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Consumers are becoming more aware of the need for quality and the dangers of consuming products made with synthetic and other unnatural compounds. This is why many people these days prefer natural toothpaste. Big brands have seen the market trend so they are flooding the market with these products because they know that there is a demand for them.

Are you a retailer and would like to launch your own natural toothpaste brand? Cinoll is your ideal natural toothpaste manufacturer and there are so many reasons why this is true. Who says you need to set up a factory of your own to produce your own toothpaste when you can hire a private label manufacturer to produce them for you?Cinoll toothpaste manufacturer-1

Or maybe you already have options but you are not sure which to go for; Cinoll is the best man manufacturer you can hire today and here are key reasons why you should work with them.

Who is a Private Label Manufacturer?

A private label manufacturer is a manufacturer that produces products for other brands. They don’t sell what they produce but are simply manufacturers for hire. This is why their name or logo does not appear on the products unless under a special arrangement with their principal.

If you want to gain greater control over the toothpaste you sell and you also want to determine their supply and price, now is the time to use the expertise of private label manufacturers to make your own and Cinoll can make it happen.

Here are major reasons why you should use Cinoll and some of the benefits you stand to enjoy.

Natural means natural

For years, many brands have fleeced unsuspecting buyers by selling them toothpaste with the “natural” tag even though there is nothing natural about their products but tubes filled with chemical materials. Today, consumers have discovered the trick and are dumping these brands. The last thing you want is to hire a manufacturer who will use harmful or inorganic ingredients for your products. Should consumers find out, your brand will take a hit and we are sure that is not something you want.Cinoll toothpaste manufacturer-2

At Cinoll, we only use organic ingredients to produce natural toothpaste for our clients. Harsh chemicals that may cause teeth sensitivity or burning are absent in our products so you get the quality you pay for. At Cinoll, natural means natural.

Fast acting formula

These days consumers are looking for a toothpaste that will clean their teeth and give them fresh breath. After a few days, they want to look into the mirror and see physical improvements. If you hire Cinoll, you can be sure of giving your customers this. Our toothpaste has fast-acting agents that break down stubborn stains and provide users with long-lasting whiteness. The more they use the toothpaste we produce for you, the cleaner and whiter their teeth will be and the fresher their breath. Once the word gets out that your toothpaste is good, demand will peak.

Free samples

We don’t just expect our clients to order toothpaste in large quantities when they have not tested the product to see if it works. This is why we ship free samples to them first. Once you receive our sample, you can test it to be sure that the quality matches your standard before we go into production proper.Cinoll toothpaste manufacturer-3

FDA/ISO/CE registration

We are certified by the FDA, CE and ISO. These international standard agencies have certified our products as being of global standards and are safe for consumers. So when you hire Cinoll to produce toothpaste for your brand, rest assured that you are getting safe and high quality products that will not be rejected by the health authorities in your country and will be accepted by your customers.

As you must know, a large section of the consumer population is influenced by products that are certified by international agencies. Selling toothpaste with certified markings will only boost your brand profile.

We handle large scale orders

Speedy production and timely delivery are our watchwords. We understand that time is money and the last thing you want is to wait for several weeks to get your supply. We know the negative impact of delays on your business but you don’t have to worry about that when you work with us.

Our factory is equipped to handle large-scale production and this enables us to produce your toothpaste in record time. While some other private label manufacturers may take weeks to produce and ship your consignment, we do it in 7 days or less depending on the volume. We focus on the production while you focus on marketing and other important aspects of your business.

Certified manufacturer

If you must know, Cinoll is a certified manufacturer. We are certified by several international health agencies such as

  • ISO
  • CE
  • FDA

It took a lot of effort and sacrifice to earn these certifications which is why we take quality seriously. Many brands contact us because they know that we adhere to strict standards when producing toothpaste for our clients. If you hire us, you get the same value just like the other brands we work with. Moreover, you will have no fears of your consignment being seized at the port of entry because it will be of the highest quality.

Customized flavor

Our natural toothpaste has pleasant flavors and we are proud of the fact that over the years, we have created amazing flavors that customers of brands we work with love. Should you decide to partner with us, we will create a lovely flavor for your product with two goals in mind. Firstly, it has to be a flavor your customers will appreciate and not find irritating. Secondly, it has to have a unique taste that will set your brand apart from the prevalent flavor in the market. And guess what? We use all-natural ingredients, not synthetic variants that may be harmful to health.

Customized Packaging

After loading the paste into the tubes, we package them in near and attractive packs that carry your brand name, logo and colors. This is part of the perks our clients enjoy. Rest assured that the customized packs we will use for your products will be durable and attractive.

Different sizes

We don’t use just a single tube size unless you expressly ask for the same size. At Cinoll, we give clients the freedom to pick the sizes they want. We have 30g, 60g, 80g tubes and larger ones. If you want to offer your customers your products at different prices so they go for the one you can afford, producing different sizes is the way to go and we can do that for you.Cinoll toothpaste manufacturer-4


While other manufacturers will expect orders of several thousand units per consignment, we go a different route. We operate a business model that caters to the needs of big, medium and small brands. MOQ stands for the minimum order quantity which is the smallest number of units the manufacturer will accept per order.

While big and medium brands may have no problem placing orders for several thousands of toothpaste tubes at once, small brands with limited resources will struggle to do so. To help them out, we have made our MOQ fall within a threshold that they can afford. So regardless of the size of your brand and your order quantity, Cinoll has the capacity to deliver speedily.

Cinoll is an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing natural toothpaste for local and international brands. Our private label services cater to the needs of big and small brands. Our cost per unit is quite affordable so you are guaranteed good returns on your investment if you hire us. So waste no more time; send us a message and let us know how we may be of help to your business.

Boost your profit margin

Another reason why you should work with Cinoll is because you are guaranteed a boost to your profit margin. Our production cost is cost-effective so you can afford to sell to your customers at competitive prices and still make a good profit. Since you dictate the selling price, you are at liberty to sell at the current market price or even below the current price. Our flexible pricing model gives you the freedom to sell more and make more profit.

If you are looking for a private label toothpaste manufacturer, Cinoll will like to partner with you. Contact us today and let us produce high toothpaste that the market will appreciate.

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