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Did you hear the roar? That is the teeth whitening business booming! One of the good things to come out of the pandemic is the surge in popularity of home teeth and oral care kits. Many are jumping on the bandwagon and want to go into selling their products. So, how do you, as one of many tongue scraper vendors, make your brand’s products stand out from the crowd? With custom packaging, that’s how!

Types of Packaging for Tongue Scrapers

Stainless Steel Tongue ScrapersWhen we talk of packaging, we are talking about all aspects of it, from the inner layers to the outer wrapping. Making your packaging stand out on the shelf (whether virtually or in real life) is essential in this lucrative yet increasingly saturated market. The type of packaging you use is a big part of what will make your product a success or a flop.

One of the biggies nowadays is in sustainability. Having sustainable packaging that is made from recycled materials or is recyclable or reusable is one choice that many brands are choosing in their bid to win sales. At Cinoll, we provide lots of options when it comes to packaging including those that promote sustainability.

Tongue scrapers often come in packaging that can then be used to store the product, such as a cloth drawstring bag or a firm plastic case. There is, of course, the option of single-use plastic packaging, but many are opting for the choices above to reflect their business’s goals. Choosing wisely will help you on your way to brand success, especially if you are seeking to be sustainable and responsible.

How to Customize Packaging for Your Tongue Scraper

You probably already know that you can customize the tongue scraper itself and therefore the next logical step is to customize the packaging too. Once you have chosen a type of packaging for your tongue scraper, you will need to select the customization options for the packaging design. Having a design that stands out above all others will help drive your business forward, attracting more customers and recommendations from others.

Classic Copper Tongue Scrapers WholesaleThe way to go about customizing your packaging essentially boils down to working with an experienced and professional team. There are primary, secondary, and tertiary solutions to your tongue scraper packaging needs. In seeking personalized assistance, you can rest assured that your packaging not only meets your needs but that it is unique too, setting you apart from your competitors.

When looking for a packaging collaborator, you also need to consider the manufacturer’s Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) for customized designs. Working with a manufacturer, you should be able to find packaging that suits your business as a tongue scraper vendor. With Cinoll, our team of experts will discuss our numerous packaging and labeling options with you including cartos, pillow inserts, clear boxes with colored inserts and vacuum-formed inserts. Cinoll can even add special design elements and features to make your product and packaging even more unique. Metallicize the text, include a built-in color chart and have embossed text – whatever options you choose, we can guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with the results.

Combining these elements will ensure that your product is truly unique with packaging that will rival the other brands on the market.

As a brand, you should ensure that you get off to a good start by making sure that your brand’s logo and artwork are ready to be printed. You will need to work with your chosen manufacturer to check that your logo meets the expectations that you have for printing. This way, your manufacturing process and turnaround time will be as quick and as efficient as possible, shortening the timeline from idea to finished package.

The Benefits of Customized Printing and Packaging

Classic Copper Tongue Scrapers WholesaleWe have touched briefly on the reason why customized packaging and printing is a good idea for tongue scraper vendors. First of all, unique packaging creates a stunning first impression to customers and potential clients. And we all know that first impressions count for quite a lot in the beauty and cosmetics industry. After all, that is why cosmetic dental products are surging in popularity – people using the products want to make a good first impression on others of themselves! It is the same when it comes to packaging and printing for your products.

Customized printing and packaging also add value to your tongue scraper. It creates an impression that your product is something that is worth having. Lastly, as alluded to above, having personalized packaging means that you differentiate your product from your competitors’ products. This is what any new business wants when starting out, standing out from the crowd!

The Takeaway

When all is said and done, what you want out of your product is to maximize your profit potential. One sure fire way to do this is to spend time and effort in creating beautiful and unique packaging. Without unique packaging, your tongue scraper could look just like all the others from other tongue scraper vendors. Make a difference and work with Cinoll today to ensure that this does not happen.

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