manufacturing requirements wherever they choose to sell their wares.

Types of bamboo toothbrushes

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In this way, we support the SUP Directive from the EU and enable brands to become more sustainable whilst still offering the highest quality products.

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