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teeth whitening strips in handsThe same with climate change; more people are concerned with animal rights today. Many discussions and debates against animal testing are the same as how environmentalists campaign against climate change. They tend to be more vocal about the threats animals face concerning animal testing.

More people do not want to engage in animal abuse and pay more for cruelty-free products. Generally, though, not all products are expensive. It will still depend on the product type and how it is made. People have been advocating and educating consumers to shift to healthier and sustainable purchasing of goods for many years now.

The same goes in the teeth whitening industry; cruelty-free products are now the trend. Being a distributor, you also need to keep up and look for a manufacturer that will provide you with greener, sustainable, and ethically processed dental and oral care products.

How are Cruelty-Free Teeth Whitening Strips Changing the Market?

customized teeth whitening strips private labelUsing animals in experiments is cruel in itself. Previously, experiments used animals in tests to determine the effectiveness of products and if they were safe to use for humans. However, translating experiment and research results from animals to human beings is unethical, ineffective, and misleading. Not to mention the thousands of animals to be sacrificed for the sake of these tests.

For some, animal tests only harm animals, when in fact, it also does some harm to humans as well. There are harmful chemicals present when products are tested in animals. These include sulfates, parabens, and synthetic dyes that can possibly cause allergies, inflammation, and breakouts. This is why cruelty-free products are generally healthier and safe. Also, when consumers opt for these types of alternative products, they, too, make a stand against animal cruelty and empower themselves to choose sustainability.

Consumers are also becoming very conscious of the products, ensuring that each dental and teeth whitening cosmetic goes through the ethical process. With this development, businesses and factories are looking for alternative methods to test their products instead of using animals. Various method tests now are being done by manufacturers which are quicker, more reliable, and, more importantly, do not involve animals.

Cinoll is one of them. This is a teeth whitening strips manufacturer which conducts its tests inside their factory. To ensure the best quality and ethical process of every product, they maximize their equipment in their factory for formulation and product tests instead of letting a third-party testing company handle it.

Custom Your Best-Selling Cruelty-Free Teeth Whitening Strips Here

professional teeth whitening stripsTeeth whitening strips have bleach or peroxide to whiten your teeth. It works the same way with the bleach that whitens your clothes or your hair. Here at Cinoll, we only provide high-quality materials and ingredients in our formulations.

Apart from knowing that Cinoll manufactures teeth whitening strips in an ethical and greener way, it is also best to explore the customization options you can have with your teeth whitening products. It will be your edge over your competitors. As you continue to promote cruelty-free products through whitening strips, you also product recall by providing a unique identity to your brand.


We provide two types of packaging for your teeth whitening strips – the individual packaging and the whole set supplies. The individual packaging provides your customers convenience, and every strip ensures hygiene. The whole set supplies a complete set of teeth whitening strips. Explore branding options to better cater to your target market.

Customizable Flavor

Add some fun to every customer’s teeth whitening journey by providing flavor on the whitening strips. You can choose from mint, coconut, charcoal, orange, strawberry for popular flavors. However, you can also explore your own brand’s flavor by providing us with your ideas, and we will realize your desired formulation.

Customized Strip Colors

The colors of the strips will depend on your formulation. Cinoll can manufacture your preferred colors. During the conceptualization stage, our team will provide you with options that align with your specifications.

Hydrogen Peroxide Content

You can choose from non-peroxide or peroxide strips. For strips with peroxide contents, we commit to EU and UK regulation of a maximum of 6% concentration of hydrogen peroxide for professional dental distribution and 0.1% hydrogen peroxide content for online or retail distribution. For both options, Cinoll offers dissolving strips in around 10-15 minutes after contact with saliva. It guarantees efficient teeth whitening together with mint flavoring for fresher breath.

Cinoll, being a teeth whitening strips manufacturer for more than a decade, has formulated ways for long-lasting strips. Consumers can store these strips for two to three years. We guarantee that these will not melt, bloat, or even decrease the bleaching effect. So you can suggest to your customers to stock up on these strips.

Responsible Business: Choose Cruelty-Free Products

teeth whitening strips how to useJoining the trend on cruelty-free products is an excellent marketing strategy for your teeth whitening business especially that more and more consumers are getting curious about it. Setting the trend aside, these cruelty-free products promote an ethical and holistic approach to manufacturing teeth whitening products. It is also a testament that technology can innovate new testing methods by not sacrificing any animal life. Doesn’t it feel good to start a campaign to protect animal rights and at the same time get some profit by selling cruelty-free products? You get a profit and inspire other distributors and your customers to spread the word in choosing greener and more sustainable teeth whitening products.

Of course, you need a trusted teeth whitening strips manufacturer to do that for you. Cinoll will provide customization options for your business healthily and ethically. We aim for every client and customer to feel good about using teeth whiteners that do not have harsh and toxic chemicals that will eventually harm one’s health.

Finally, if you are doubtful about opening a cruelty-free teeth whitening business because it seems like no one in your range is doing it, then be the first to do it. With the continued demand for fresh, innovative, and sustainable products, yours can be on top in your market.

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