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cruelty free teeth whitening lightsMore and more consumers are aware of animal rights issues today. People are more vocal about the threats that animals face concerning product tests before going to the market. Consumers tend not to engage in animal abuse and are even open to paying more for cruelty-free products.

The same goes in the dental and oral care industry; cruelty-free products are now the trend. As a distributor, you need to keep up with the trend and seek a manufacturer that promotes such a cause and ensures that no animal is hurt during the manufacturing process.

How are Cruelty-Free Teeth Whitening Led Lights Changing the Market?

wired teeth whitening lights for oral care brandsAccording to the Cruelty-Free Foundation, using animals in experiments is cruel in itself. Traditionally, research and experiments use animals in painful tests to determine if cosmetics and other consumer products are effective and safe to use. However, transferring experiment and research results from animals to humans can be problematic, ineffective, and misleading.

Generally, cruelty-free products are healthier. Bad chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, and synthetic dyes are usually present when products are tested on animals. These chemicals will likely cause allergies, breakouts, and inflammation. More importantly, when consumers opt for cruelty-free teeth whitening products, they are making a stand against animal cruelty and empowering themselves to go green.

Today, companies are making alternative ways to test their products instead of using animals. They have changed it to a quicker, more reliable, and non-animal method. Consumers are also meticulous in the products they buy, making sure that each dental and teeth whitening cosmetic goes through the ethical process.

Custom Your Best-Selling Cruelty-Free Teeth Whitening LED Lights Here

Cinoll does not promote any unnecessary and cruel tests on animals on all its teeth whitening products. Being a responsible teeth whitening LED lights manufacturer, our factory is where we formulate and test ingredients and not from outsourced companies.

With this, we guarantee that all our products undergo ethical and legal procedures. Here’s how you can customize and maximize our cruelty-free teeth whitening LED lights.


As a teeth whitening LED lights manufacturer with an in-house design team, Cinoll closely works with its clients for attractive shapes based on their specifications. The process generally happens during the first stage of the manufacturing, where we will ask for your preferences and specifications. Here at Cinoll, we make your ideas a reality.

Quantity of Light Beads

The number of light beads in your teeth whitening LED lights will determine the efficiency of bleaching. You can choose several options for the number of light beads from 1, 5, 16, 24, 32, 28, 100, and 200. The more light beads, the higher the efficiency of teeth whitening. However, this does not mean lesser light beads are ineffective; light beads guarantee to whiten teeth. The only difference is how fast the bleaching will be.

There are three different kinds of lights in teeth whitening. The first one is the UV  or Ultraviolet light where it utilizes heat to whiten the teeth. However, this kind of light is quite risky; thus, only dentists usually use them.

The halogen light is quite the same as UV light as it also uses heat to whiten the teeth. The heat this time comes from tungsten inside the teeth whitening light gadget. Mostly, only dental professionals use halogen light as it also comes with burn risks.

The light-emitting diode lights (LED lights) are what Cinoll uses for its teeth whitening lights. They are very effective and safe for everyone, even those using teeth whitening lights for at-home dental care.

Light Color Customization

Of course, you want your teeth whitening LED lights to stand out. The lights usually are in blue. However, you can change the light color into the red or other colors of your or your customers’ preferences. Cinoll can provide you with options on your light color to help your brand stand out from others. Suppose your brand’s color has the shade of red, then we can have the lights be in that shade.

Body Color Options

Another aspect that you can customize for your teeth whitening LED lights product line is the body color. With the many similar body styles on the market today, your brand needs to have its own identity. Make your products more personalized by assigning body colors that will suit your customers. Imagine how exciting it is for users to have their favorite color on a teeth whitening LED light.

Charging Method Customizations

The charging methods for your teeth whitening LED lights can be through a wireless charger or a USB. You can opt for a charging method that is the standard of your target market. If you are still torn, Cinoll will provide the best solution for you.

Customized Light Wavelength

It’s not only the number of light beads you can customize; you also have the option to choose the light wavelength of your teeth whitening LED. The longer the light wavelength, the better the bleaching. You can choose from  280, 360-370, 380-390, or 460-520. Our team from Cinoll will assist you in properly selecting the light wavelength depending on your target market.

Touching Field Customization

Whether you prefer a touch switch or a button, our engineers can customize different functions once you press the switch.

Custom Packaging

The packaging is vital as it will determine how customers will react to your product. It’s the first thing that potential customers will see, so it should be beyond presentable. You can have your way as to how you want your product to look on the outside. It should bear your logo and brand name to promote product recall.

Responsible Oral CareBusiness: Choose Cruelty-Free Products

wired teeth whitening lights with three chargersChoosing cruelty-free teeth whitening products is not only about the trend. More importantly, it promotes a holistic and ethical approach to how dental care products are manufactured today. If you think that no one is promoting cruelty-free products in your area right now, do not be discouraged; instead, be on the lead. You never know how the consumers of today have evolved in terms of choosing healthier and greener products.

Suppose there are many of you in the market that promote cruelty-free products, Cinoll, as a teeth whitening LED lights manufacturer, will provide customization options for your potential customers.

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