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If you market oral care products and you’ve not added an electric bamboo toothbrush to your product list you are definitely missing out a lot.

Or maybe you do have them on your product list but you’ve not marketed them as well as you should, the time has come to raise your game because the bamboo sonicare toothbrush has taken the market by storm and many people are willing to pay a premium price to lay their hands on these products because they work.bamboo electric toothbrush guide

If you’re an electric toothbrush brand owner, now is your chance to make a big splash in the market with this eco-friendly power tool.

This guide will provide you with information on how to order your own electric bamboo toothbrush so you can get brushing as soon as possible! So what are you waiting for?

Let’s jump right in and explore all things related to ordering electric bamboo toothbrushes today!

The market for bamboo electric toothbrushes

Is there a market for a bamboo electric toothbrush?

This is one question that many retailers and ecommerce sellers ask when deciding whether to sell a particular product and the answer is affirmative.

There is indeed a market for it and the market is growing by the day for several reasons. Here are some of the reasons why a bamboo electric toothbrush is a new deal in the dental industry.

Nontoxic: It will interest you to know that bamboo is a nontoxic material that does not pose risk to users when it degrades unlike other materials like chemically processed materials or synthetic fibers. These days, consumers are becoming more aware thanks to the internet unlike in the past when they had no choice but to buy anything they were offered.Cinoll bamboo electric toothbrush factory

The modern buyer is more interested in their health than ever before and will only go for products that provide value but with little or no risks attached. That is exactly what a bamboo electric toothbrush offers them.

Natural is the new deal: Words like “Natural” and “Organic” resonate well with buyers so whenever they find a product with these components they don’t mind spending their money on them because in their minds, “natural is better”. Bamboo is a natural material that grows from the ground and it has several health benefits that will benefit the user.

Should you decide to add the best sustainable electric toothbrush to your product list, you will spend less effort convincing buyers to patronize you.

Durable: Gone are the days when people bought substandard products because they had no choice; today, buyers do have a choice because of hundreds of alternatives and they know it. If your products are less durable, you will have a hard time selling them. But as for zero waste electric toothbrush like bamboo toothbrushes, you won’t have that problem because there is a ready market waiting for you.

A substantial number of consumers have used bamboo electric toothbrush since they hit the market years ago and the number of users continues to grow. This is because it is very durable so when buyers spend money on them, they get the value they desire. The word has gotten out and many more people are willing to try it out. This has created a ready market for bamboo electric toothbrushes.

Affordable: Last but not least why there is a ready market for bamboo electric toothbrush because it is affordable. Consumers not only want a product that is good but one they can easily afford.

Bamboo as a raw material is available in large quantities making it easy for manufacturers to produce toothbrushes at a cheaper rate. The affordability is a huge attraction for buyers.

The market for a bamboo electric toothbrush is growing and the potential for more growth is high. As more people become aware of bamboo electric toothbrush heads, we expect demand to increase exponentially.

Add electric bamboo toothbrush to your product line

If you have not added a bamboo electric toothbrush to your product line, now is the time to do so. The potential for profit has never been higher than it is today.Cinoll bamboo electric toothbrushes for sale

In fact, when you scan the market you will notice that bamboo electric toothbrush heads are among the highest selling teeth cleaning products in the market.

Just in case you need convincing, here are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy should you add bamboo toothbrushes to your product line.

There is a ready market for it

The first benefit is the fact that there is a ready market for it. Unlike new products that take a lot of marketing and convincing, you don’t have to expend too much marketing effort to market your bamboo electric toothbrush. The available market for it makes it a lot easier to sell your stock as quickly as possible.

Significant buyer education

The level of awareness regarding bamboo as a natural product is quite high.

This benefit ties into the ready market benefit. A lot of consumers respond positively to organic and natural products so selling your stock should not be a problem. In fact, the number of buyers looking for zero waste electric toothbrush is quite high.

If you used keyword and search trackers to monitor buyer activities online you will be shocked to see just how many people are looking for this type of toothbrush to buy. This is because they know that combining a good toothbrush with good toothpaste makes for good oral health.

Profit making opportunities

Perhaps the most important benefit of adding bamboo electric toothbrush to your product list is the profit making opportunities it offers. As a seller it is always wise to follow the money; what we mean by this is that you must always provide buyers with products they are willing and looking to pay for.bamboo electric toothbrush in customized cases

Today, when it comes to electric toothbrushes, bamboo spec is the one buyers are shopping for and they buy in large quantities especially those with a large household.

The chances of making more sales and smiling at the bank weekly are high because of the demand. Besides the selling price for the product is quite low, the profit margin will be worth the effort.

Available raw materials

Bamboo is an available Raw material so the risk of running out of stock because manufacturers are dealing with supply chain issues is not something you will have to worry about.

China is one country with a limitless supply of bamboo and a significant amount of bamboo electric toothbrush sold on the international market comes from China.

Due to the available Raw materials to make the toothbrush, you will never run out of stock as you can always replenish your stock before they run out.

Reliable suppliers

There are Reliable suppliers of bamboo electric toothbrush in the international market so looking for where or who to buy from will not be a problem. Besides, many suppliers offer retailers and sellers different minimum order quantities so you can always find a supplier or manufacturer who can supply steady stock to keep your customers happy. Secondly, the quality of the toothbrush also matters.bamboo toothbrushes factory with bamboo materials

We are sure that you would want quality stocks, not substandard stocks that will ruin your brand and cause you to lose customers. The good news is that finding such a supplier for good quality bamboo electric toothbrushes will not be a problem as there are many of them in the market to keep your supply chain running all year round.

Accepted in all countries

Just in case you didn’t know, bamboo electric toothbrush is accepted in all countries as the material meets national and regional health standards. If you decide to buy bamboo sonicare toothbrush, you will not run into any problems with the authorities in your home country because the products meet global health standards and pose no risks to users.

How to choose a qualified electric bamboo toothbrush manufacturer

So having considered the benefits of marketing bamboo electric toothbrush you have decided to add it to your product list; how do you choose a qualified manufacturer to supply you with quality stock?

This is an important consideration because not all manufacturers can produce standard bamboo toothbrushes that will satisfy your customers. So looking for quality should be your number one priority. Below, we review the things to look out for when choosing a bamboo toothbrush manufacturer for your brand.

Production capacity

The first thing you want to look out for is their production capacity. What is their daily, weekly or monthly output? Do they produce a few hundred toothbrushes, a few thousand, or tens of thousands?eco friendly bamboo electric toothbrush wholesale

This is the question you want to ask before pitching your tent with a supplier, but why?

This is because you want a manufacturer that will not disappoint you. Bear in mind that your brand will not be the only one the manufacturer will supply new stocks regularly as there will be other brands too.

If their production capacity is low, chances are that they will either delay your order or fail to meet them altogether. To avoid unnecessary delays and disappointments, it is best to order from a manufacturer with a high output so you never run out of stock.

Product customization

When choosing a bamboo electric toothbrush manufacturer, always go for private label brands that can customize your own products for you. Product customization has immense benefits for your brand some of which include the opportunity to dictate your selling price, an input into product design and most importantly you get to control supply.

Selling your own branded product will set you apart from other sellers who sell generic products or products belonging to other brands. With customization, the potential for growth is high.


When choosing a manufacturer, you want to ensure that their products carry CE, ISO and FDA certification as these are internationally recognized certificates of quality. Avoid manufacturers whose products don’t have any of these certifications.

cinoll certifications
Cinoll Certifications

If they have one or two or all three then they are quality offerings. Buying from a manufacturer without these certificates is a risk as the custom authorities in your country may impound your consignment for substandard quality.


The quality of the product ties into the production certificates that it carries. Quality means more than the product though. It also refers to the manufacturing process. If a manufacturer has a proven and high quality production line their products will always meet local and global quality standards for which they will be awarded certification.

Furthermore, your supply will be appreciated by your customers who will keep coming back for more because of the quality of your offering. As news of your long-lasting bamboo electric toothbrush spreads far and wide, your brand will become stronger and demand will increase.

Go for experience

Another way to pick the right manufacturer is to look for experience. If a manufacturer has been in business for a long time it means that they must be doing something right to have survived in the industry for that long.cinoll bamboo toothbrush materials

The longer they remain in business, the better their production capacity will be. Moreover, working with such manufacturers will help your business grow significantly.

It doesn’t matter whether yours is a startup or a fully grounded business; when you work with an experienced manufacturer, you get value for your money and your future business success is assured.

Minimum order quantity

Last but not least is the minimum order quantity called MOQ. You want to ensure that the manufacturer you choose offers a minimum order quantity that is within your budget.

MOQ refers to the smallest amount of toothbrushes. You can order pet consignments if you want to ensure that their MOQ is within your reach.

It is important to work with an electric bamboo toothbrush factory

Working with a bamboo electric toothbrush factory will ensure that you never run out of stock.

A reliable factory will keep your supply chain running and will handle the production and shipping of your items to you. They take all the responsibilities to deliver your stock to you on time so the business can continue as usual.

Why Cinoll is your ideal electric bamboo toothbrush manufacturer

If you have been looking for a reliable bamboo electric toothbrush manufacturer, look no further than Cinoll.

Our brand is one you can trust to furnish you with a regular supply of quality bamboo electric toothbrush like zero waste electric toothbrush and bamboo sonicare toothbrush.

We have a large factory and all our products are CE, FDA, RoHS, IPX7, and ISO certified so quality is always guaranteed. Contact us today and let us send you a sample of our product offerings.

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