10 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Wholesale Teeth Whitening Kit


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Importing teeth whitening kits from China may seem like an excellent way to make a quick fortune.

However, truth be told, importing wholesale teeth whitening kits is fraught with potential issues and problems. One little mistake could lead to huge losses not only financially but in your time too. As such, it is important to avoid making these mistakes when buying wholesale from China or when sourcing teeth whitening products from Chinese manufacturers.

This is the reason for this blog post: to help you avoid 10 crucial mistakes often made when buying wholesale teeth whitening kits.

Mistakes When Choosing Teeth Whitening Kits

Mistake 1: Not Finding a High-Quality, Customizable, Unique Product

When sourcing teeth whitening products from a Chinese wholesale website or supplier, one mistake that brands often make is to choose their items without being strict on the criteria.

All products should be of exceptionally high quality as well as being unique and customizable. Without such possibilities for personalization, the oral product is likely to come up against products that meet the exact specifications elsewhere. This means that customers may be less likely to buy the oral product from you. Making your product unique with an original twist will mean it will draw in a unique demographic and you will be able to sell more of your teeth whitening products.

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Mistake 2:  Negotiating Heavily On Price

When you negotiate with a supplier you must make sure that there are no shortcuts or compromises in how your product is made.

Negotiating on price is typical in business but it should not be at the expense of quality. To ensure that you prevent a reduction in quality, you must produce a detailed checklist for quality control, specifying all your product’s smallest details. Also, hiring an inspector to check your product and examine it at the end of the process is an excellent way of ensuring its quality.

Mistake 3:  Selecting The Cheapest Suppliers

Many people opt for the cheapest possible suppliers as a way of maximizing profits. But, trust us, this does not often work. Sure, price should be an important consideration, but it is a mistake to think that the cheapest will be of high quality.

When you are locating suppliers for a new range or an existing product, price should be a factor but weighing up quality against potential profit margins is more important. You need to be able to ensure you can sell the products for the price customers are willing to pay whilst sourcing them at a reasonable cost and good quality. Balance is the key.

Mistake 4:  Failure To Verify The Suppliers Before Starting Mass Production

Your products must meet the necessary safety standards if you wish to sell them in the US and EU. If not, you are at risk of hefty fines and permanent sales bans. It is important to check the suppliers’ safety reports and documentation before you place an order so that you can assess whether they are compliant. If you do not do this it can be very costly, and your brand could be over before it has really had the chance to get going.

MSDS report

(MSDS report of our products)

Mistake 5:  Choosing Products That You Are Not Passionate About

A common error in choosing a product that you want to import is choosing one that you think might sell rather than a product you strongly believe in. Of course, it would be inadvisable to choose any products that you do not believe would sell well but choosing a product without having an interest in it or without feeling strongly about its use means that selling it will be much more difficult.

Products that you think will be popular might not be, so ensure you believe in your products before buying them. This will increase your odds of being successful with your products.

Mistake 6:  Not Checking The Quality Of The Products Before Placing An Order

You need to ensure that your products are up to scratch. If you do not check this before placing an order you could be left with a lot of unfulfilled orders or a large stock of inventory that cannot be sold.

Essentially, it would be best if you could visit the manufacturer and their facilities and test samples of their products. However, not everyone has the means and finance to travel to China. As a result, ask for some samples to be sent to you. This may take a little more time, but it is essential if you want to avoid the quality-control trap and a potential wholesale nightmare.

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Mistake 7:  Not Investigating the Suppliers Properly

When you find a supplier, you must talk to them and find out as much about them before doing business or jumping on a plane to meet them.

Search for the company online by Googling their business name and look them up on any Chinese marketplace platforms. Do not be put off by the language barrier – many Chinese businesspeople speak English. Arrange to talk to the suppliers via Skype or video call so that you can ‘meet’ them face-to-face before potentially meeting them in person. Ask for a tour of their offices and factories via video so that you can have a closer look at how they operate.

Mistake 8:  Failing to Tell Whether They Are a Legitimate Factory

As a brand, you need to know whether or not you are dealing with an actual manufacturer or a trading company. Some trading companies pretend to be manufacturers or fail to mention that they are simply operating as a trader. You must take care with this. You should ask to see the company’s business license, even if this is in Mandarin. This should tell you the type of company you are dealing with.

Look for the ‘Business Scope’ label on the license. This will give you a category list where the business can operate legally. This should provide you with all the information required to ascertain whether they are a wholesaler, trading company, or manufacturer.

Mistake 9:  Only Selecting Season-Specific Wholesale Items From China

It is important to select products that are not specific to any season. If they are seasonal, you will have to keep prices lower, and it could have just been a fad or a one-off for the season.

You need to buy products that have long-term sustainability and profitability and avoid season-specific products. You can introduce season-specific items once you are established with other products but do not buy them in bulk.

Mistake 10:  Failing to Know Your Suppliers’ Characteristics

You need to choose your suppliers wisely. You could come across a substandard service, poor delivery, increase in shipment rates, and other issues. Bad suppliers may increase rates after the deal or take your deposits and make excuses and there is little you can do. We recommend that you only choose suppliers that:

  • Get the balance right between cost and price
  • Will be efficient in communicating with you
  • Guide you through all the processes

Make you aware of any potential issues and recommend solutions to these problems.

Make Cinoll Your Professional Teeth Whitening Kit Wholesale Supplier

Despite of the tips we offer you above, we at Cinoll is always welcome to help your teeth whitening kit wholesale business.

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