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If you’re starting up a teeth whitening business, you’ve come to the right place.

This billion-dollar industry has experienced huge growth recently making it the perfect time to start your company. According to Hexa Research, the global value of the teeth whitening products market reached USD 5.56 billion back in 2016 and has continued to grow upwards ever since. The same research estimates that the dental whitening products market will reach USD 7.4 billion within the next four years.

According to Mordor Intelligence, the largest market for teeth whitening products is North America but the fastest-growing market is the Asia Pacific region.

Why the rise in interest?

One important factor in the rise in popularity of teeth whitening products is the influence of the media on dental aesthetics, in particular among the younger generation.

However, people are not just wanting their teeth to look good, they have an increased sense of oral hygiene and want a healthier smile as well as a more brilliant one.

Finally, teeth whitening used to be a hugely expensive task that only specialists performed. Nowadays, there are teeth whitening products available over the counter and online, which make the process of whitening your teeth easier and cheaper than ever before.

Understanding the market

Since the industry is huge, it’s very easy to find the market saturated with businesses offering teeth whitening products. With this in mind, it’s really important to have a thorough insight into the market and what it has to offer before you launch your teeth whitening business.

There are so many different products available and some sell much better than others. Despite the continuing popularity of in-office dental whitening products, it is the at-home teeth whitening products that are growing in popularity and as such, it is this that is likely to win more customers.

at home teeth whitening business

As with any new business, you need to get it right from the start.

In this article, we’ll talk through all of the best products for teeth whitening that are going to attract the most customers.

1. Startup Teeth Whitening Kits

There are some great startup kits available for your new teeth whitening business.

There are a few things you could consider depending on your target audience. If you’re wanting to sell more at-home whitening products, you should choose startup teeth whitening kits that come with LED teeth whitening lights, teeth whitening gels, teeth shades and your branded instruction. You can get these fully customized to your brand at reasonable prices.

start teeth whitening business

There are lots of choices when it comes to how many light beads the LEDs contain and you can also choose between magnetic or wired charging. There’s even the option to charge these up using a smartphone, which is an option that would certainly appeal to the younger generation.

If your new business is offering in-office teeth whitening services, you can invest in a stand-up LED teeth whitening light with a graphic display. There are also portable LED teeth whitening devices for those of you operating a mobile business.

Why choose LED for your teeth whitening business?

There are many different curing lights used during in-office teeth whitening treatments. These include plasmas arches, lasers, halogen, LED and LED plus lasers.

The use of LEDs as a curing light is recommended as it accelerates the bleaching action of the gel. According to the Nigerian Medical Journal, these lights are thought to work by causing the peroxide to decompose faster due to the rise in temperature. When peroxide decomposes, it forms free radicals and these are what whiten the teeth.

Private label teeth whitening kit

2. Teeth Whitening Gel Pens

When deciding on products for your new teeth whitening business, teeth whitening gel pens are a great choice for many reasons.

Firstly, they’re often used alongside teeth whitening kits and because of their single-use, they need to be reordered. This means that they’re an ideal product to stock because customers will need to reorder them. Therefore, teeth whitening gel pens are a great choice for quick, repeatable business.

Lots of people love the portability of teeth whitening gel pens because they can be carried anywhere. They are great because they are really easy to ship and you won’t be spending a lot on shipping costs due to their size and weight.

Cinoll private label teeth whitening pens

What’s great about teeth whitening business selling teeth whitening pens is that they can be used with any brand of teeth whitening lights. This means that you can sell your pens to anyone regardless of the brand of lights they have. Your stocked teeth whitening gel pens can be used by people who have lights from big brands like Hismile.

Given that over 38 million Americans in 2019 used some form of teeth whitening product, there is a really strong market out there for teeth whitening pens. Since the trend is set to continue, this is the ideal time to tap into the market and buy these over-the-counter products.

If people want to invest in things that enhance their looks, you can capitalize on this and offer solutions like teeth whitening gel pens to help them achieve their desire for whiter teeth. Your customers will be more likely to purchase from a reputable source like a teeth whitening business rather than choosing non-specialist locations like a supermarket.

Finally, when compared with other teeth whitening products for home use, teeth whitening gel pens are really easy to use. Your customers can be using them within minutes of them arriving with no formal training needed.

3. Teeth Whitening Strips

Another great item to stock in your new teeth whitening business are teeth whitening strips.

These are a popular choice among buyers because they are really easy to use. What’s more, they produce quick results and are really affordable. Teeth whitening strips are great for sellers because they are an inexpensive solution and they encourage impulsive purchases. This means they’re a great way of increasing your revenue with very little effort. Teeth whitening strips are really small and light so they can be shipped at a really low cost.

When you decide which teeth whitening strips to use, you should make you select ones that are enamel-safe and dental-grade.

teeth whitening strips colors

You should also ensure that the adhesive stays for the duration of the treatment and that it is effortless for customers to remove them. Essentially, you want to provide a professional, easy and safe way for your customers to get whiter teeth. With high-quality, effective teeth whitening strips, you’ll guarantee their repeat custom.

Overall, teeth whitening strips are an excellent addition to your teeth whitening business store. They’re a lucrative and easy option for every new teeth whitening business.

We Can Be Your Ideal Manufacturer of Teeth Whitening Business

If you fully understand the potential profit of the products above, you will need a qualified manufacturer to manage your product production. And here comes us, Cinoll Manufacturing Factory of most top oral care brands!

Among today’s teeth whitening manufacturers, we value timing and services. We differentiate with other manufacturers from:

  • Super quick product delivery in 7 days. We can shorten the lead time to 7 days because we have a very flexible production line that can manage most complicated assembly and packaging.
  • One-stop packaging customization support. We understand most new brands have poor design resources and barely know about sizes and printing cost, therefore we can support free packaging demo design once you provide us the logo.
  • Break down pricelist. We care about your budget and will provide several options to best fit your budget and expectation. There’s no perfect plan, but we strive to create one for you.

If you already have you plan on teeth whitening business, feel free to share with us! We’ll support you from every aspect.

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