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Cinoll is a reputable, well-known and trusted teeth whitening strips manufacturer based in China and has existed since 2011.

We are approved and registered with the FDA, and we also follow medical protocol in the production of our products. We have a teeth whitening research team with 10 years’ worth of experience in formula creation, and who used their experience to help our clients create the perfect formulas to build and grow their brand.

What sets Cinoll apart from other manufacturers is that they allow their customers to request free samples. This is so that the client can test the sample first, in order to make an informed decision before choosing to form a collaborative relationship with the brand.

PAP+ formula is now popular!

A leading brand in teeth whitening, Hismile invented a formula called PAP+. This formula came as a result of the Hismile Research team’s commitment to bring about a revolution in the way we make our teeth white.

Upon launching their PAP+ formula, people are now able to achieve whiter results at a much lower length of time than ever before. The major improvements that their whitening formula included were the process of formulation as well as secondary ingredients used in the formula.

Working closely with experts in the field, the Hismile Research team advanced on our formula to enhance the effects of each of the core ingredients. The reason why it is important to use this formula is that you are guaranteed results instantly after one treatment, which saves you time. This has changed the way we used to whiten our teeth because, previously, it would take you up to 6 days of whitening to get white teeth but now, with the creation of PAP+ Pod, you can achieve this in around 10 minutes.

How PAP+ formula is applied to your teeth whitening strips?

teeth whitening strips private labelThese teeth whitening strips are elastic-like gel type film strips, and their function is to whiten your teeth thoroughly. These strips are very easy to use and they whiten your teeth effectively. The principle of these strips is to use a gel that contains hydrogen peroxide, which must be applied to your teeth for a long period of time, which is so that the gel can have more than enough time to deeply penetrate through your teeth to make your teeth white.

It is crucial to point out that not everyone can use teeth whitening strips, especially people that have dental diseases. If an individual with underdeveloped tooth enamel uses teeth whitening strips, the acid found in the gel will cause damage to the tooth surface.

Cinoll, the biggest teeth whitening strips manufacturer, came up with a formula called the PAP+ formula. The formula is named after our key ingredient, Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid (PAP) which is a synthetic organic peroxy acid, not the normal acid, is an acid that is used as a bleaching activator and teeth whitener. This acid whitens the discolored molecules that are found in your teeth.

The PAP+ formula is the advanced version of our original formula of PAP+, which results in your teeth being even more white. With PAP+, these teeth strips can achieve a better teeth whitening effect than others that only have the PAP+ formula.

Using our own laboratory, as the leading teeth whitening strips manufacturer, we can assist you with developing your own teeth whitening strips with PAP+ formula and have them custom-made to your requirements.

How to customize your PAP+ teeth whitening strips?

black charcoal teeth whitening stripsHere at Cinoll, we will collaborate with your team to develop strips for your specific target market. Our strips can be manufactured in a variety of flavors including; coconut, and strawberry to name a few.

Our team of highly qualified experts will assist you with the branded packaging as well, because we see the vision you have for your packaging and because we want to help you bring that vision to life, we will put 100% of our energy in helping you create and produce the perfect packaging for your own strips.

We are the leading teeth whitening strips manufacturer, and have worked with reputable brands that can attest to our reputation and work ethic. By promoting your brand, we will ensure that you reach a wider audience, making your product fly off the shelves quicker, so aligning yourself with us will help you gain credibility and lead to possible partnerships with big retailers.

This is what we will offer you at Cinoll;

Individual Packaging

This means that every whitening strip will be individually packaged, this is done for hygienic reasons. It is also so that the strips can be convenient for you to use.

Whole set supplies

The good news is that our whitening strips come in sets, and in good packages that are appealing to our clients. We know the importance that good packaging plays in marketing, which is why our packages are diverse and easy to spot on shelves in different stores.

Customized Flavor

We know that people are different and therefore have different flavors, which is why we have a wide range of flavors for you to choose from, whether charcoal or strawberry, you have the full creative freedom to pick any flavor you deem fit for your whitening strips and we will create it for you. Our job is to help you formulate your desired strips to your satisfaction.

Bespoke Strip Colors

We also offer you different colors that are related to your formulation and your plan, so that all strips can be manufactured to your required colors. We know the importance of image to brands and colors play a big role in choosing the right color for your brand, you have the freedom to pick any color for your strips.

Make high-quality teeth whitening strips for your brand!

At Cinoll, we pride ourselves in using products that are high in quality. Unlike our competitors, our shipping prices are affordable so you do not have to worry about the price when your product is delivered to your doorstep.

We have our own factory, which is convenient for us because we do not have to spend unnecessary costs using other factories. We also invest a lot in SMT workshops, injection molding workshops, among other things, we also spend time testing our machines to be able to boost our capability, and we are glad to say that our capabilities in production guarantee safety and whitening results of your products.

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