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teeth whitening strips loved by younstersHave you heard of strips whitening your teeth? This might be the chance to introduce this teeth whitening product to your target market. As you choose to start your business, it must be fitting to look for the right wholesaler. However, finding that wholesaler might not be as easy as walking in the park. You need to consider factors, including those suppliers who can accommodate small orders of teeth whitening strips.

There is no need for you to search the internet as this article will provide you with all the necessary elements for finding a teeth whitening strips wholesaler.

Is Wholesale Supplier Worse than Manufacturer?

teeth-whitening-strips-whole-setA wholesaler is a company or a person who buys goods from manufacturers and sells them in bulk quantities to retailers. It is an essential element of the supply chain whose role is to help manufacturers’ finished products reach the customers.

In some cases, wholesalers are specialists in a specific product or category of products. At the same time, other wholesalers offer a variety of products. They can also focus on a particular business type for their products or provide products for sale to any market.

Manufacturers, on the other hand, focus on production and the creation of finished goods. In most cases, they are not the ones selling their products directly to customers. There is someone in the middle who does the distribution, which is wholesalers, most of the time.

One must not confuse manufacturers with wholesalers as they are two different things, but both play essential roles in the supply chain. Manufacturers focus on creating goods while wholesalers’ role is to sell those finished goods.

What Defines a Good Wholesaler

Good teeth whitening strips vendors are more than just the reviews you get from other clients. There are some factors you need to look into to consider a wholesaler good for your business. Here are some of them:

Capable of connecting you to trusted manufacturers

Wholesalers must have a vast network of manufacturers to better attend to all your teeth whitening strips specifications. The more options you have for this kind of teeth whitening, the better.


As a small-scale business, you cannot immediately jump into a large bulk order, so choose a wholesaler that can accommodate your budget. It would be nice if they could offer affordable prices and not sacrifice any product quality.

Serves your geographic region

You may be eyeing a specific kind of teeth whitening strips that can only be sourced out abroad, so better yet, have a wholesaler with a broader network of manufacturers and can ship products internationally. With the internet today and customers looking for something new from every product, it pays to always be on the lead, even startups.

Choose a reliable and trustworthy wholesaler

These people are strangers before you make transactions with them. Regardless, you need to be meticulous in choosing teeth whitening strips vendors. Besides being able to provide products for you, ensure that they can be trusted. After all, you are investing your time and other resources to grow your business.

Have a Productive First Contact With a Wholesale Supplier

Being a startup company, you cannot immediately jump to huge orders, so better have a wholesaler to accommodate smaller order requirements.

Since teeth whitening strips can contact the human body, safety must also be on your priority list. Ensure the manufacturer adheres to the health and safety standards. They must have the necessary documents proving that all products undergo the ethical process.

You might also want to assess how customized the teeth whitening strips of your supplier are. With so many variants of these teeth whiteners in the market, you need your product to have its identity. Cinoll’s private label services offer customization options for clients and more. See the list below:

Customizable Flavor

teeth whitening strips brandingLike chewing bubble gum or eating candies to have fresh breath, you can put flavors on every teeth whitening strip. Choose from mint, coconut, orange, strawberry, charcoal, or any flavor that will suit your brand. You need to provide Cinoll with your specifications, and we will produce your desired formulations.

Customizable Strip Colors

Since you can customize the flavor of the strips, the colors will also be customized.

Customizable Hydrogen Peroxide Content

The strips contain hydrogen peroxide, which is a bleaching agent for teeth whitening. Cinoll adheres to EU and UK rules of a maximum of 6% concentration for professional use and 0.1% content for retail and online distribution. You can talk with Cinoll on how to go about the hydrogen peroxide content on every strip. 


The individual packaging for teeth whitening strips provides convenience and ensures hygiene to every user. Meanwhile, the whole set packaging offers a complete set of teeth whitening strips. When it comes to logo and brand name printing, you can provide our design and other specifications. 


When searching for teeth whitening strips vendors, you might encounter some of them that manufacture their products. Similarly, Cinoll is not a wholesale supplier but a manufacturer having more advantages.

Besides the customization options your brand can enjoy, Cinoll has been in the industry for more than ten years, so they know how the industry runs. They can even help you manage the complexities of the manufacturing process. As you all know, opening a business is more than just earning. The process can be a handful and rigorous, and it can take its toll on you if you do not have the perfect partner for your business.

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