Five Crucial Tips to Find the Best Electric Toothbrush Supplier


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teeth whitening electric toothbrush headsWith just one search on the internet, you will surely find tons of information about an electric toothbrush manufacturer. There are just so many of them that filtering them out can be a handful. You know you can search everything online, and that is the easier part; the challenging task lies in choosing the best manufacturer for your business.

You sure are aware of the demand for electric toothbrushes today, hence the variety of them in the market. While there can be manufacturers with affordable products, you cannot guarantee that they are of premium quality. Remember, affordability aside; you need to have products where your customers can fully benefit from.

However, how will you find the best manufacturer among the thousands of them on the market?

5 Crucial Tips to Find the Best Electric Toothbrush Supplier

Considering the following guidelines below will be essential as you continue to search for the best electric toothbrush manufacturer.

1. Check Certifications

One of the main reasons factories manufacture products and distributors sell them is to provide ease and comfort to users. With that being said, all products must be safe to use by everyone. Manufacturers verbally saying that their products are harmless is not enough; they have to prove their claims. You need to check or ask for a copy of ISO, FDA, CE, and MSDS certifications.

Remember that an electric toothbrush can contact the human body; hence, it is essential that the raw materials and manufacturing go through legal and ethical processes. These certifications will ensure product safety and take away the hassle and headache of spending a lot of money just to settle for low-quality products.

2. Know Their Scalability

One of your goals in running a business is to expand and boost your brand efficiently. With this, you need to partner with a manufacturer that can scale their production depending on the product demand. As you expand your brand, you do not want to outgrow your manufacturer, for they can only provide production of smaller quantities. You need to choose an electric toothbrush manufacturer that can give small and big volume productions.

You also have to be consistent with how your product is made, and changing manufacturers now and then will confuse your customers. That might be a reason for them to leave your brand, and you do not want that.

3. Get Lead Time and Delivery Statistics

On-time delivery is essential for industrial buyers. Being aware of how committed your manufacturer is to delivery requirements is vital to schedule product distribution for your customers. You do not want to make promises of electric toothbrush availability, then inform them at the last minute of delay.

The same goes for lead time commitments; especially when the demand is high, manufacturers have to fulfill the agreed deadlines. Uncontrollable situations can always happen, but an experienced supplier must already have interventions to not paralyze the process from manufacturing to distribution.

If you find any strange patterns in lead time and delivery statistics, it is high time to cross that manufacturer out from your list. It will do no good to your business.

4. Know the Electric Toothbrush Customization Options

Sonic Electric ToothbrushWith private labeling, you can customize everything from the design, shape, color, logo, and brand name to the packaging. Your electric toothbrush is your product. Here are several ways to personalize electric toothbrushes.

Customized Head Brush

You can customize the colors, curve, hardness, and length of the brush according to your and your customer’s preference.

Customized Body Colors

If you wish to sell more colorful toothbrushes other than black and white, you can request Cinoll to do that for you. We can mold it for you and print colors on the toothbrush body.

Customized Modes

They say that an electric toothbrush provides better teeth cleaning and whitening than ordinary toothbrushes. This is primarily because electric toothbrushes come in several brushing modes, which you can also customize. These modes include daily cleaning, brightening mode, massage mode, and sensitive mode, to name a few.

Toothbrush Shapes

If your customers are looking for a fresher and unique look of an electric toothbrush, we can privately model the body shape of an electric toothbrush based on your design.

Customized Retail Packaging

We always base the packaging on your design. Our design team ensures attractive packaging, high-end cutting, and printing, complete with your logo and brand name.

Customized Travel Case

Apart from packaging and boxes, your customers also have the option for an electric toothbrush travel case. You can customize them by having your brand colors, materials, sizes, and accessories.

5. Ask for Accessible Inventory Information

As someone who runs an electric toothbrush business, you surely are aware of your market’s behavior. You know you need to stock up with more products during the peak season and lower production requests during the lean season. This is similar to your electric toothbrush manufacturer; they have to be transparent with their inventory.

This way, you can evaluate their commitment to their clients and if they are capable of providing you with supplies as you need them. You know you cannot always predict the demand of your target market, and the business environment can change drastically; thus, you and your manufacturer must always be ready.

Learn More by Talking with Cinoll

The list mentioned above is an essential aspect that will help you choose the right manufacturer for you. It may not be as comprehensive as you expected them to be, but those will surely help as you explore how the teeth whitening industry runs.

Cinoll is not new to this industry. We have been manufacturing electric toothbrushes for several global brands for over ten years now. With our experience, we fully commit to providing private label solutions to our clients, assuring them that we understand every requirement and customization request. Being in the industry for this long, we also help our clients manage all the complexities surrounding electric toothbrush manufacturing.

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