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What is a PAP+ formula and why use it?

PAP formula for teeth whitening gelA PAP+ teeth whitening formula is a new formula that achieves results much faster. The formula was created by Hismile Research, a team that is dedicated to the improvement of the teeth whitening process. Whitening kits that use a PAP+ formula make teeth whiter faster.

Hismile Research experimented with the formulation process of teeth whitening substances. They added new complementary ingredients to their formula. The core ingredients have remained the same but the formula was redesigned in order to enhance the performance of the core ingredients – and it has certainly been a successful reformulation.

PAP is a manmade organic peroxy acid that is derived from phthalimide and caproic acid. This is a compound whose main use is an activator for bleach. Sometimes it is used with hydrogen peroxide or sometimes on its own. As well as being used as an agent in teeth whitening products, it is also used in laundry. At room temperature, PAP is an odorless, white crystalline powder. It is a strong oxidizer that is slightly soluble in water.

Before PAP+ formula came about, it used to take around six consecutive days of whitening treatment to achieve certain results. Now, what used to take 6 days, can be achieved through one single treatment that lasts 10 minutes. This means people can achieve optimal results without spending hours to get them. For obvious reasons, teeth whitening kit manufacturers are keen to supply PAP+ formula to their clients.

How is PAP+ formula applied to your teeth whitening kits?

custom pap+ teeth whitening kits supplierUnsurprisingly, PAP+ formula gets its name from a heroic ingredient, Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid or PAP. The researchers have spent many years perfecting their formula to achieve optimal results that maximize the benefits of the key ingredient, PAP.

As well as PAP, the PAP+ formula has Hydroxyapatite (HAp) and potassium citrate as secondary ingredients. The former is a substance that occurs naturally in teeth and bones. In the PAP+ formula, it is an active whitening ingredient that oxidizes stains without causing damage to the teeth. The nano-synthetic version of Hydroxyapatite puts lost minerals back into damaged tooth enamel. Potassium Citrate, on the other hand, is an ingredient that helps to desensitize teeth. Essentially, it provides protection against sensitivity and pain.

The PAP+ formula is really easy to use. The formula is provided in single-use pods. To use them, the cap is twisted off and then half of the formula is applied to the bottom of the mouth tray and a half to the top. Once applied, the LED device needs turning on and is placed in the mouth. This should remain in the mouth for 10 minutes. If there is any remaining gel in the mouth it should be rinsed with water and expelled.

At Cinoll, we can develop your teeth whitening kits to use the PAP+ formula. We can customize your teeth whitening kits to your specifications and can choose elements like flavors.

How to customize your PAP+ teeth whitening kits

When you choose Cinoll, you can customize your teeth whitening kits both in terms of the branding and in terms of the accessories you can add to the kits.

Teeth whitening kit accessories

  • LED Whitening Lights – you can choose 12, 24 or 32 light beads. These lights come with a waterproof body, 330mAh magnetically charged battery and light colors.
  • Universal trays – these are customized TPE transparent or EVA trays to fit only the mini lights. The colors are customizable.
  • Whitening gel syringes – these are customized in a syringe gel or whitening pen and can have a customized flavor.
  • Retainer cases – to keep everything neat and tidy, you can provide customized branded retainer cases. You can include your logo, colors, graphics, inserts and decoration.
  • Shade guides – these can be customized to your brand with your colors, logo and shade quantity
  • Paper instruction booklets – these can be customized with your brand colors and logo. You can choose the size and language.
  • Teeth whitening pods – these can be customized with your logo and brand color and you can also customize the packaging.


Your PAP+ teeth whitening kit packaging can be customized inside and out with your brand name, brand colors and logo.

Conclusion – Why we’re the best PAP+ teeth whitening kits supplier

private label teeth whitening gel syringeHere at Cinoll, we understand what our customers want when they’re looking for a teeth whitening kit supplier and we pride ourselves on keeping up to date and offering the most popular teeth whitening products and services to our clients.

If you’re looking for PAP+ teeth whitening kit manufacturers, you’ve come to the right place. We understand our products fully inside out. With our PAP+ formula, you’ll be able to sell teeth whitening kits that your customers love. With the fast results provided by the PAP+ formula, you’ll certainly see repeat business and recommendations.

We understand what makes a successful teeth whitening business and want to ensure that your business is a success. For these reasons, we offer so many customizable options with our PAP+ teeth whitening kits.

From brand colors, name, and logo on your teeth whitening kit products, to customizable inserts and teeth whitening shade guides, you really get a good deal when you choose us as your teeth whitening kit manufacturer. Cinoll is the teeth whitening kit manufacturer and supplier you can trust.

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