Best 3 Teeth Whitening Kit Suppliers in Australia


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In recent months and years, the popularity of tooth whitening products has soared across the globe thanks to the worldwide trend and desire for the pearliest of pearly whites. From celebs to your next-door neighbor, everyone wants white teeth today.

Australians are certainly joining in with this trend. Teeth whitening kits are increasingly popular in the country and it is no surprise that brands want to branch out and sell these kits as the perfect way for in-home teeth whitening.

This increase in demand for teeth whitening kits has caused an upsurge in brands looking for good suppliers and manufacturers. Selling teeth whitening kits wholesale can be a very lucrative business. However, this can only be achieved if you trust the suppliers and manufacturers to produce the best in terms of quality teeth whitening products.

At Cinoll, we are with you at every step of the way, helping you to select the best teeth whitening kits wholesale on the market. If you start up your business selling sub-standard products, your brand is not going to get off the starting blocks.

With Cinoll, we know what we are doing. Making and selling teeth whitening products wholesale is our specialty. So, let us assist you in your quest for the best products on the market today.

The Top Three Teeth Whitening Kit Wholesale Suppliers in Australia

In looking at the best teeth whitening kit wholesale suppliers down under, we have a list of three of the best:

  1. Cinoll
  2. Teeth Whitening Wholesale
  3. Australian Teeth Whitening

1. Cinoll

Cinoll Company


  • Location: China
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: Teeth Whitening Products

Let us start with ourselves, first and foremost. Who are we? What do we do? What makes us the number one choice for buying teeth whitening kit wholesale products?

Cinoll specializes in private label branded teeth whitening kits. We customize the kits so that our clients can choose the flavor, formula, decoration, delivery vessels, and packaging of their perfect custom teeth whitening kit.

All Cinoll teeth whitening kits meet FDA, ISO, and CE registrations and use long-lasting and fast-acting whitening formulae. Therefore, our clients know they are safe and of high quality. The shelf life of the products is exceptional and there is little sensitivity. Cinoll also offers packaging that is personalized both on the inside and the outside of the products.

Cinoll is the top of the teeth whitening kit wholesale suppliers in China. This is because we are professional in every aspect of our work from the packaging right through to our custom formula. The products are also clinically proven to work and are dental grade in their reputation and quality. Cinoll also helps businesses with all solutions for manufacturing and shipping. Additionally, Cinoll’s kits can have added accessories to make them unique to your clients’ needs. Furthermore, customized packaging with any colors, shapes, or prints for your logo will ensure that your product stands out from the crowd.

For Cinoll, the priority is being a quality manufacturer offering the best in terms of choices for the end-users. Cinoll offers competitive prices for dental-grade ingredients with free samples before you place an order. With Cinoll, there is also a quality report before your shipment is sent and they even offer the possibility of private moldings.

2. Teethwhiteningwholesale



  • Location: Australia
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Company Type: Wholesaler
  • Key Products: Teeth Whitening Products

Teeth Whitening Wholesale is a company that offers private label products. They believe that this is the best way of offering branded products to clients that are low in cost and do not involve excessive effort to produce. The company creates a teeth whitening kit that can set you off into the lucrative cosmetic dentistry market in just a few days and with just a few little steps.

They understand the increase in popularity of these products and want to help you branch out into the market. Teeth Whitening Wholesale sends their orders out via express post so that customers can receive their orders in the shortest possible time and businesses are not waiting for stock. As one of the largest teeth whitening kit wholesale suppliers in Australia, they offer treatment kits for as little as $16.95 each. Additionally, their teeth whitening gels are amongst some of the strongest available for non-dental practitioners within the country. Importantly, the company’s products are all compliant with the regulations and legislations.

3. Australian Teeth Whitening

Australian Teeth Whitening


  • Location: Australia
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Company Type: Wholesaler
  • Key Products: Teeth Whitening Products

Based in Queensland, Australia, Australian Teeth Whitening is a company that specializes in teeth whitening treatment, supplies and equipment. They supply teeth whitening products to day spas, mobile technicians, beauty salons and, of course, dentists. The company can provide everything you need to get started in the industry, which turns over billions of dollars annually. They offer advice on marketing strategies and how best to get a return on your products. This can include marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, consent forms and images. With Australian Teeth Whitening on board, you could fast become a highly successful brand of teeth whitening products in your region of Australia.

With this company, all their machines and products are manufactured over in the USA and therefore have been approved by the FDA. They also follow all the ACCC requirements for Australia. It was not long ago that dentists were the only ones performing treatments to whiten teeth. Nowadays, it is a popular treatment in a variety of salons and businesses in most towns and cities across the country. Done correctly, it is a simple procedure. Using the machines and products from Australian Teeth Whitening means that you have peace of mind in offering safe treatments and procedures for clients.

This company helps you on your way to making money from their products. They offer a Professional Starter Package where you can pay back for your teeth whitening machine after only having twelve client treatments (this is dependent on your pricing). From then on, you are generating a profit from the machine and can get going with this business. To continue, you only need to buy top-up supplies and products. This means that the business is very much affordable. However, these packages are offered for trade customers only.

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