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Manual and electric toothbrushes work well with kids.

However, tooth cleaning can be crucial for children since most fail to brush effectively using manual toothbrushes. On the other hand, electric toothbrushes make brushing easier by automatically performing brushing functions. Dentists also recommend electric toothbrushes for kids, especially those whose teeth show poor brushing signs.

Indeed, there is a significant market for electric toothbrushes for children. With this, it’s easy for sellers and distributors to decide on adding children’s electric toothbrushes to their target market.children electric toothbrush manufacturer

However, it is essential to remember that there are many of you in the market, and your brand has to stand among competitors.

Competition is tough in the oral and dental care industry, but one can thrive here with quality and innovative products. Let’s look at some of the best children’s electric toothbrush manufacturers.

The top five children’s electric toothbrush manufacturers


One of the primary considerations for dental care products is safety. Cinoll ensures all electric toothbrushes have CE, FDA, ISO, IPX7, and RoHS certificates for waterproof and high-quality product guarantee. Additionally, as these products can be in various designs and styles, the manufacturer’s in-design team are expert in creating multiple shapes based on the client’s specifications. Whether you opt for a fun, cute, or sports theme for electric toothbrushes, Cinoll can realize it for you. They see that the products are child-friendly to ensure a complete user experience.children and kids electric toothbrushes supplier

Customization is vital in the industry. Besides having complete control over product specifications, they also allow clients to customize the packaging – choose colors, packaging types, and text for the client’s brand name and logo. Cinoll’s electric toothbrushes vary from the classic, sonic, and smart ones. Each product undergoes quality checks and control before leaving the factory. Suppose your target market has children with more sensitive teeth than the ordinary. Cinoll can design soft bristles and modify cleaning modes to suit every user’s needs.


Based in London, Bbrite provides private label opportunities for retailers opting to create a unique and distinct line of electric toothbrushes for children. They allow their clients to choose their artworks, design, shapes, and color for unique looks of electric toothbrushes at low cost. Additionally, clients can opt to customize and completely rebrand their product line for toothbrush packaging. Besides electric toothbrushes, Bbrite also creates time and regular toothbrushes and cartoon character-inspired ones such as Hello Kitty and Spongebob.electric toothbrushes manufacturer with FDA

Bbrite is one of the manufacturers trusted by their clients, which features creative and high-quality toothbrushes for kids ages three and up. Their flashing timer toothbrushes became one of their bestsellers for private label brands in the United States.


One of the many challenges faced daily is to motivate their kids to brush their teeth. Brusheez commits to creating effective and safe oral hygiene products to help children build good dental routines. Furthermore, they make toothbrushing exciting for children by creating animal-themed sets designed for kids ages three and up.

Besides electric toothbrushes, they also provide brush head replacements and continue to develop new character designs for their brushes. Furthermore, the designs of every electric toothbrush promote fun and ease of use. Also, Brusheez aims to teach children that brushing must be fun and must never feel like a daily chore. They also offer First Responders and Military Discounts based in the United States.


Kolibree collaborates with academic organizations and world-leading professionals to create innovative technologies for electric toothbrushes. They reinvented oral care with technology and data to prevent diseases like periodontitis and cavities. Its smart toothbrushes can track all brushing movements and analyze their patterns. Furthermore, it provides feedback without the need to bring your smartphones while brushing your teeth.

Like other electric toothbrush manufacturers for children, Kolibree creates them with vibration technology, smart sensors, and replaceable heads. Its innovative technology allows children to brush their teeth while learning proper brushing habits. Kolibree creates electric toothbrushes for kids three and up. Those aged under three might be prone to choking hazards.


If your target market is children aged three and up, Perfect can be one of your choices. Like most electric toothbrush suppliers, Perfect makes it to the point of manufacturing products to protect children’s teeth. Most of their electric toothbrushes have deep cleaning, soft, gentle care, and cleaning modes designed for babies and infants with 8000 shocks per second. They’re also waterproof, so users don’t need to worry about damage if toothbrushes come into contact with too much water.

Also, choosing a manufacturer involves identifying its electric toothbrush customization options. Perfect’s in-house mold and tooling are equipped with certifications to create quality and excellent toothbrush molds. Finally, for any manufacturer with products that can contact the body, safety must be one of the priorities. Perfect’s laboratory adheres to ISO standards to release microbiological tests of finished products and other incoming materials.

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