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People have always seen the delight in using an electric toothbrush. Ever since its production, it has been a very popular oral health product. So, obviously, the demand is high for electric toothbrushes.

Nowadays, you can literally just search online and you would find a handful of electric toothbrush suppliers. As a retailer or brand owner, you definitely need one of these electric toothbrush suppliers to work with. Furthermore, what you need is a good manufacturing supplier that will help your business grow. A supplier is willing to meet all your requirements and customization requests.bamboo toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes

However, the hard part is not looking for electric toothbrush suppliers. You can find them anywhere. The difficult part is selecting from the ones you find.

Necessary criteria used in selecting the best electric toothbrush for your business

Although this might not be all, the guide below is definitely what you need to make your selection process simpler.

1. Check for registrations

Registrations or certifications are important because they signify that the product is safe for use. Don’t just buy from any manufacturer without checking their certification first. It is hard to get your credibility back if you are known to sell fake or harmful products. Don’t buy because the manufacturer says it is safe. You can check for yourself. It is in your place to ask for any of the manufacturer’s certifications.

Furthermore, a product used for oral hygiene definitely makes contact with the human body. Your electric toothbrush could cause harm to people if they don’t go through the right manufacturing process. Also, your business would definitely fold if you don’t sell high-quality products.

2. Know their expansion rate

Obviously, every business or brand has a dream to expand and make sure they move forward. This wouldn’t be simple if your suppliers are not capable of expanding with you. Clearly, you cannot outgrow your manufacturer more because then you would need a new one. You have to check to see if the manufacturer can meet with your brand’s order increase.

Confirm by checking to see how far the manufacturer has gone in the past years. Also, changing manufacturers could stunt your brand growth because your customers could get confused. Ensure that you pick a manufacturer with the ability to meet your small and big orders.

3. Order Fulfillment

Meeting up to the time of your orders is definitely one criterion of a good manufacturer. You need to inspect to make sure your manufacturer can meet your delivery requirements. Because you need these orders to go as planned so you can work a better schedule for your customers.

Nevertheless, if your manufacturer can’t meet your delivery requirements then you will definitely fail your customers at the last minute. It should be noted that an experienced supplier will stay committed and have things in place to take care of excessive orders. Therefore, if you pick a good manufacturer, your orders rarely get mixed up or delayed.

4. Know the customization options

Private label manufacturers can customize every product. Also, electric toothbrushes can be customized too. The shape, color, and brand name of every product can be customized. There are a lot of customizations that could work for your electric toothbrush.

For instance, some Cinoll customization options for electric toothbrushes.electric toothbrush factory designer

You can request customization of the head brush. The color, curve, hardness, and length can be customized. Also, the body colors too can be customized. Whatever color pleases you. In addition, the shape, retail packaging, and travel cases of the electric toothbrush can be customized. The brushing modes too can be customized.

Two questions that could help you pick out a good supplier of electric toothbrushes

The guide alone might be enough help but some extra help would be to ask yourself some questions. Before picking a supplier, in particular, ask yourself these two questions.

Does the supplier have enough experience?

As a brand owner, or maybe you run a retail store. You definitely don’t want to know what it is like working with an inexperienced manufacturer or supplier. When you have an experienced supplier or manufacturer working with you, you hardly face difficulties in your business. They help you by adding value to your project and also make sure your business adventures run smoothly.

Is the supplier flexible?

Although both questions relate because an experienced manufacturer might solve both issues. However, a flexible manufacturer or supplier can respond to change very fast and still deliver with quality.


Cinoll is both experienced and flexible. We manufacture electric toothbrushes for several global brands. Also, we have been providing private label services to customers for years now. With our experience and knowledge of all the complexities of running an oral product brand, we continue to provide all our customers with the best services.

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