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Teeth whitening has recently become a very popular type of cosmetic dentistry procedure. Men and women from all over the world have shown a greater interest in this process, as seen in the sharp increase in sales of teeth whitening products and services in recent years. The reason behind this trend is not so much for the improvement of oral health. On the contrary, it has to do more with aesthetics and the desire to have a brighter and whiter smile.

Why Buy Teeth Whitening Kit Wholesale from China

If you run a business of selling oral care products, teeth whitening kits should definitely be part of your catalog. There are several ways to procure these items for your inventory but the best method is to source them directly from manufacturers in China. Here are some of the most convincing reasons why.

1. Largest Producer of Teeth Whitening Kits

More than 70% of all teeth whitening kits are manufactured in China. This includes some of the most popular global brands in oral care today. These companies do not actually manufacture their own products. Instead, they partner with an OEM or private label manufacturer in China that makes the product and packages it under the company’s brand.

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2. High Standards of Quality

Contrary to the common misconceptions that China-made products are substandard, many of them actually rank among the top in the world in terms of quality. In general, the teeth whitening kits that you can buy wholesale from China come with FDA and CE certifications. They all comply with ISO standards.

3. Lowest Prices in the Global Market

There is no question that the prices of China-made products are much lower than what you can get from any other factory in the world. The prices get even lower if you order your teeth whitening kits in wholesale. Even better, many companies in China are very open to negotiations. If you have awesome haggling skills, you can bring the price down much lower than the advertised cost.

4. Customized Services

Suppliers of teeth whitening kits in wholesale from China are very willing and fully able to provide customized services so that the products will be perfect for your brand. They can provide services like logo design and printing, as well as a variety of packaging options. As well, they also provide services like order tracking and after sales services so that you will not have to worry about these matters.

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Common Pitfalls of Teeth Whitening Wholesale

Buying teeth whitening kits in wholesale from China is indeed the best business move. However, it can also come with some potential dangers if you are not very careful with the process. Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Choosing the Wrong Company

You have to do some research before approaching any company for your teeth whitening kit needs. You want to avoid dealing with bogus suppliers or those that are not completely honest with their services.

2. Focusing on Price Rather Than Service

In their desire to find the lowest prices, some companies fall into the trap of buying very cheap products that no longer have the quality that they want. You want to find a balance between price and quality in order to attract a steady flow of customers.

3. Buying Too Much of a Trendy Product

Teeth whitening kits are very hot today but there is no telling when the market will shift. Unless you have some sure buyers or you are very confident that you can move the products quickly, it might be a wiser move to order in lower quantities.

Best Teeth Whitening Kits to Start Your Wholesale Business

Teeth whitening kits these days come in a lot of different varieties. If you want to start your wholesale oral care business on the right foot, it would be advisable to stock up on the following kinds of teeth whitening kits.

1. Teeth Whitening Kits with Customized Shapes

With so many teeth whitening kits now in the market, you would want to stand out from the competition by offering kits with customized shapes. Cinoll is the leading manufacturer of teeth whitening kits of various shapes in China. They have pre-designed kits that you can choose from but they can also create kits for your brand with your own specifications.

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2. Teeth Whitening Kits with Customized Packaging Boxes

It is very important to have easily recognizable labels and packages if you want your brand to be known by the buying public. Whether you are trying to create a good impression with a new business, or are planning to changing your packaging, Cinoll can do it all for you. They can use any kind of material or style for the packaging of your teeth whitening kit, including paper, metal, plastic or whatever you prefer.

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3. Teeth Whitening Kits with Low MOQ

If you cannot afford to place huge volumes of orders, this is no problem with Cinoll. They can accommodate orders of as low as 500 teeth whitening kits and provide the same high quality as they give to their bigger clients.


Buying teeth whitening kits in wholesale from China is easier than you might think. The ordering process is very convenient since it is all online. The prices are the lowest that you can find anywhere. Best of all, the products are of superb quality and you can certainly be proud to offer them to your potential customers.

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