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Gone are the days when all the average person had was toothpaste and toothbrushes to clean their teeth. The invention of toothpaste is in itself, a revolutionary discovery that should not be downplayed. But the good news is that over the years, teeth whitening strips manufacturers have introduced quality strips that remove ugly stains and marks from our teeth that most toothpaste can’t.

This has caused the demand for whitening strips to increase. The rising demand has led to the flooding of the market with different brands. On one hand sellers are making massive profits by cashing in on the frenzy while users now have an abundance of options.women wearing teeth whitening strips wholesale

If you want to add teeth whitening strips to your product list as a seller, that is a good idea. However, you need to be very wary of the products you market.

There are manufacturers out there who either sell overpriced strips or low quality strips. If you want to retain your customers and increase your market share you want to choose who you work with wisely.

Below, we list out the things to check for when deciding on teeth whitening strips manufacturers to work with.

Product Quality

The first thing you should check for is the product quality. The last thing you want is to market a product that is either of low quality or one that will harm the user. To do this, check for the ingredients used in producing it. Are the ingredients approved for consumption by health agencies in your country and all around the world? If not, we advise that you don’t buy from the manufacturer in question.

The best manufacturers use only approved ingredients and not the ones that are still under observation.


Continuing from the last paragraph that talked about product quality, you want to ensure that the teeth whitening strips manufacturers you are dealing with have their products certified by the proper international agencies. There are several international agencies for teeth whitening products but the ones you want to look out for include the FDA, ISO, CE, MSDS, etc. While we admit that there are others, these agencies are regarded in the industry as the gold standard. If the products you market have any of these certifications, you will have no issues regarding quality.cinoll certifications


MOQ refers to minimum order quantity. This is the lowest number of units per consignment that the manufacturer is willing to ship to you. If the minimum order quantity is above what you are prepared to order, then it is obvious that you can’t do business with them. For instance, if the teeth whitening strips manufacturer has a minimum order quantity is 2000 units, you can’t order 1900 units or less. So cross check this information before you open up communication with any customer.pap teeth whitening strips

Return Policy

Do they have a return policy? If some of the teeth whitening strips delivered to you are bad, will they accept it back? Find out about their return policy; if they don’t have one then bear in mind that buying from them will be at your risk. If some or all the strips are bad, you bear the loss alone. The best teeth whitening strips manufacturers have return policies to protect their clients. These are the entities you should do business with.


Check their shipping policy to see if it is in your favor. While some supplies will take several days or even up to a week or more to package your order, the best manufacturers will immediately package and ship your orders on the same day or the next day. During the negotiation phase, ask them how soon they ship orders; if their timeline is not suitable for you, there is no need to do business with them.

Private Label Services

Do they render private label services? If they do and their products are certified and of good quality, you’ve just hit a jackpot. This is because you can hire them to produce your own branded teeth whitening strips with your logo and design. Rather than market products of other brands that you have no control over, you can produce your own strips with their help.teeth-whitening-strips-whole-set

This way, you have more control over the production process and packaging. Furthermore, you get to dictate the price and make more profit in the end. Working with teeth whitening strips manufacturers that offer private label services is a win-win for your business in so many ways.

The Best Private Label teeth whitening strips manufacturer

If you want to sell your branded whitening strips, you need teeth whitening strips manufacturers that can produce them for you. Of all the private label manufacturers online today, Cinoll is one of the best in the industry.

We can produce branded strips of high quality with your logo and brand name and package them attractively. We also ship to any location in the world too. Contact is today and we can send you a sample of your strips. Our services are only a phone call away.

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