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If you are in the oral care business, you are in a very good position since this industry is something that will never run out of customers. But you can’t just rely on the same old products if you want your business to prosper. In order to successfully expand your business, you can approach a bamboo toothbrush manufacturer and add some good bamboo toothbrushes to your product lineup.

Different Kinds of Bamboo Toothbrush That You Can Order

bamboo toothbrushes private label suppliesBamboo toothbrushes have recently become very popular to customers in many parts of the world because it is a much more environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional toothbrushes that we have been using all these years.

If you are interested in adding this item to your product portfolio, you would be interested to know that there are a few different ways in which to offer them. There isn’t much variety in the material and design as all of them are made with bamboo for the handle and a synthetic nylon for the bristles. The differences lie mostly in the packaging, sizes, colors, and other customized features, all of which a reliable bamboo toothbrush manufacturer can arrange for you.

Adult or Kid Sizes

There are two main sizes that you can choose for the bamboo toothbrushes that you will offer – adult and kid sizes. A bamboo toothbrush manufacturer would typically have preset measurements for the adult and kiddie sizes but you can always specify your own preferred length.

Single or Multiple Packaging

The size of the packaging is one thing to think about. You can have it in singles or in larger packs for families or for multiple uses. Most customers that buy bamboo toothbrushes are not keen on wastage, which is why multi-packs are quite popular as they do not use as many packaging materials.

Box or Pouch Packaging

In line with the ecological concept of bamboo toothbrushes, the packaging is typically made of paper materials like boxes and pouches. Again, both choices have their own merits and it would be good to have a variety for your customers by offering both options.

Soft or Hard Bristles

Whether you use soft or hard bristles, there are no definite advantages either way in terms of health benefits, and the choice depends mostly on the preference of the user. It would be a good idea to offer both options so that your customers can have their pick.

There are also other features you can customize, like the color of the bristles, the grip of the handle, the design of the packaging, and so on. But regardless of the kinds of bamboo toothbrushes that you do decide to include in your catalog, it is very important to have a firm understanding of the business procedures involved so that you can obtain the best possible products and enjoy the biggest possible revenue from the sale of your bamboo toothbrushes.

The Benefits of Private Labeling

paper packaging eco bamboo toothbrushes factoryPrivate labeling is what brand owners do when they outsource the manufacturing and packaging of their products to a third-party company. In other words, they get to have their own products that are made according to their specifications and packaged with their own label without having to invest in building their own manufacturing facility.

There are many benefits to working with a private label manufacturer when you are planning on including bamboo toothbrushes in your product lineup. As mentioned, you get full control over the entire production, from design all the way to packaging. You can choose the sizes, packaging, and even the distribution methods for your products.

Private labeling also allows you to have your own logo and brand name on the packaging and on the product itself. This is so much better than purchasing a bamboo toothbrush from another company and simply reselling it to your clients.

Through private labeling, you can build your own brand more effectively. When you sell the toothbrushes to your distributors, and they sell them to their customers, your brand will be on each and every product. If you have picked an excellent bamboo toothbrush manufacturer, your product will be excellent as well and people will automatically associate your brand with an excellent product.

Considerations on Inventory and Warehousing

If you have decided on including bamboo toothbrushes in your list of products in order to expand your oral care business, you will need to think of where and how to store your stock of toothbrushes. This is where inventory and warehousing come in. When your bamboo toothbrush manufacturer comes through and delivers your order, you will need to have secure and adequate storage space for them.

Warehousing need not be a very expensive investment but you do need to prepare for it. As early as now, you might want to look around for an affordable and flexible storage solution that you can use for the long term.

Choosing an Expert Private Label Manufacturer

eco friendly bamboo toothbrushes solutionsThere are many manufacturers today that can produce quality bamboo toothbrushes but not all of them offer private labeling. If your goal is to expand your business and build your brand, you should look for an expert private label manufacturer that is capable of supplying superior quality bamboo toothbrushes, like Cinoll.

For many years, Cinoll has been a leading private label manufacturer for many different kinds of oral care products, from tooth whitening kits to bamboo toothbrushes. They will work with you closely throughout the entire production process to ensure that the final product will be exactly to your specifications and standards.

Quality Product

Cinoll is one of the leading manufacturers of bamboo toothbrushes anywhere in the world. Their products are top-caliber and you certainly will be proud to offer these to your clients. This China-based manufacturer has mastered the art of creating the finest toothbrushes under the strictest standards of quality.

Fully Certified

Complete certification is necessary to ensure the safety and quality of any oral care product. Cinoll’s bamboo toothbrushes are all FDA-registered and ISO-certified so you won’t have any fear of getting substandard products.

Additional Services

One of the advantages of Cinoll over other private label manufacturers is that in addition to their world-class products, they also offer extra services like inventory and warehousing facilities at very reasonable fees. By choosing them as your private label bamboo toothbrush manufacturer, you won’t have anything to worry about and you will be in a much better position to successfully expand your oral care business.

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