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electric toothbrushes customized to your specificationsThe history of the first electric toothbrush happened in 1954 by Dr. Philippe-Guy Woog in Switzerland. Unlike other innovations in dental products today, electric toothbrushes have been in the market for decades. This toothbrush has been gaining popularity over the years, so manufacturers also continue to create new technologies for better teeth cleaning.

Cinoll also offers a variety of electric toothbrush innovations to suit the diverse target market. As a distributor, you also ought to know the manufacturing process of these dental. We guarantee you will have plenty of ideas about an electric toothbrush at the end of this article.

The Manufacturing Process of Electric Toothbrush

electric toothbrushes head made from ChinaFrom the word itself, this toothbrush works with electricity, either from a replaceable or built-in battery for the bristles to move properly. Electric toothbrushes yield better results than those manual toothbrushes.

Here we will let you know the process of these toothbrushes and what materials Cinoll uses that make these toothbrushes very effective for teeth cleaning.

Usually, electric toothbrushes are made with a rubber and plastic casing. These two protect the inner functionalities of the toothbrush, such as batteries, motor, and wiring. The batteries used for the toothbrush may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but usually, it is either Nickel-Cadmium or NiCad batteries.

Wirings usually come in copper, while the motor comes from aluminum and copper. Nylon makes up the bristles of the electric toothbrush. The materials used for bristles can vary as well, depending on the manufacturer’s supplier.

There are critical stages as well in the manufacturing where Cinoll puts in a lot of effort too.

Design Stage

This serves as the first stage of manufacturing. Vital electric toothbrush specifications are laid out in this stage, like the number of cleaning modes, target market’s range, and the angle for the brush head. The design must be flawless for the manufacturing to go smoothly as well.

Designing the external appearance of the toothbrush is also discussed here. How your toothbrushes will look at first sight must entice potential customers.

The Handle

The handle holds equal importance as bristles in electric toothbrushes. Handles come from plastic granules, which are shaped while it is hot. Besides ensuring the right shape for proper grip, the handle will also house the motor and other wiring that make the toothbrush function.

Insertion of the Battery, Motor, and Gearing System

This stage in manufacturing is quite sensitive as it will deal with materials that will determine the best functionality of the electric toothbrush. The gearing system, batteries, and motor will have to undergo an inspection if they function accordingly as a unit. Once they pass the quality inspections, the three will then be assembled and connected into a single unit and inserted into the hollow space of the handle. The hollow space will house the toothbrush’s central component.

Coming up with the Removable Brush Head

The topmost part of the electric toothbrush will be responsible for teeth cleaning. The removal brush comprises of a brush head and a gear unit responsible for the bristles’ rapid motions.


You can expect a larger packaging for electric toothbrushes, as it has various components that need to be secured and safely padded. Besides the toothbrush body and brush head, electric toothbrushes also come with a charging kit and other accessories.

Care about the Quality Too

Considering the delicate parts of an electric toothbrush and various accessories that come with it, each product must undergo and pass several levels of inspection. Being an electric toothbrush manufacturer, Cinoll continues to guarantee every client of high-quality and non-defective products. We know how hard it is to send back defective goods to China, and we do not want that for our clients.

Our factory imposes seven levels of quality inspection before we distribute the electric toothbrushes to our clients.

Description and Labeling

Every electric toothbrush has to be wiped with water for 15 seconds, then another 15 seconds with gasoline this time. The descriptive test and labels must still be visible after the testing process to pass. This test will ensure that the print will still be visible after prolonged toothbrush use.

Structure and Appearance Inspection

The inspection will include checking the appearance of the electric toothbrush, possible inconsistencies in luster and color, deformities, cracks, and rough edges.

Functional Test

This test involves checking the overall functionality of the electric toothbrush by repeatedly pressing the power button and the cleaning mode if it changes with every press of each key.

Waterproof Inspection

Since electric toothbrushes will be used in a wet environment, they have to be waterproof. This is to avoid electrocution any circuit damage.

Electric Safety Inspection

Electric toothbrushes must comply with safety regulations of GB 4706.59 and GB 4706.1.

Noise Test

An electric toothbrush must meet noise production standards before leaving the factory. For swing electric toothbrushes, the noise must not be over 65dB (A). Meanwhile, the sound level must not be above 72dB (A) for rotary electric toothbrushes.

Drop Test

Every electric toothbrush must undergo two drop tests and must not have any functional or physical damages.

Private Label Electric Toothbrush Can Help You

private label electric toothbrushes in low MOQIndeed, some businesses did not have any luck during the pandemic. Most of them closed down. However, according to Forbes, private labeling thrived in the global crisis. When huge brand names have issues with product supply, consumers turn to private label brands which provide better results, greater transparency, and lower pricing.

To maximize your brand’s potential, an electric toothbrush manufacturer must provide various customizations while ensuring a premium, high-quality product. We mentioned earlier that Cinoll takes care of every manufacturing process – from design to packaging. We will be with our clients at every step providing quality reports until electric toothbrushes are set out to distributors.

Cinoll is the Right Manufacturer

Considering the complexities of products, your electric toothbrush manufacturer must simplify the process for you. The manufacturer must help you manage the relevant and critical aspects of the manufacturing process and distribution.

Cinoll has provided dental and oral care products to different clients worldwide, and we guarantee to offer a distinct and personalized approach to every brand. In addition to quality, we at Cinoll give utmost importance to the safety of all our products. We pride ourselves on being compliant with ISO and FDA standards.

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