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The United States has one of the largest consumer markets and the demand for teething whitening products has never been higher. If you are a supplier of wholesale teeth whitening, you will excel in this market especially if your products are very good. Some will even argue that the continent of North America has the largest market for teeth whitening products in the world and they wouldn’t be wrong.women with teeth whitening gel

In recent times, consumers have started taking their oral health seriously hence the demand for teeth whitening toothpaste, kits, strips and pens. So if you run an eCommerce business, you will be making a big mistake if you don’t take advantage of the demand for these oral care products and add some of them to your product list.

Luckily for you, there are several Teeth whitening vendors in the US who you can buy from. Of the lot, five of them really stand out for supplying very good products. In this article, we want to review them to give you a clear idea of which vendor to contact for your supplies moving forward.

1. Cinoll

First on our list of teeth whitening vendors is Cinoll. Cinoll isone of the best manufacturer of Teeth whitening products and it is based in China. At their Shenzhen factory, they manufacture high quality dental care products that consumers all over the world have come to trust. quality check in teeth whitening contract manufacturing factoryDespite being a Chinese company, Cinoll products have spread to many countries, including the US. Brands, wholesalers and suppliers order their products and sell them to their US consumers for healthy products.

What sets Cinoll apart from the rest is the quality of its products and also their adherence to high safety standards. Their products are ISO, FDA and CE certified and this has placed them on a firm footing in the US. Today, Cinoll is one of the most popular teeth whitening distributor in the USA.

2. WSDLabs USA

WSD Labs is an oral care vendor in the US with quality teeth whitening products. They have been in business for many years now and have wanted consumer loyalty for the quality of their brand. Their full name is Whitening Solutions Invented and they are one of the largest vendors in the country. Although they may be a US company, some of their products have found new markets outside the US.

WSD offers different types of whitening products so retailers have the opportunity to market different products to customers. Their customers also have options too. Their flavoring, packaging and ingredient quality are highly rated in the industry. Furthermore, WSD Labs is certified by the FDA and ISO so you can be sure that all products you buy from them are of the highest quality.

3. Nutrix USA

Nutrix USA is another top vendor in the Ism Nutrix is both a manufacturer and a supplier of every single product in their product line. They offer businesses a wide range of teeth whitening products to choose from. Nutrix USA operates from its headquarters in Utah State and has been one of the trusted names in the oral care industry for a very long time.

Being a private label brand, you can hire their expertise to produce any type of product for your brand and these products will carry your brand name which is great. This company has an FDA and ISO registration and they operate under the highest standards.

4. Red Carpet Smiles

Still, on the top 5 teeth whitening vendors in the USA is Red Carpet Smile. As their name suggests, they make products that improve the oral health of users so they can smile better without shame. This vendor has been in business since 1994 and they are the top supplier of products to dental clinics, drug stores and retail outlets all over the US. Their product line is quite extensive and of good quality.

This best explains why their trademark is recognized by the buying public. Besides the US, their products are exported to the EU and other North American companies. Red Carpet Smiles products are devoid of chemicals and harmful inorganic ingredients that may harm the user or cause teeth sensitivity. They offer the quality you can trust.

5. OralgenNuPearl

Last but not least is OralgenNuPearl. This professional outfit produces oral care products under the Our NuPearl series and they are unique. OralgenNuPearl uses quality ingredients recommended by dentists which is why all their products are FDA certified. Their expansive product range is supplied to retailers at affordable prices so they can sell and make a profit on their investment. From teeth whitening strips to pens, toothpaste to mouthwashes, OralgenNuPearl has it.

These are the top five teeth whitening vendors in the US. If you market any of their products or hire them to produce for you, you can rest assured of the quality you will serve your customers

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