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charcoal toothpaste oem odmThe demand for quality toothpaste has never been as high as it is today, as many more people realize the importance of maintaining quality hygiene. If you are a toothpaste retailer or wholesaler, the key to achieving success is to find toothpaste vendors who are reliable and can supply you with quality toothpaste long before you run out of stock. But this is easier said than done.

If you want quality supplies for every single consignment, you better learn how to find the best vendors using smart tips. In this article, we will provide you with effective ways to spot reliable and certified toothpaste vendors. And to conclude, we will identify one of the best vendors in China whose product you can trust.

Tell the Difference between Factories and Traders

When doing your research for toothpaste vendors, the first thing you need to bear in mind is that not every entity that presents itself as a vendor actually produces the toothpaste that they sell. Truth be told, most of them are actually trading companies acting as third-party agents between the actual producers and buyers. Dealing with trading companies has its own risks. You may

  • End up paying more per unit
  • Have little say in the production process
  • Not be able to guarantee product quality

To avoid any of the above, here are some ways to tell the difference between a trading company and a producer.


cinoll certificationsA trading company does not possess product certifications since they don’t produce the items they sell. Therefore, during your review, if you notice that the company has certifications, this is a pointer for the fact that they are producers.

Business Name

Please pay close attention to their business name. Is it an English name or a Chinese name? Chinese manufacturers are known to use localized Chinese names, while trading companies use English names to appeal to a global audience.

Business Website

Another way to tell the difference between a Chinese manufacturer and a Chinese trading company is the text on their business website. If the text is in English all through, you are most likely dealing with a Chinese trading company.

There are several ways to tell the difference, but these three tips are a huge giveaway not to be ignored.

Qualifications for Toothpaste Vendors

Remember that in the previous paragraph, we noted that one way to tell if a company is indeed a manufacturer is to look out for their certifications? This is very true. Certified manufacturers are known to produce quality toothpaste in line with leading industry standards. But which certifications should you be looking out for?

Here are the basic ones

  • CE
  • FDA
  • MSDS

In the teeth whitening industry, these are three of the widely held certifications you should check for. If the toothpaste vendors you find hold any of these certifications, then you can be sure that they produce quality toothpaste.

Why Cinoll Can Be Your Toothpaste Vendor?

customized toothpaste manufacturing in ChinaAre you looking for toothpaste vendors whose toothpaste quality you can trust? Do you want to avoid the risks of ordering a consignment of toothpaste that will be seized at the port of entry because they fail to meet national standards for quality? If you want to avoid these risks and more, then look no further than Cinoll.

Cinoll is an oral care product manufacturer based in China. This company is what can best be called a contractor for hire or a privateer label contractor. For more than a decade now, Cinoll has been at the forefront of producing dental care products for small and big brands all over the world. The quality of their offerings is highly rated; that is why they are rated as one of the best toothpaste vendors in the market.

Today, Cinoll’s factory has a production capacity of more than a million pieces of toothpaste units that they produce for top brands all over the world. So no matter the size of your business, you too can partner with them and have your branded toothpaste shipped to your location at affordable rates.

Beyond that, you can also take advantage of Cinoll’s Customized packages to give your toothpaste a unique identity. Other brands are carving a niche for themselves by branding the toothpaste they sell, and you can do the same. Here are some of Cinoll’s toothpaste branding services.

Customized Formula

Your toothpaste doesn’t have to look and taste like other brands. Instead, you can discuss with their experts to create a unique formula for you at their lab. A unique toothpaste formula will set your brand apart from your competition and help you gain more customers.


You can also customize the sizes of the tubes and the content in each tube to reflect your business model.


Packaging is an important part of branding, and Cinoll can help you brand your toothpaste by adding your logo, color, and promotional materials to each unit.


Now that you know how to find the best toothpaste vendors for your next order, no longer should you suffer from supply chain problems. With Cinoll, your access to a consistent supply of toothpaste has never been better. Contact us today to demand a sample and let us know how we may be of help to you. With the tips provided in this article, business success is assured.

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