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organic teeth whitening powderCruelty-free products are more than just words. For many, it is their way of giving importance to animal rights. While there can be several definitions of this, in context, cruelty-free products do not undergo animal testing throughout the manufacturing.

It is now becoming a trend that more consumers do research and check for labels to see what brands are making an effort to help eliminate animal testing in factories. Countless animals are being sacrificed to check every product’s effectiveness. As a result, more consumers shifted to the ethical way of purchasing cosmetics and dental products – those that do not involve animals.

Products being tested using animals usually bring harmful and toxic chemicals. Knowing how dental products can contact the human body, you as a distributor must be mindful of where you source your products from. It has to be a manufacturer that promotes animal rights and at the same time ensures product quality and safety.

How are Cruelty-Free Teeth Whitening Powders Changing the Market?

teeth whitening powder with bamboo toothbrushesAnimal testing in itself is unnecessary and ineffective. Data revealed that about 90% of tests that animals pass demonstrated harmful effects to humans. Translating animal test results to humans can be dangerous as human beings may have different test reactions with animals.

When you invest in a business, you will always want to profit from it. That is basically one of the main end-goals of a company. However, isn’t it a good thing to invest in something not just for profit but also promoting advocacy?

There are thousands of brands today promoting cruelty-free products. The great thing about these products is that they are customized and personalized to suit every customer looking for teeth whitening products alternatives of those more prominent brands in the market. For more than a decade now, Cinoll has continued to ensure the safe and healthy manufacturing of every teeth whitening product.

With so many conscious efforts by animal rights advocates and consumers, you must also adhere to the demand as a teeth whitening product distributor.

Custom Your Best-Selling Cruelty-Free Teeth Whitening Powder Here

activated natural teeth whitening organic powderToday, a teeth whitening powder manufacturer usually uses baking soda, flavorings, salt, and activated charcoal powder. The whitening powder’s activated charcoal can help remove the stains from the teeth and eliminate bacteria and toxins from the mouth. The activated charcoal on the powder will absorb the stains accumulated on the enamel and whitens the teeth.

Some people may get curious about how a particular powder can clean and freshen one’s teeth. For some, it can come as a unique way of teeth whitening. Studies revealed that tooth powders are more effective than toothpaste.

With decades of experience in the dental and oral care industry, Cinoll accommodates every client’s specifications accordingly. It is not just about the number of their orders, but the quality as well. This is why we pride ourselves as a teeth whitening powder manufacturer with various customizations so our distributors can personalize their products according to their brand and preferences.

Customized Capacity

Your customer will have different views on how their teeth whitening powders are packaged. They are even particular about its capacity. You have the option to choose from 30, 60, or 80 grams of powder content for each case. You can also opt for larger sizes if your customers want to store more teeth whitening powders in one container. Just provide Cinoll your specifications, and we will find the best solutions for you.

Customized Flavor

When talking about charcoal, some customers find it weird that this innovation is used for teeth whitening. Besides the charcoal that Cinoll offers, our research and development team dedicates themselves to meet different kinds of flavor requirements, flower scent, fruit scent, among others. You see, it is not just about teeth whitening but also bringing fresher breath to every powder used.

Customized Packaging

You must have great packaging as it will be the first aspect your potential customers will notice from your product. An excellent packaging will also tell how your customers will remember your brand. Apart from the size of the teeth whitening powder container, you just need to provide our in-house design team with specifics like shapes, colors, text, brand, and logo to get started. If you have a design in mind, you can also give us your draft. If you have not decided yet, we can make demos and samples for you to choose from.

Cinoll’s activated charcoal is composed of carefully chosen coconut natural ingredients to whiten and polish the teeth safely. Also, it’s a free-fluoride formula fit for people with sensitive teeth, tea, coffee, and red wine drinkers and smokers.

Become a Responsible Business: Choose Cruelty-Free Products

cruelty free teeth whitening powderWith the attention that sustainable products get today, it is best to invest in cruelty-free teeth whitening powders. Promoting these kinds of products is a responsibility while growing your business. It is a responsibility since animals have rights too; more importantly, they are not instruments to be used for unethical procedures; instead, they should be taken care of.

Turning to cruelty-free products will also make your customers feel good since they are also part of advocacy by just buying dental products from you. You never know how much happiness it will bring to them, knowing they are also doing humane practices. And as you continue to expand your market, you continuously bring the responsibility of promoting cruelty-free teeth whitening products.

Cinoll, being a teeth whitening powder manufacturer, is aware of how the demand for cruelty-free products continues to rise year by year. This is why we hold our manufacturing and testing in our factory and not in outsourced testing companies. It is to ensure that we can closely monitor every process from conceptualization, packaging until distribution.

We refuse to get involved in animal tests to prove the effectiveness of our products. As much as possible, our research development team continues to explore innovations for more sustainable and eco-friendly teeth whitening products and improve the quality of teeth whiteners that we offer to our clients.

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