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The pandemic has thrown teeth whitening businesses into the spotlight. More and more people are looking to whiten their teeth at home as a result of salons and beauty parlors closing.

As a teeth whitening business, there are now increased opportunities to expand into home treatments and aftercare. Brands are cropping up everywhere. As a result, your teeth whitening business needs to not only stand out but also needs to deliver in terms of value and efficiency.

There are a whole host of different teeth whitening product manufacturers out there and it can be difficult for businesses to know who they can trust and rely on for their teeth whitening supplies.

Here, at Cinoll, we place extreme value on being an efficient teeth whitening product manufacturer. We want to help our clients and prospective clients in finding manufacturing and supply processes which they are happy with.

Six Steps to Manufacture Your Teeth Whitening Products

At Cinoll, we do not want any teeth whitening business to flounder. We want everyone to benefit from the amazing teeth whitening products that we manufacture. As a result, we have some steps that will help you in working with your manufacturer.

1. Initial Negotiation Process: Describe Your Requirements Clearly

Firstly, be honest with the manufacturer and realistic in your projected volume of sales. Do not make the mistake of overstating or overpromising your order volume.

This happens a lot more often than you would think when importers first start to work with factories in China, for example. Businesses often think that they will have more power in terms of cutting a deal and getting the products for a lower price if the manufacturer believes that they are a much bigger company than they are in reality.

Getting a good price does not have to be like this. Most manufacturers would prefer a real volume order so that they can provide better solutions to their clients. You want the manufacturer to be onside and not waste their time in arranging a larger production than you will need.

2. Pricing Process: Make Sure You Have Clear Costings from the Manufacturers

If you are not all that familiar with how the products are manufactured, it would be prudent to ask for a full cost list to check the costings clearly.

If you are not as risk-averse as this, the manufacturer could charge you more without you knowing. Also, in asking for the cost list, it is the ideal way of getting to know the teeth whitening industry better, which can only help improve your business knowledge and success.

3. Confirming the Pricing: Do Not Negotiate Your Prices Too Low

It is worth listening to those old adages such as “you get what you pay for”. Getting the best price is not necessarily the same as getting the cheapest price. The lowest possible price may mean that the quality of the products is poorer and, consequently, the quality of your teeth whitening business is also not as good as it could be. The lower the price, generally speaking, the greater the decrease in the product’s quality, as many experienced teeth whitening product importers will testify.

This is true particularly for suppliers that have extremely tight margins. Often, some suppliers will aim to recover any lost margins through negotiations through using sub-standard, cheaper materials and parts. At times, they do this even without approval from the teeth whitening business owners. Other manufacturers might just refuse the order completely.

4. Sampling Processes: Get Free Samples and Check

The majority of teeth whitening product manufacturers will provide free samples so that you can check the quality of their products. They should not charge you for these but may charge you for any shipping costs incurred.

Whether or not the samples are free, you should check them carefully once you have received them. Make sure you do not just look at and admire the products but actually use them yourself (or ask someone else to). Sure, this would take time, but it is a steadfast way of making sure that the products are at the standard that you would expect and that you would be willing to sell to your clients.

5. Producing in Bulk: Live Video Streams

If your factory is far from your business, it is important to establish regular video contact with the manufacturer so that you can check the production processes in real time.

Knowing how your brand of products is made will stand you in good stead when selling your products to clients or retailers. Many brands do not know how their products are made and if they knew the truth they may well be horrified at the poor conditions in the factories. By insisting on live videos, you are ensuring that your manufacturer is not sub-standard.

6. Delivery Processes: Retain Flexibility When it comes to Delivery

Many manufacturers are much more familiar with customs and delivery than you, as a teeth whitening business owner, will be.

They will know of hundreds of ways of lowering your delivery costs. This may include separating products into sea shipping and air freight to lower the total costs to you. As a result, you may receive part of your order to launch the products to market immediately. The remainder of the order will follow in due course. It is important to trust in your manufacturers when it comes to their delivery suggestions.

Warp Up

There you have it! Cinoll’s six steps for increased efficiency in receiving your products for your teeth whitening business.

At Cinoll, we know what we are talking about. Whether you choose us as your manufacturer or go with another supplier, we want to ensure that only the best products make it to market for clients. Having a market that is awash with sub-standard, potentially dangerous products is not good for anyone, least of all the teeth whitening business industry.

Good luck in teeth whitening business!

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