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Most people these days covet having the whitest and brightest of pearly whites. Seeing the celebs and influencers with their tantalizing smiles makes many people scour the shops and the internet for products to whiten their teeth.

There is a lot of brand competition out there and a lot of new brands trying to break into the market with varying degrees of success.

At Cinoll, we know what makes the difference between a successful tooth whitening business and one that is a flop. Want to know the secret? It is having a manufacturer that you can trust.

Solutions to Start Your Tooth Whitening Business and Grow it Big:

There are certain things you need to get right when starting out in the teeth whitening business. As mentioned, having a trustworthy product manufacturer is essential. When deciding who to choose as your teeth whitening product manufacturer, you need to consider four vital things:

  • How Ethical the Manufacturer is
  • How professional the production services are
  • How the manufacturer manages its inventory and shipments
  • Whether the manufacturer offers customization

1. Ethical Teeth Whitening Manufacturing

Given that all teeth whitening products are used on or within the human mouth, it is crucial that products are manufactured in a safe and healthy way, complying with all the necessary legal requirements.

Safe and healthy manufacturing results in safe and healthy end products. Without certain certifications, you cannot guarantee that a product would be safe to use within the human body, particularly orally.

If you would not feel comfortable in using a tooth whitening product yourself, you cannot safely market it for others in the community to use. Your chosen manufacturer should have certain certifications such as FDA and CE certifications. It is essential that you seek documentation from regulated authorities and understand the different terms used by manufacturers. You should not take a manufacturer’s word for it that they have such approval. If you are in any doubt, contact the relevant authority and ask if your manufacturer has passed their certifications and approval. Additionally, you should familiarize yourself with the laws regarding teeth whitening products before you begin the manufacturing process.

2. Professional Production

In choosing a manufacturer, it is necessary to look at whether they offer a range of production services. In outsourcing product sourcing to the manufacturers, you can then focus your attention on other aspects of establishing your teeth whitening business. Your focus could be on carrying out market research to try and market your product and brand in a way that will enable you to turn over the most sales.

However, it is also important to ensure that all services are professional in quality too. You should be able to request samples from your chosen manufacturers before you commit to using their services. Being able to test the products yourself at every step in the production process is vital. Likewise, you should be able to ask the manufacturer to show detailed photographs and videos of their manufacturing facilities.

Having an inside view of the factories is essential in making a decision as to whether you would choose a certain manufacturer. Professionalism is key at every stage in the production process.

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3. Inventory Management

A good tooth whitening product manufacturer is up to date with all the latest techniques in managing inventory. They stock components and product ingredients in their warehouse and are ready to go for on-demand production right when you need it. Many top manufacturers will also offer seasonal storage options and can also manage shipment on your behalf if you are a private label seller.

4. Customization Services

In choosing a manufacturer for your teeth whitening products, it is important to ensure that you choose one that has all the possibilities you require for your own brand’s customization. This can include your private label packaging customization and private moldings in addition to designing new products. Manufacturers that customize products for their clients are perfect for being able to establish a brand that is unique and desirable.

Without customization, your brand of tooth whitening products could resemble or be equal to many other brands out there. This will mean that you will not stand out from the crowd in your products and will not draw in as much custom.

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In choosing a manufacturer for your tooth whitening products and brand, it is important to remember that the manufacturing company is not just a supplier but will become an all-important business partner. The manufacturer should be able to guide and help you, offering you assistance in their field of expertise within the industry. With the assistance of your manufacturer, you can create a private label brand that rivals those at the top, right from its initial concept all the way to the shelves in as short a time as possible.

At Cinoll, we know what it is that brands, both established and new, are looking for in a manufacturer. After all, it is what we do every day. We are an expert manufacturer in our industry and would welcome queries as to how we can help your tooth whitening brand grow.

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