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The teeth whitening pen is one of the newest tools for whitening teeth and is rapidly growing in popularity. It is currently the fastest and most convenient way to get rid of stains on the teeth no matter where you are. It does look like a regular pen that contains whitening gel that you can use to “draw” over the stained parts of your teeth.

Ordering Teeth Whitening Pen in Bulk from Factory

If you are a retailer of oral care products, the best way to procure teeth whitening pens would be in bulk from the teeth whitening pen factory itself. Of course, whitening pens are also available from retailers and wholesalers but the benefits of getting straight from the manufacturer are definitely worth the extra effort.

Strict Quality Control

If you buy from retailers and wholesalers, you can never tell how many of the items you get end up being defective. They might have a return or exchange policy but that would mean added stress and wasted time. If you get the pens from the factory, you will have greater assurance of the quality of the product you are getting because of their strict standards for quality.

Complete Certification

Right from the start, it is easy to know if a manufacturer has the necessary certifications, which will consequently determine the quality of the products that they make. Teeth whitening pens, in particular, are quite sensitive items so they have to be manufactured only under the strictest regulations.

Why Choose Cinoll to Be Your Manufacturer

Cinoll is one of the biggest manufacturers of oral care products in the world today. They are both an OEM and ODM company and are very well known in the area of oral care. Of all the companies that can provide you with teeth whitening pens in wholesale in the US, Cinoll is definitely your best choice for a number of important reasons.

Low Costs

Getting directly from any factory already gives considerable savings compared to buying from third parties. However, Cinoll can give you even greater savings because of their very affordable pricing. They are willing to compromise because they are focused on long-term partnerships with clients instead of a quick one-time profit.

High Attention to Detail

For each manufacturing contract, Cinoll assigns an official factory contact who will manage everything that has to do with the production of product. This contact will monitor even the smallest details of production and update the client of the progress on a regular basis.  

Guaranteed Safe Shipping

When you buy teeth whitening pens in wholesale, this would mean boxes upon boxes of products that have to be transported halfway around the world. If not properly packaged, the pens can easily get damaged with each transfer. At Cinoll, they completely understand these risks and realize the importance of secure packaging. They know exactly which methods of packaging to use to keep your teeth whitening pens undamaged through the shipping process.

So if you are looking for the best teeth whitening pens for wholesale in the US, you can count on Cinoll to deliver the best products with the best service.

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