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We often see teeth whitening products supplied for beauty industry professional groups, but there isn’t a lot of real information out there for those businesses. The reason for this lack of information is that cosmetic teeth-whitening recently became classified as a cosmetic service by many countries, and most businesses have no experience in determining good product manufacturers.

Before 2019, cosmetic teeth-whitening was only allowed to be offered in dental offices by licensed dental professionals, which made the treatment far more expensive and less accessible. Unfortunately, the high cost of dental treatments deters people from seeking out dental care if they do not have a decent dental insurance plan. Most dental insurance plans do not cover the cost of cosmetic teeth-whitening, so this service flew under the radar for many years.

Now that cosmetic teeth-whitening can be offered in beauty-service settings, we are seeing a few issues with this new unregulated industry, some of which are reminiscent of the beginning of the eyelash-extensions industry.

If you’re one business owner of cosmetic dentistry, do you have clear understanding where to find the qualified product supplier, what certifications you should look at during investigation, what’s the cost of each products, etc?

As a professional manufacturer and service provider to spas, salons, teeth whitening training schools, we’re excited to share our views and advice to you, in the form of a detailed FAQ.

What’s cosmetic teeth whitening?

According to, “Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment done to improve the appearance of teeth. Teeth are whitened to remove the effects of coffee, cigarettes, and other substances that permanently stain or discolor teeth.”

Is adding teeth whitening services a good idea for my salon?

Cosmetic teeth whitening is an ideal cosmetic service to complement your existing salon or spa business. It goes well with other self-confidence-boosting procedures like eyelash extensions, microblading and brow laminating, lash lift and tint, and other aesthetic procedures.

Lash artists gain the most from providing their clients teeth whitening since it allows them to take a brief break from the intense focus necessary to conduct eyelash extension services.

How do you know which teeth whitening product supplier and manufacturer are right for your beauty business?

Investing time in researching your choices will provide you with the greatest probability of success in your business. Here are a few things to think about while selecting which training and manufacturer to use:

  • Years of experience in the manufacturing
  • Quality product guarantees
  • Certifications and verifications by third-parties
  • Ongoing support for packaging and shipping after production
  • Exclusive product line offered to extended channel like e-commerce
  • Up-to-date, scientifically-backed products and procedures with frequent updates as advances in technology come out

Basically, you are looking for a manufacturer that truly cares about the success of your stores.

What’s the most important thing when order teeth whitening products?

Always remember the first two things: MOQ(minimum order quantity) and private label service.

Since most cosmetic teeth-whitening business starts from small, the MOQ can be a great obstacle to get high-quality and economical products direct from the manufacturer. Be sure to look for those manufacturers that can offer 100 pieces as MOQ, and provide you with quick shipping.

Private label services are something that most businesses underestimate. No matter how small your business is now, be sure to get your private label to stand apart from other competitors. That’s because the cosmetic teeth whitening business requires high customer loyalty and that will bring you repeat customers.

What are the benefits of offering cosmetic teeth-whitening services?

This service is a profitable addition to any beauty services company. If you currently offer confidence-boosting services to your clients, they will appreciate this addition to your service offering.

Teeth whitening is a treatment that requires several, continuing sessions to keep your client’s smile dazzling. Expect to contact your clients for a teeth whitening touch-up session every two to three months.

Your consumers will appreciate the instant benefits of teeth whitening, and beauty service providers will appreciate the opportunity to visit their clients more frequently. At the going rate of $100+ each visit, your company will experience a significant increase in revenue while maintaining a strong profit margin.

Good Luck!

Cosmetic teeth whitening is becoming a popular niche. We must be careful who we trust to order cosmetic teeth-whitening products. Always do your research before paying, and check with authority to ensure you are getting the right high-quality products.

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