Beginner’s Guide: How to Start a Teeth Whitening Business

Teeth whitening is an increasingly popular beauty treatment today. Influenced by pop culture and celebrities, many people, young and old, seek to improve the appearance of their teeth with tooth whitening products.

As it is a very lucrative market, many new companies are popping up to try and harness the market’s possibilities.

Launching such a business can seem expensive and daunting, particularly if you are looking to manufacture your own products. As such, if you are starting it out, it is best to work with experienced teeth whitening product manufacturers that can produce private label products for your new brand. This way, you can safeguard the quality of your products.

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Mobile Teeth Whitening is the New Business Trend

The latest in the teeth whitening business is mobile teeth whitening. There are many different reasons why this is becoming such a lucrative and popular way for people to whiten their teeth.

It is a great way for a new business to start out or for an existing dental clinic to branch out into. Let us delve into some of the reasons why you might want to catch this opportunity in this new business trend.

1. Embrace Client Lifestyles and Busyness

Firstly, people are increasingly busy these days. They do not always have the time available to visit a salon when they could try to whiten their teeth at home. Many are working from home and cannot pop to their usual salon or clinic on their lunch break.

Additionally, many people today prefer things if they are quick and easy and can be done in their own time close to or at home.

mobile teeth whitening at home

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted and increased this further. With salons and clinics needing to be closed for such long periods, getting an appointment after reopening has been increasingly difficult. Many have had to wait additional weeks just to be seen by their regular teeth whitening expert. As such, creating a business that allows you to visit others’ homes to carry out treatments is a great idea in these unprecedented times.

Being a mobile teeth whitening business will mean that your clients can access their treatments at their convenience and in the comfort of their own homes, whether the usual spas, salons, and dental clinics are open or not.

Quick Tips: Cosmetic dentistry is going into everyone’s home. Think about how to what products can fit the new lifestyle.

2. Think Budget and Finances

Secondly, setting up a salon, spa, or clinic is a great challenge for those who want to go into this business. Many people have a great business idea for a tooth whitening clinic but do not have the funds to invest in a retail space.

Such businesses also need large amounts of stock available and large, laser teeth whitening machines too. For many, it is simply not an option.

Setting up a mobile teeth whitening business cuts out a lot of this expense. The business would not need a large stock and would not need to account for rental space and the bills that come with that. The set-up costs would simply include products, marketing and advertising, insurances, and equipment. It would be a great reduction in the bills!

Quick Tips: A minimum viable product(MVP) is better to start your new business.

3. E-Commerce Benefits and Upselling Opportunities

Thirdly, a mobile teeth whitening business can take advantage of e-commerce opportunities.

Selling your own products can be achieved alongside appointments in people’s homes or you can stock your products in established salons and sell them that way. Additionally, trade shows, medical shows, mall kiosks, and health fairs can all be good opportunities to showcase your products in person if you rent space for these events. Usually, there are small fees for such events, but these are much less than if you had premises the whole time.

teeth whitening kit on ecommerce

Likewise, in terms of e-commerce, you can easily set up your own webpages, social media accounts, and Amazon’s FBA model is also a good choice for e-commerce and upselling opportunities. People love to browse and buy things online and grabbing this opportunity could be financially rewarding for your business.

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4. Add-on to Existing Services 

Lastly, if you have your own clinic or salon, offering teeth whitening services is often sold as a great ‘add-on’ treatment. If someone is coming for lash extensions or a facial, for example, you could offer teeth whitening as an additional treatment to your existing services.

mobile teeth whitening business products

As such, you can take care of your client’s teeth and keep that very same customer loyalty that you have built up in other areas of your business.

Quick Tips: Extend your services with a quality but not that expensive product, to bring more customer experience.

Catch The Teeth Whitening Business Opportunity!

As you have read above, teeth whitening is really coming into its own now. It is no longer considered a treatment that only dentists and dental clinics can carry out. Cosmetic dentistry as an industry is exploding! According to a report by Market Insider, revenue from teeth whitening products will likely reach $6.6 billion by 2025!

Many beauty salons and individuals are going it alone to catch the amazing opportunity that mobile teeth whitening treatments can offer. And with good reason! This is a unique time in that there has been a huge increase in social and digital consumerism. This is likely to become one of the main drivers in this market.

However, the other risk is that some companies may not have legitimate and safe products for sale, neither have the right teeth whitening supplier guides advise them. This is why we have already recommended to you to work with an experienced cosmetic dental product manufacturer so that you can take this opportunity and have the backup and support of a well-established, trustworthy manufacturer.

Packaging Workshops

Going it alone takes some bravery, but with the right team behind you, you can reach your product selling goals. If you would like to know more about how Cinoll can help you create fantastic, private-label products, get in touch with us today.

With us on your side, you will be well on your way to not only reaching your client base but also in reaching your goals as a business.

FAQs: How to Start My Teeth Whitening Business Quick

What teeth whitening products are good starts?

Three good choices: teeth whitening kits, teeth whitening strips or teeth whitening toothpaste.

Why? Teeth whitening kits are quick and easy to use teeth whitening products that can whiten teeth in as fast as 10 minutes. These whitening results offer you instant marketing materials.

Teeth whitening strips are easy to use and small in sizes. They’re cheaper in shipping and lower priced than teeth whitening kits, so that you can have quick money-back.

Teeth whitening toothpastes are really good choices when you have clients or repeat customers that need long-term whitening. As perfect daily-used whitening products, it supports your teeth whitening business in a much longer way.

Does Cinoll help with business customization?

Of course. We believe you have a logo for your business and with that we can provide you a demo with your logo on it so you can have a compete picture of your products.

Do I need to consider the formulation?

Well, formulation is the foundation of your good sales. If you have no idea what teeth whitening ingredients work best, Cinoll can definitely help. Since we’re factory of many top teeth whitening business, we understand popular ingredients and how long will they work. So don’t hesitate and ask us for free advice.

Do I have to order large volume to start?

Oh that’s absolutely not. For teeth whitening business starters, we understand the order quantity you need. Therefore, we have many ready-to-custom products which can be private labeled in low MOQ. Ask Cinoll team for product information.

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Written by Christine Lawrence

Researcher and consultant of Cinoll. For over 5 years, Christine has helped businesses worldwide to choose and import dental products. As a lover of teeth whitening and expert in supply chain, she is going to bring out the must-have knowledge and experience of teeth whitening products.

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