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Starting a teeth whitening strip business is no small decision.

But despite the countless sacrifices and challenges small business owners face, an overwhelming 84 percent of small business owners would do it all over again.

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and starting a business with wholesale teeth whitening strips, there are some key things you need to know about this product.

Below are some of the primer knowledge about teeth whitening strips.

These tips and knowledge spring from what our factory sees from the market, and what brands and resellers ignore at the first time.

teeth whitening strips wholesale business

Principle of Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strip is a kind of teeth whitening product, which is an elastic gel-type film patch for teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening strip is an elastic gel-type film patch. The gel layer contains peroxides as tooth whitening agents, plant whitening factors and high-viscosity gels.

When the strip is attached to the tooth surface, the whitening agent and plant whitening factor on the strip fully contact the saliva, and begin to release new ecological active oxygen, which penetrates into the tooth enamel and dentin, and decomposes the pigment to achieve the whitening effect.

Types of Teeth Whitening Strips

1. Gel-type teeth whitening strip

It is a tooth whitening strip with the gel in a semi-wet state.

Gel-type tooth whitening strip

2. Dry teeth whitening strip

The gel layer on the strip is dry, but it can produce strong adhesive force when it hydrates with saliva and can stay attached to the teeth for a long time (the longest can reach more than 6 hours) to ensure the strip with the whitening agent in the tablet can have a better time to act on the teeth.

Dry whitening strips are easier to store and more comfortable to use, and can be used for professional night tooth bleaching.

Dry teeth whitening strip wholesale

3. Soluble teeth whitening strip

Based on a new product on dry dental strips, the gel layer is also dry.

The difference is that the strips can be completely dissolved in the oral cavity and do not need to be removed from the teeth after use.

Soluble teeth whitening strip wholesale

How to Tell the Quality of Strips

1. Look at the manufacturer

The active ingredient from the regular factory tooth whitening strip is a low concentration of peroxide, generally the concentration is below 10%. Under the condition of reasonable use, it can not only ensure the safety of teeth and gums, but also achieve the whitening effect.

2. Check the appearance

A high-quality tooth whitening strip should be clean, uniform and free of impurities. It can be effectively adsorbed on the teeth when in use, so choose to start business with smaller pieces of strip with a light texture, which is simple and hygienic.

3. Feel the taste

Since the oral cavity is extremely susceptible to bacteria, mildness is also a very important factor in evaluating the quality of a dental strip.

4. Check the ingredients

The ingredients must be safe and effective, and will not harm teeth and gums.

You can ask the manufacturer for a MSDS report of the products to see the ingredients and safety.

5. Check the smell

Regular teeth whitening strips have no peculiar smell. If the strips have a big smell after sticking, it means that the production process is not good enough and it is not safe.


Teeth whitening strips is a pretty good oral care product to start or enrich your teeth whitening line. With our 10 years of teeth whitening strips manufacturing experience, we would like to suggest you to know more about strips and compare with different manufacturers before order yours. If you need advice, feel free to contact us for free advice. We’re always open to consultation and make friends with you!

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