EVA Trays vs. TPE Trays – What’s the Difference?


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Whitening trays are some of the most popular teeth whitening gadgets these days. They are quite similar to mouth guards that fit over your teeth and contain gel that whitens the surface of the teeth. Whitening trays come in two common types. These are the EVA trays and the TPE trays.

What Are EVA Trays?

EVA stands for ethylene vinyl acetate. It is an elastomeric polymer commonly known as expanded rubber and is often used as padding in sports equipment, such as for hockey pads, ski boots, fishing rods and MMA gloves. EVA trays are rubber-like in texture and softness and are very comfortable for most people to use. They also last for a very long time and are good for several uses.

The process of creating EVA trays begins with making a dental impression cast of the patient with the use of a thermoforming process. The EVA material is then molded onto this cast, creating an EVA tray that is the perfect fit for the user.

TPE teeth whitening trays

Customized EVA trays are very much in demand because of their effectiveness in whitening the teeth. They are typically used either with teeth whitening lights or gel, or a combination of both. They are also very easy to use and to clean. In addition, EVA whitening trays are also said to be highly effective for the prevention of teeth grinding.

What Are TPE Trays?

TPE whitening trays are made of thermoplastic elastomers. These are usually a combination of different kinds of polymers, often some kind of plastic and some kind of rubber. This kind of material is very stretchy. At room temperature, it can be pulled to twice its original length without losing any of its characteristics.

A lot of people find TPE whitening trays to be much more comfortable to use than EPA trays because these are softer and more pliable. Like EPA trays, TPE trays are used with teeth whitening gel or teeth whitening lights, or a combination of both.

EVA teeth whitening trays

These teeth whitening devices are usually transparent but they can also come in a wide variety of colors. Because of their soft materials, TPE trays usually come with hard plastic cases to protect them and to help preserve their shape. They are very easy to use and to clean as well.

Where to Order Custom Teeth Whitening Trays

There are several teeth whitening trays manufacturers that can supply custom teeth whitening trays but only a few can do so with very high reliability when it comes to quality and service.

If you want to be able to offer your clients the best kinds of teeth whitening trays, you should go directly to Cinoll. Based in China, Cinoll manufactures both EVA and TPE whitening trays for dozens of global dental care brands today. Aside from the supreme quality of our products, companies also trust us because of a number of other reasons.

First of all, we have a low MOQ that is very suitable for starting companies. For orders of as low as 500 pieces, we can already produce custom whitening trays for your business. Cinoll also has a quick lead time of only 15 days. We can also provide full customization of your product, from the design all the way to the packaging.

Interested in EVA or TPE materials teeth whitening trays for your whitening business? Contact Cinoll for an instant quotation!

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