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customized vegan toothpaste from ChinaYou can consider a product cruelty-free when it did not undergo any animal testing in any way during its manufacturing process. This means that it did not touch or harm any animal to test the effectiveness of the product.

The amount of discussions and debates against animal testing today is the same as how animal advocates continuously fight for animal rights. As years passed, more and more people are turning their advocacies on educating consumers to shift to sustainable shopping.

This leads to the rise of cruelty-free products not just in cosmetics but also in teeth whitening toothpaste products. There are more than a thousand cruelty-free brands in the market today, and yours could be one of them. You only need to look for a teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer that ensures ethical manufacturing standards.

How is Cruelty-Free Toothpaste Changing the Market?

teeth whitening toothpaste in custom tubeMore and more people are standing up for animal rights as much as they stand for human rights. They participate in different advocacies, and they make their voices heard by being meticulous on brand labels and choosing cruelty-free products.

If people become more aware of how harmful animal testing is, they tend to research brands that commit to going green. As a brand, you need to answer those direct and indirect demands from your customers looking for teeth whitening toothpaste alternatives.

Today consumers can quickly identify cruelty-free products by just looking at the label. Some nonprofit organizations like PETA and Cruelty-Free International provide logos on cruelty-free products on the label. It serves as a certification that these products and brands did not undergo any animal testing.

Your customers might find cruelty-free products a bit expensive, but that should not be the case for all. You can look for a teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer who can work on your budget and still realize your brand specifications.

Custom Your Best-Selling Cruelty-Free Toothpaste Here

Investing in the teeth whitening toothpaste business involves thorough planning. With so many toothpaste brands today, you need to provide a distinct identity for your product to stand out to potential customers. See the list below on what aspects of your toothpaste you can customize.


Toothpaste is a standard product in teeth whitening that consumers fail to realize; it is generally made based on at least ten different components. From the following ingredients, you can start how you can formulate your toothpaste. You will have the freedom to choose the proportions of the ingredients, but it is up to the teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer to blend the ingredients.

  • Binders

They provide a thick composition and stabilize the formula of your toothpaste. A few common binders used are natural gums like arabic, tragacanth, karaya, Irish moss extract, carrageenan, and sodium alginate.

  • Abrasives

There are rough particles that help put texture to the toothpaste. The rough texture will help remove hard particles from the tooth, such as stuck food particles, plaque, and tartar. One of the more popular abrasives used in toothpaste is baking soda. Some also call this sodium bicarbonate. They are generally cost-efficient and effective.

  • Sudsers

They are components responsible for making bubbles form on your toothpaste. It is not just mere bubbles since they help with the entire teeth cleaning process—some call sudser a surfactant, which reduces the surface tension of water, resulting in bubbles.

  • Humectants

These components are hygroscopic particles that produce hydrogen bonds. A toothpaste needs humectants to retain the pasty composition and texture instead of crumbling and drying out.

  • Flavors

Without flavors, toothpaste will not have that delightful taste you will expect. A teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer will use flavor combinations or provide a more pleasant taste when used. Some popular flavors in toothpaste include wintergreen, peppermint, and spearmint.

  • Sweeteners

Fluorides and abrasives are primarily present in toothpaste for teeth cleaning. However, these two components do not have great taste. That is why manufacturers add sweeteners to toothpaste for added flavor. \

  • Fluorides

Almost all toothpaste you see has fluoride in it. This ingredient gives the best defense against cavities. It also prevents the teeth from getting damaged easily because of exposure to food and beverages which contain high acidity.


As you can see on supermarket shelves, toothpaste comes in different sizes. With Cinoll, we can customize various sizes for you, depending on your target market’s preferences. Some sachets are ideal for one-time use. For your customers that are on the go and keep on traveling, they can opt for small tubes. Meanwhile, larger tubes can also be economical for large families.


customized toothpaste manufacturing factoryWhen we package your toothpaste products, we give options either in tube or box designs. You can provide any shape of your preference for the tube and the cap, and Cinoll will produce it for you. When you provide the shape you want, no matter how unconventional it can be, we will mold it precisely the way you want it. The tube design will already include the name, logo, and color for the packaging.

Similar to the tube design, we can produce boxes with simple designs or more elaborate packaging. Your boxes are what your potential customers initially see, so it is best to give an excellent first impression. We have our in-house design team to assist you in formulating the best packaging if you are still unsure how to go about it.

Become a Responsible Business: Choose Cruelty-Free Products

Shifting to cruelty-free products means you are one of those advocating for a healthier, sustainable, and ethical process of dental and oral care products. You also empower your customers to contribute to protecting animal rights by purchasing cruelty-free products. You know sustainable and ethical products are the trend now; however, apart from joining the trend, you are building your brand with the full knowledge that you are not causing any harm to animals.

This way, you are promoting responsible entrepreneurship in choosing cruelty-free products. And if you have not tried to invest in cruelty-free products, it is best to do so as this trend is not fleeting anytime soon.

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