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Firstly, the internet is the only reason why this is possible. Before, wholesalers and retailers were in charge of selling to consumers. Now, the internet has created a relationship between the manufacturer and consumer. Consumers can easily order a product from the company website.

China teeth whitening kit supplierThere was a time when this wasn’t rampant. Back then, wholesalers bought from manufacturers. After that, they sell to retailers and retailers sell to consumers.

This article will talk about the pros and cons of buying from a teeth whitening product manufacturer.

Pros and cons of buying teeth whitening products directly from the manufacturer

Naturally, the pros are more than the cons. This is because you get a lot of benefits when you deal directly with manufacturers. Also, because this way is easier.


1. You get authentic information about the product

Before buying a teeth whitening product, you definitely would want to know about it. Especially because harmful content in the product could cause you harm. Although wholesalers and retailers are educated about these products. Still, manufacturers would definitely know more about it.teeth whitening brands manufacturer China

The manufacturer always has every single detail about their product. Because of this, they can pass the information they have of the product. Your teeth whitening product manufacturer can inform you about the ingredients and also, the manufacturing process. They have extra details on the projects that they can share too.

2. You get the product at a lesser price

According to economics, the chain starts from the manufacturer. The next is the wholesaler, the retailer, and finally the consumer. As products follow this chain, the prices tend to increase. Manufacturers of teeth whitening products sell to wholesalers at a particular price. Wholesalers top off the price to make their profit and sell to retailers. Finally, the retailer will sell at their price and make profits too.

One benefit of buying from a manufacturer is you get to skip all those top offs. The money that wholesalers and retailers include doesn’t affect you. Because you buy directly from the manufacturer. This saves you some extra cash.

3. You can ask for customization

Wholesalers and retailers who are the middlemen do not make these products. They buy a bunch of customized teeth whitening products. Although they buy mostly the ones in popular demand. The manufacturer on the other hand can manufacture exactly what you need.

teeth whitening gelsMostly for products like this. You might want it to taste a certain way or a little less harsh. The bottom line is when you buy from the manufacturer, you have a higher chance of getting exactly what you want.

4. More Options

Manufacturers will always have a stockpile of different kinds of their products. You are given a chance to select whichever one suits you. Wholesalers don’t always have what you might want. Although this might be because of financial restraints or warehouse space.

So dealing directly with the manufacturer of the teeth whitening product broadens your options.


Minimum amount of products

Unlike retailers, manufacturers don’t sell just any amount of their product. At a retail shop, you can pick one pack of any teeth whitening product. Some manufacturers only sell to you in dozens. The wholesaler too sells a minimum amount of product to people. This might be at your disadvantage. Not everyone has the kind of resources to buy in dozens. You only have money to buy one whitening stick. The manufacturer only sells at least a dozen of them. This is obviously not in your favor.

private label teeth whitening powder in low MOQTalking about manufacturers of teeth whitening products. Have you heard of Cinoll? This is one of the biggest teeth whitening supplying factories. They are the manufacturers of most teeth whitening brands. You can get all the authentic products from Cinoll. Also, just like most manufacturers, you can order online.


Is it always better to buy from the manufacturer of a teeth whitening product?

Not always. Although it is definitely better most times. You have a higher advantage when dealing with the product manufacturer. You get to learn specific details about the product. Also, you can get these products at a much lesser price. You are hardly ever losing when buying from the manufacturer.

Why is the manufacturer’s price lower?

The manufacturers sell the product first hand. Some retailers buy from the manufacturers. However, some other retailers deal with wholesalers. Either way, everyone sells at a price higher than that of the manufacturer. Although some manufacturers sell at retail price to keep their wholesaler’s market strong.

How does dealing with the manufacturer work?

This deal means that the consumer has scrapped the middleman in this business. Because you are buying from the manufacturer. You don’t need to deal with wholesalers or retailers.

Why are manufacturers selling to consumers nowadays?

Well, the consumer market gives the manufacturer insight into the market. Wholesalers buy various teeth whitening products from manufacturers. Manufacturers don’t get a lot of information from that. When different consumers order the same kind of product more often. It tells the manufacturers what they need.


Although there are more advantages than disadvantages. Wholesalers and retailers still make their sales. However, the consumer and manufacturer relationship grows stronger every day.

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