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The use of teeth whitening trays has recently seen rapid growth in popularity across the globe.

Oral care experts attribute this to the public’s higher awareness for dental health, as well as to better access to quality teeth whitening products. A few years back, it was rather tedious and cumbersome to use teeth whitening trays. But now, there are many more options and better designs that make these trays much easier to use.

It is not hard to find a supplier of these trays if you want to sell them in your oral care business. However, not all suppliers can give the best quality products that you and your customers deserve. If you want to successfully include these oral care products in your line, it is crucial that you find a reliable teeth whitening tray manufacturer to work with.

What is a Teeth Whitening Tray?

A teeth whitening tray is a handy device that fits over the teeth with the purpose of making the teeth whiter. The tray holds a bleaching agent like a whitening gel that reacts with the teeth upon contact, causing the tooth to become a certain number of shades lighter.

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There are two main categories of teeth whitening trays. The first is the kind that dentists use in their clinics. Often, these trays are molded onto the patient’s teeth for a perfect fit. The second is the kind that you can buy from pharmacies and supermarkets and usually come in just a single size. These are cheaper than the ones that doctors use, and typically do not contain a very high concentration of peroxide.

It usually takes at least 2 weeks of daily sessions before you can achieve the maximum effect from teeth whitening using trays. In some cases where the teeth are very badly stained, the process can take as long as 6 weeks. Each daily session can last from 2 hours to overnight.

With teeth whitening trays, it is important to understand that it is quite a long process. You will have to exert effort every day in completing the sessions. The results are quite excellent and last long as well, so it will be really worth it.

The Best Materials of Teeth Whitening Trays

There are two main classifications of teeth whitening trays according to the material that they are made of. The first kind is the one made of EVA trays and the second is the one made of TPE.

EVA Trays

EVA or ethylene vinyl acetate is a polymer that is most commonly applied in sports equipment as padding to provide protection for athletes. MMA gloves, hockey pads and ski boots are some of the more popular uses of EVA in sports.

Teeth whitening tray manufacturers like using EVA for their products because it is firm but relatively soft, and very comfortable to put inside the mouth. It has a texture that is very similar to rubber. It is also very durable and suitable for multiple uses.

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TPE Trays

TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomers, which in simple words are a combination of plastic and rubber material. It has a really long stretch and is very flexible even at room temperature. TPE is transparent in its basic form but sometimes, teeth whitening tray manufacturers add color to make them more attractive to customers.

TPE trays are generally softer than EVA trays, so they come in hard plastic cases when packaged for the market.

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The Best Customizations for Your Brands

All teeth whitening tray manufacturers should have a generic design or template for a basic tray. These trays are perfectly functional as is so it is fine if you want to purchase just the basic products. But you can actually customize them in many ways in order to adhere to the needs and preferences of your intended market.

Customized EVA Trays

The firmness of EVA makes it a good material for teeth whitening trays meant for overnight use. It can even help prevent teeth grinding. These trays can be custom-fitted with teeth whitening lights and may have thermoforming features. In this case, you will be able to decide how many lights you want to put in the EVA trays.

Customized TPE Trays

The much softer material of TPE allows teeth whitening tray manufacturers to create more comfortable trays, which is good for sensitive users. Due to this softness, however, TPE trays require hard cases when packaged so as to protect their shape. The added case can give you more chances for customization.

Bulk Orders of Single Color Trays

The biggest advantage of ordering a single color whitening tray in bulk is the reduced overall cost. There might also be slightly faster turnaround time since there is no need to switch to the production of a different color.

Customized Cases

The case of a teeth whitening tray may not seem like a very important part of the whitening process. On the contrary, it is the perfect place to promote your product to the buying public. There is ample space on a tray case to print your brand and logo. You can also choose whatever color and design you want for the case.

Customized Whole Kits

Although it is common to sell a teeth whitening try by itself, it actually makes more sense to sell it along with an LED light and a couple of syringes of whitening gel. After all, the customer is going to use these things together so why not just package them all together in one set? The set is going to have a bigger packaging, which you can also customize to your preferred color, shape, and so on. Again, you can place your logo and brand on this package, along with any other content you wish.

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Here at Cinoll, we have many ways of manufacturing custom teeth whitening trays to suit your purpose. If you want to see our products in person, just let us know and we will be happy to send you some free samples. You can also call us or send an email if you want to know more about our trays or any of our other teeth whitening products.

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