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We all like to smile; we all like to look good. Part of looking good is having pearly white and bright teeth. The world we live in has become smaller than ever before, thanks to the internet.

We upload photos to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so many other social media sites daily. There are different filters available on each one, but none of these filters is a substitute for a real bright white smile in your photos and videos.

People will always want the perfect smile, which is why the demand for teeth whitening products is always going to be a lucrative market if you have the right product. Life is busy, taking time out to go and have an expensive treatment at the dentist is not always an option. Teeth-whitening strips are a simple cost-effective way to whiten teeth in the comfort of your own home.

How’s Your Teeth Whitening Strips Business?

women using teeth whitening stripsFor centuries people have been obsessed with having a cleaner, whiter and healthier looking teeth.

We see people on the television every day with brilliantly white teeth. People want to have the kinds of smiles they see every day on their favorite celebrities. Our smiles are directly linked to our confidence. 37 Million Americans used some kind of teeth whitening strips last year.

You have a few ways to break into the teeth whitening business. You can distribute an existing brand name product to an end-user or to resellers. You will earn a good living but you will not truly be your own boss. People will know the brand you are selling and see you as a salesperson for that brand. A large investment may be needed to start with a large established brand.

To truly go out on your own teeth whitening strip manufacturers can create teeth whitening strips to suit your brand. Making a teeth whitening product with your special mark will make your product recognizable from other products on the market. The team at our teeth whitening strip manufacturer are waiting to see how we can help. We adhere to the government standards concerning the chemical strength of the peroxide.

Private Label Teeth Whitening Strips: The Right Path

Labeling on a product says a lot about what is inside.

Professional looking labeling boosts confidence in your product. The labelling on your product should reach your target audience, if you are trying to reach an audience of between 20 and 39 you want fresh and funky. Teeth whitening strip manufacturers will work with you to create the packaging that you want. Personalized labeling allows you to build your brand.

Your decision about your package should look to the future. Your business can expand to other teeth whitening products, and you want your logo and branding to translate to different packaging requirements and different budgets.

Your Logo

One of the easiest ways to recognize a business is by the logo. The best way to make your brand a brand that people remember is to create a stand out logo. We have years of experience in packaging different teeth whitening products.


We offer packaging that is unique to you, without the large outlay of money. You control the entire packaging process, from design to materials. That means you will have your influence from start to finish and with enough creativity, your packaging will be difficult to replicate. Having unique branding and design means your product will stand out from the competition.

Customize Teeth Whitening Strips to Suit Your Customers

Now you have customized packages for your teeth whitening strips that are not all you can make unique. A unique product for your customers will keep them coming back to use your product over your competitors. Your product can be made with different flavors and colors. We are teeth whitening strip manufacturers and we make our products to the specification of resellers.

  • Peroxide or non-peroxide strips – depending on your clients you choose between the industry standard acceptable peroxide percentages or a complete peroxide-free whitening strip.
  • Customizable flavor – The days of all whitening strips being mint or spearmint are gone. You decide on the flavor. The more traditional mint, the trendy charcoal, refreshing citrus; the possibilities are unlimited.
  • Colors A range of flavors with different colors will make the difference more interactive for your clients.
  • Individual packaging or whole whitening strip kits – the branding opportunity is limitless when you think of the different branding opportunities on every package.
  • Creating the right experience for you, so you can create the right experience for your customers is what we do as a teeth whitening manufacturer. We are here to make your business a success.
  • We adhere to the EU and the UK legislation of the maximum percentage of hydrogen peroxide rules.
  • We have strips that start dissolving when it comes into contact with saliva.
  • With our easy-to-use whitening strips, you can offer your clients.

People want to have a great smile. It makes a wonderful first impression and the confidence helps people make friends and work opportunities better. A start-up with teeth whitening strips is never a bad idea. The ability to make the product your own makes the sustainability of your business all the more possible.

Why Choose Cinoll Factory?

We offer discounts on high-volume orders. If this is within your budget saving money for you means more profit for your business. This translates into even more sustainability for your company and the potential to expand. When you expand from teeth whitening strips, your earning potential if you would it will help your business is endless. Teeth whitening lights, pens, trays and so much more, are all options open to you. All with your unique branding and packaging the opportunity to have a successful business is on our website.

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