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In the modern age of social media, where everyone wants to look good for the camera, having a white set of perfectly shaped teeth has become essential. Countless studies show that having white dentition improves the confidence of individuals. People with good teeth can talk and smile in public without inhibitions. This is one of the reasons why the products made by teeth whitening gel manufacturers are becoming more popular by the day.

There are many teeth whitening products like teeth whitening gel pen that has helped many people improve the quality of their teeth. So, if you want your business to stand apart from the competition, you need to customize your products to improve their value in the eyes of the customer. Furthermore, if your product is of good quality, you don’t have to expend too much effort to convince customers to patronize your brand because the quality cannot be denied.

Are you starting a teeth whitening gel pen business?

If you are an online retailer and you are thinking of starting a teeth whitening gel business, there are several routes you can take. However, here are 2 major steps to take.

Be a Successful Distributor/Seller with Private Label

customized teeth whitening gel pen packagingThe first route towards setting up your own business is to become a retailer or distributor for a major teeth whitening gel manufacturer. You can establish a network with a manufacturer to supply your business with their branded teeth whitening gel pen. This route has its advantages and disadvantages. If you market a popular brand, you will not have to spend too many resources on marketing because the brand is already well known. However, you will need to invest significant sums in starting the business.

Secondly, there is little or no room to brand your business to set it apart from other competitors who market the same brand. Another disadvantage with this route is that you will only get very low-profit margins per unit. Lastly, the production process is out of your hands, and you have no say over product design and development. This means that if your customers have any issues with the products you sell to them, there is nothing you can do about it.

Personalized Brand Name

The second route you can take is to produce your own teeth whitening gel pen.

Producing your own over buying from a teeth whitening gel pen manufacturer has its benefits.

Firstly, you produce under your own brand name, which gives you more visibility. Secondly, you are in full control of the design and development of the gel pen, so your products will be designed according to your specifications. Fortunately for you, there are private labels manufacturers that are in the business of customizing teeth whitening gel pens for private brands. This is the best route we advise you to take if you want to start your own business.

Private Label teeth whitening gel pen: The Best of both world

In the previous paragraph, we highlighted some of the benefits of contracting private label teeth whitening gel pen manufacturers to handle the production of the gel pens that you sell.

This business model is one that will serve your business interests well for years to come because it is sustainable. Here are some of the benefits of using the services of private label teeth whitening gel pen manufacturers.

private label teeth whitening gel penComplete Customization: Customizing your products has several benefits, particularly for dental products that are a very competitive product niche. Unlike when you market a product by another brand, customization provides you with an opportunity to provide your own input into how the product will look like. You can put your logo on every unit and have them packaged, whichever you want. Having full control over the entire production process will help your business scale very quickly.

Brand visibility: When you produce your own teeth whitening gel pen with the expert help of private label teeth whitening gel pen manufacturers, your business will stand apart from the competition. Rather than competing with other retailers to sell the same branded products, you will carve a niche for yourself by selling yours. Branding your business will help you stand out.

Improved profit: You stand to make more profit when you sell your own products compared to when you sell other brands. If your gel pen is of good quality, don’t be surprised if other retailers approach your business with the intention of marketing your products for a profit.

Customize teeth Whitening Gel Pen to Suit your Customers

Now that you know more about the benefits of engaging the services of a private label manufacturer, here are some of the teeth whitening gel pen customization options you can exploit to grow your brand and satisfy your customers.

Customized Capacity

One customized option is the capacity of your whitening gel pen. You can order a 2/3/4/5ml capacity teeth whitening gel pen kit from a reputable private label manufacturer like Cinoll. You can order one or more capacities based on the preference of a majority of your customers.

teeth whitening syringe in different sizes

Customized Colors

Customers respond positively to products that have brilliant colors. Don’t sell bland-looking gel pens to your customers when you can produce brightly colored pens that they will appreciate. You can customize your pens and tubes to suit your customer’s tastes.

Teeth Whitening Gel Pen

Customized Gel

Your gel flavor, color and texture are now within your power as far as the production process is concerned. You can take advantage of the expert services of a private label manufacturer to produce your own unique teeth whitening gel.

teeth whitening pens colors

Customized Packaging

Another way to customize your teeth whitening gel pen to suit your customers is to have the delivery package customized with your branded name. Expert manufacturers like Cinoll can print your logo on the teeth whitening gel pen package to reflect your brand. There are several packaging options like embossing, printing and more. The choice is yours.

Teeth whitening gel pen packaging box

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