Five Crucial Tips to Find the Best Teeth Whitening Gel Supplier


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teeth whitening gel pensWhen starting a business, one thing to have in mind is, of course, capital. It is a given that you need money to fund your business. In turn, that capital must yield profit in the long run. It is no different in the teeth whitening gel business. Besides money, one must secure the best professional teeth whitening gel manufacturer to bring your products to your customers.

While it can be true that affordability is critical in the industry today, as a distributor, you also have to take note of quality. After all, you need to keep your customers and expand your business by providing premium quality teeth whiteners. Looking for the best teeth whitening gel manufacturer in China can also be a handful, so we give you pointers to consider.

5 Crucial Tips to Find the Best Teeth Whitening Gel Supplier

As you continue to study the industry and how to go about your teeth whitening business, feel free to look at some tips below. They indeed are very helpful.

1. Check Certifications

Almost all dental products come in contact with the human body; others even might be ingested. This is why your utmost priority is the safety of your customers. Companies and manufacturers usually adhere to certain standards so they can legally operate. The same goes with your teeth whitening manufacturer; it should have the necessary certifications proving that they source their raw materials safely and the manufacturing goes through the ethical process.

A few essential papers buyers must check from manufacturers include ISO, FDA, CE, and MSDS certifications. Furthermore, a teeth whitening gel manufacturer must have a Cosmetic Product Safety Certification or CPSR. This will confirm whether or not the teeth whitening gels comply with EU and UK cosmetic regulations.

2. Know Their Scalability

Your goal in putting up a business is to expand. You are not opening up your teeth whitening brand just for the sake of having a business. With this, it is essential that you rely on manufacturers that can cater to the volume of your orders. When you start with a manufacturer who only handles a smaller quantity of orders, the probability of changing to a bigger manufacturer is higher once you grow your business.

The last thing you want your customers to have is to be confused with the quality of your products. You need to be consistent with how they are made. Whether they are small quantity orders or huge shipments, it is best to have a supplier that can do both.

3. Get Lead Time and Delivery Statistics

Knowing the lead time and delivery statistics of a teeth whitening gel manufacturer is part of your background check before choosing one. You need to have a manufacturer that commits to promised deadlines and is consistent with on-time deliveries.

Unfortunate circumstances may happen, such as delays in deliveries due to bad weather and other uncontrollable factors. But, an experienced manufacturer sure knows how to make ways not to sacrifice their commitments to their clients.

4. Know the Teeth Whitening Gel Customization Options

Teeth whitening gels from Cinoll are not ordinary since every gel is designed for every client and customer. Whatever you have in mind for your teeth whitening gels, we will make it happen.

Customized Capacity

You and your customers have the luxury to choose how much gel you want for teeth whitening. Customize among the choices between 2 and 5ml. Large sizes are also available.

Customized Colors

Remember that you can have your whitening gel inside pens or tubes. With this, clients can customize the colors and patterns for each container. It could be a color that represents your brand or a color that your customers prefer.

Customizable Gel

Forget the gel that is usually used in teeth whitening and have your gels customized in terms of colors, formula, flavor. Cinoll has its factory to develop your desired formulation and still produce it with the same teeth whitening efficiency.

As a backgrounder, there are three very active ingredients in your whitening gels. These are Hydrogen Peroxide (HP), the new whitening technology called PAP or the Phthalimido Peroxy Caproic Acid and Carbamide Peroxide (CP).


Besides quality, the overall physical appeal of your teeth whitening gel will affect your sales. The outer appearance of your product is what customers will see firsthand, so they have to be attractive. With Cinoll, your logo can be printed on your gel’s boxes in different effects such as embossing or silk printing.

5. Ask for Accessible Inventory Information

With premium quality products and great marketing strategies, your business will eventually expand. The growth of your business means wider customer reach that will result in higher product demand. When this happens, your teeth whitening gel manufacturer must also keep up with the demand from your customers.

Here lies the essence of inventory. Your manufacturer’s inventory transparency will tell you the commitment to their clients and their capability to provide and manufacture teeth whitening products as you need them in the quickest possible time.

Cinoll, Your Whitening Gel Partner

Opening up a business is always a handful. The points mentioned above are to guide you in choosing the best teeth whitening gel manufacturer. They may not be as comprehensive as they should be, but those points are a few of the essential factors you must consider for starters. Remember that the success of your teeth whitening business partly depends on how efficient and effective your supplier is.

Even if you have all the money in the world to invest in something, it is still unreasonable to put your money into subpar quality teeth whitening products. Cinoll has been in the industry for over a decade and has accommodated small and big brands worldwide. With this, you can guarantee that no matter the size of your business, our team will design strategies and approaches to address all your teeth whitening gel requirements and help you manage the complexities of the manufacturing process.

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