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bamboo toothbrush green leafFor companies already in the bamboo toothbrush industry or those who want to get into the market, Cinoll is the one-stop shop. We have a team of expert researchers, developers, and project managers who are committed to delivering the best, as a bamboo toothbrush manufacturer should.

The bamboo toothbrush market is growing exponentially as people look for sustainable ways to look after their oral hygiene. Now is an ideal time to get into the market and give customers what they’re looking for.

Cinoll has an excellent reputation for its bamboo toothbrushes and can help companies get started or grow in this field.

How We Help Big Brands Develop Their Bamboo Toothbrush?

Cinoll makes bamboo toothbrushes to our clients’ requirements and customizations. You can choose lots of different specifications, including the handle shape, head size, and bristle color.

bamboo toothbrushes in paper packaging boxesCinoll’s bamboo toothbrushes have CE and FDA registrations, biodegradable handles, and do not contain BPA. What’s more, the bristles aren’t aggressive on the gums while the handles are antimicrobial and bacteria resistant.

We’re so confident in our products that we also offer free samples on request.

Here are some of the choices available:

As far as customizations go, there are lots of options. You can choose:

  • Hard or soft bristles
  • Branded handles – including logo embossing
  • Customized, biodegradable paper packaging
  • Bristle color
  • Brush paint color, where applicable

We Make Perfect Private Label of Bamboo Toothbrush

With state-of-the-art contract manufacturing capabilities, industry-leading formulas, premium design services, and low minimum orders, Cinoll is the bamboo toothbrush manufacturer for all businesses large or small.

pink bamboo toothbrushes supplierThe personal care industry is a billion-dollar market and we at Cinoll understand the importance of delivering the best products with the highest quality ingredients. Partnering with Cinoll gives businesses the opportunity to source wholesale or private label premium personal care products. All of our items are manufactured in a quality-centered facility by a highly trained team of developers, project managers, and designers. All employees at Cinoll are meticulous within their roles.

At Cinoll, we ensure to have dietary and nutritional information on hand for all of our products. We have a huge range of popular and proven products ready to ship for sale. Simply call us to get your wholesale business up and running. Cinoll products can be shipped anywhere across the globe. We have a variety of different shipping solutions for the quick and efficient delivery of your products.

Why Choose Cinoll as Contract Manufacturer?

Cinoll has lots of strengths as a bamboo toothbrush manufacturer. We are a clinic-grade manufacturer and MOQ starts at 100 market-ready units. We’re suitable for both start-ups and established businesses and companies can request samples before the bulk order with us.

For start-ups, we can help you choose products and provide recommendations. We also work to your budget and can provide low MOQ to reduce your risk as a new business.

For growing businesses, we can help you to upgrade your product formula and packaging. And, for big brands, we can use our R&D team to research and expand new products in the industry.

Here are some of the reasons why people choose us as their bamboo toothbrush manufacturer:

  • Contact manufacturing – we develop people’s existing formulas or new ideas into a viable, finished product manufactured in our ISO-certified, state-of-the-art facilities.
  • R & D product development – for those looking to develop a product from scratch or for those with proven sellers, Cinoll’s formulation engineers are on hand to work with you to develop the perfect product for your clients.
  • Quality focused – here at Cinoll, we pride ourselves on the quality of the service and products we deliver. As an ISO-certified and FDA-registered company, we’re bound by the strictest guidelines and ensure we comply with all regulations of our industry.


Cinoll’s in-depth knowledge and expertise in the personal care industry means we are the ideal partner for businesses seeking a bamboo toothbrush manufacturer. No matter what stage you are in the design and formulation of your product, Cinoll’s expertise can ensure a top-quality, market-worthy product that will sell well.

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