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Electric toothbrushes are becoming an increasingly popular way of cleaning teeth. Never before have electric toothbrushes been so efficient and affordable. As such, all teeth whitening businesses need to know everything about electric toothbrushes.

Before you launch your teeth whitening product lines, read on to learn everything you need to know from an electric toothbrush manufacturer that is in the know.

What are electric toothbrushes and why do consumers love them?

private label electric toothbrushes in low MOQElectric toothbrushes are automatic toothbrushes that make rapid movements in their bristles. The movements can be either rotation oscillation (with alternate clockwise and counterclockwise rotation) or back-and-forth oscillation. Modern electric toothbrushes are usually battery powered with most batteries or toothbrushes being rechargeable. They are charged by using a charging base using inductive charging in between each use of the toothbrush.

Some electric toothbrushes are classed as ultrasonic. These ultrasonic movements are created by using a piezoelectric crystal. The speed or frequency of the toothbrushes is how manufacturers usually classify their electric toothbrushes. They come into three categories: ultrasonic, sonic, and power toothbrushes. This is dependent on their movements and whether they are audible or not.

Toothbrushes have been around for decades with the first patented ones appearing in the late 1930s. However, it is only in more recent decades that their popularity has soared. They are so popular thanks to their unrivaled cleaning power. Not only that, but they can also clean the teeth in a much more efficient way. Electric toothbrushes can even help those with reduced movements and disabilities as they require much less concentration, coordination and effort to clean the teeth well in comparison with a traditional manual toothbrush.

How do electric toothbrushes work?

How electric toothbrushes work in mouthAs mentioned, electric toothbrushes harness their power from a power source which is usually an in-built battery. This power moves the brush’s bristles on behalf of the user to maximize how well the teeth are cleaned.

When the brusher switches on the toothbrush’s power, the parts within the handle move and activate the circuit board. The battery draws power and passes it to the motor which starts to spin. There is then a cam and gear system that converts the motor’s high-speed spin to a back-and-forth or rotation oscillation to clean the teeth. Whilst the motion mimics movements of a manual toothbrush, it requires much less effort than brushing manually.

For those brands that have sonic electric toothbrushes, the head of the brush vibrates instead of a simple back and forth movement. This leads to the electric toothbrush cleaning more effectively.

The majority of electric toothbrushes come with a charging stand. The protuberance of the stand (the part that the brush sits on) has inner conductors that connect to the power from the electric sockets. The toothbrush itself has its own inner coils and together they form a weak electromagnet. This allows electric current to pass from the charger to the toothbrush.

What can be customized on electric toothbrushes?

electric head customizationAs a leading electric toothbrush manufacturer, Cinoll can help you to create the best possible electric toothbrush for your brand. Cinoll has an extensive range of customizable electric toothbrushes that we manufacture for our clients’ brands. To begin with, it is important to note that all our electric toothbrushes, regardless of their customization, are CE and FDA-certified.

Now that the important part has been explained, let us look at our customization options. You can customize our manufactured electric toothbrushes right from their design to how they are produced. Not only that, but we also offer fully bespoke packaging and support. Lastly, we can offer Minimum Order Quantities of just 500 electric toothbrushes.

Cinoll’s electric toothbrush options include:

Additionally, there is even more you can do to customize your brand’s electric toothbrush design. You can customize the brush colors, the curve, the length, and the hardness of the bristles. The body can also be manufactured in a range of colors and we can print on the body too. Aside from the aesthetics of the electric toothbrushes, we can also customize their brushing modes to meet the cleaning needs of your requirements.

Moreover, there are options for daily cleaning mode, sensitive mode, brightening mode, and massage mode to mention a few. The brushes can even have a bespoke shape, privately molded to your specific designs.

As for features, we can offer distinct features including IPX7 waterproofing, shatter-proofing, pet-friendly models, and child-friendly models. When it comes to charging features, we offer magnetic or USB charging options.

Finally, our customization does not stop at the brush but also, we can customize your retail packaging including high-end printing and cutting. We also offer customized travel cases to fit your electric toothbrushes too.

Why choose Cinoll to be your manufacturer?

When it comes to choosing an electric toothbrush manufacturer, Cinoll excels above its competitors. For starters, we offer low minimum order quantities. This means you can order a low quantity to start your business or to try out a new product line. What is more, as an electric toothbrush manufacturer, Cinoll is certified to manufacture quality products internationally.

Why else should you choose Cinoll? Our design team is second to none, that’s why! We help you at every stage of the manufacturing process, from design to packaging. We have a dedicated team to help you from inception to end.

Lastly, our factory is our own and is dedicated to producing dental products for our wholesale clients. We control the lead times, meaning we are in control of the whole process for you.

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