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green custom teeth whitening mouthwashAs animal advocates continue to speak up against companies still using animals to test their products, alternative ways like cruelty-free products are also sprouting rapidly in the cosmetics and dental care industry. The debate on animal testing continues to get attention from people worldwide. Several nonprofit organizations are also making their move to continuously provide avenues for people to express their sentiments on the topic.

There have been different cruelty-free certifications that businesses and companies can get to prove that their products do not undergo animal testing. The efforts and discussions on animal testing have also led to more than a thousand businesses promoting more sustainable, safe, and healthy products. It has now become a trend that also made consumers meticulous on what products to purchase.

One of the more popular oral care products that almost everyone uses is mouthwash. The manufacturing process of mouthwash products must go safely and ethically since they can contact the human body. As you may know, animal testing does not only harm the animals; it also brings possible toxic chemicals to consumers. That is why it is necessary to have a teeth whitening mouthwash manufacturer that values safety and quality in the most ethical process.

How is Cruelty-Free Mouthwash Changing the Market?

branded teeth whitening mouthwashAs a teeth whitening mouthwash distributor, it is best to understand how consumers react to cruelty-free products. This way, you can evaluate your strategies to market your mouthwash. Shifting to a sustainable and healthy option for oral and dental care is not an overnight process. Consumers take it one day at a time. As you introduce them to cruelty-free mouthwash, you are promoting your brand and being an animal rights advocate.

Here are few key points on how consumers behave towards cruelty-free products:

  • Consumers encourage innovation. Based on the Humane Society of the United States, there are already about fifty alternative tests to animal testing. This means that the more consumers buy cruelty-free products, the more they encourage innovators to develop new testing methods. As the curiosity for cruelty-free mouthwash continues, you will get an excellent opportunity for business growth.
  • Consumers can make or break your teeth whitening business. Since cruelty-free products are not just about a trend but also advocacy, you can expect consumers, especially those who advocate animal rights, to seek healthier products from you. You sure do not want to introduce a product that is manufactured unethically. Remember that more people are meticulous with the labels on every packaging today, and product reviews can spread in just minutes. So they better be a good review then.
  • Consumers love product innovations. Cinoll’s research and development teamcontinues to explore innovations to promote cruelty-free and sustainable products. Be it in the packaging or the ingredients of the mouthwash, consumers seek new and better products. As a distributor, you need to be with a manufacturer who takes innovations seriously, developing products frequently to create curiosity and interest from your target market.

Custom Your Best-Selling Cruelty-Free Mouthwash Here

Women PAP+ Teeth Whitening MouthwashCinoll only provides you with the new teeth whitening technology for mouthwash as we talk about innovation. We updated our mouthwash with a PAP (Phthalimido Peroxy Caproic Acid) ingredient responsible for whitening the teeth. As a teeth whitening mouthwash manufacturer, our team saw the need for our product to promote teeth whitening, besides providing fresher breath. Aside from PAP, Cinoll also develops ingredients such as mint flavor, Xylitol, and other additional elements.

We continuously update and innovate on our formula and guarantee not to cause any damage to gums and teeth. Also, we accommodate new formulas from you and will even help you to improve your mouthwash formula.

Cinoll has options for your mouthwash besides the PAP formula. This includes flavored, alcohol-free, fluoride-free, and natural mouthwash.

You might see the mouthwash packaging to be very simple, but it will still depend on your preference. We can customize the dropper bottles to unique shapes of your liking, add color to your mouthwash bottles, and provide a logo on the packaging. We can design pre-designed bottles and packaging for you for a much faster process.

Cinoll has its research and development team to ensure the quality of our mouthwash. As a teeth whitening mouthwash manufacturer, we continue to develop several formulations all year round to improve our teeth whiteners and to be on the lead in teeth whitening manufacturing.

We also continue to promote cruelty-free products by ensuring that all our product tests do not use or harm any animals in the process. Our factory creates formulas and evaluates their effectiveness. We do not outsource third-party companies to do the testing for us as it defeats our purpose for cruelty-free products.

Make Cruelty-Free Your Products Features

teeth whitening mouthwash resultsConsumers continue to look for cruelty-free products, and it is not going anywhere soon. With the trend, it is always best to keep your momentum high in the dental care industry. Being able to promote safe and cruelty-free mouthwash, you are following a trend and being a responsible mouthwash distributor.

To create product recall for your brand entails excellent product quality, physical packaging, and, more importantly, how they are manufactured. With the high demand for cruelty-free products in the teeth whitening industry, more companies are also shifting to greener, healthier, and ethical procedures for every product.

It is more than just being on the bandwagon to attract more customers and retain the old ones; it is a responsibility that a teeth whitening mouthwash manufacturer must uphold. A manufacturer that refuses to conduct tests on animals also generally cares for the environment. As a distributor, you empower every customer to be part of the movement against animal cruelty by patronizing cruelty-free products.

Suppose you are new to the cruelty-free product trend. In that case, you can trust Cinoll to introduce to you all the necessary information, formula, customization options so you can better market your teeth whitening mouthwash to your potential customers. On top of that, introduce sustainable and eco-friendly teeth whiteners to your target market.

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