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24hour toothpaste manufacturingManufacturers continue to come up with innovations to provide more effective and efficient hygiene products. The same goes with a teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer. Hismile Research Center just recently introduced a teeth whitening formula. This allows users to achieve whiter teeth faster than you can imagine. The new formula is peroxide-free; this takes away side effects like irritated gums, sensitivity, and loss of essential minerals from the teeth. By working closely with professionals in the industry, the research team has redefined the formula to improve the positive effects of each core ingredient. They call it PAP+. Great!!

After countless research and experiments comes Hismile’s PAP+. You can describe this new innovation as a massive leap in the teeth whitening industry. While it took you about six days to have whiter teeth for people who tried the old formula, users can now see the same results in ten minutes, in just one treatment. If this is not an incredible innovation for you, we do not know what is.

Cinoll, being a teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer, only guarantees the best in oral care technology to its clients. And with PAP+, the journey to healthier oral care just keeps getting better.

How is PAP+ Formula Applied to Your Teeth Whitening Toothpaste?

Every experiment, formula, or innovation always comes with a scientific explanation. The concept of PAP+ in a whitening toothpaste did not come randomly from the laboratory tubes. The process took a lot of research and discovery that PAP also has a history of being a whitening agent in several products.

What is PAP?

CP and HP teeth whitening sciencePAP or the Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid is an organic peroxy acid. The term can be complicated; however, PAP has been present in your household for years, you can imagine. You may have used it already without you knowing. Not many would expect that PAP is also helpful in agriculture and hunting. But more importantly, over the years, it serves as a bleaching activator, mainly used in bleaching agents for textiles, detergents, soaps, spot removers, and degreasers, among others.

PAP is now gaining attention in teeth whitening technology because of its excellent feedback and lack of side effects on the user’s teeth. It’s as if the PAP formula is not enough; Hismile researchers stepped up their game, worked tirelessly, and spent years to perfect and complete the formulation process which maximizes the benefits of PAP. And that is PAP+.

With the addition of supporting ingredients like Potassium Citrate and Hydroxyapatite, users can have whiter teeth in ten minutes since PAP+ promotes healthier teeth with its ingredients that protect the gums and enamel.

How Does PAP+ Formula Whiten Your Teeth?

When you use a PAP+ whitening toothpaste, it oxidizes the stains on your teeth without releasing any harmful molecules known as free radicals. The free radicals are the ones responsible for damages in the enamel and severe teeth sensitivity. You can guarantee that there is no erosion to the enamel during the whitening process. This means that the tooth’s outer layers remain intact and protect the nerves while being whitened.

Based on reviews from those who have tried the PAP+ teeth whitening toothpaste, this new technology gives a natural-looking whiteness to your teeth. Not as glaringly as those artificial ones, but will be about three shades lighter after the recommended duration for use. Indeed, users can continue it until they achieve the target shade or results.

Since PAP+’s effectiveness and popularity in whitening toothpaste, Cinoll’s lab will provide with much improved teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer experience. We can develop your teeth whitening toothpaste with PAP+ formula and more customizations like flavor based on your specifications.

How to Custom Your PAP+ teeth Whitening Toothpaste

OEM day and night toothpaste ChinaHave you ever heard of customized tooth whitening products? Well, with Cinoll, you have several options so you can provide variety for users. With PAP+ as an excellent technology for a tooth whitening product and a unique packaging, you can always be ahead in the market.

With the stiff competition in the industry, your product must stand out from all other competitors. Customized products indeed are effective in attracting your target audience. Being a provider of ODM/OEM services for all dental products, Cinoll has a wide array of customization as you start your teeth whitening business. We will squeeze all resources to provide clients’ needs, from formulation until the packaging details.


It is not always that you can choose the formula for toothpaste products. With Cinoll, being a client, you can select proportions of ingredients for your toothpaste, such as binders, humectants, abrasives, and flavoring. Now, it is up to the teeth whitening toothpaste manufacturer, who will be responsible for blending the ingredients to ensure the output meets the formula specifics given.


From small tubes for travel convenience, sachets for easy and one-time use, and huge tubes for economical use of families, you can trust that Cinoll will work it out based on your preferred size. And if you prefer to have combinations of all the sizes, you can count on Cinoll to produce them for you.


While the toothpaste flavor can also be a factor in determining if your product is effective, you cannot count out the power of product packaging. It’s one of the first things the buyers will see, so the logo and branding must be attractive. You can choose from the tube or the box designs for your packaging. From several tube and cap shapes to simple boxes and elaborate ones, Cinoll will produce them, complete with your logo, design, and brand.


As buyers continue to look for innovative products on the market, Cinoll will also explore possibilities to provide new technology in oral care. Being one of the top manufacturers of teeth whitening products to global brands, Cinoll specialists keep its path to innovate teeth whitening formulas. With PAP+ and Cinoll’s customization opportunities, clients will surely achieve their desired branding and be at the forefront of the competition in the teeth whitening industry.

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